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Stalker Lore?


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This has probably been posted but


What if the new Void set is where the Stalker originated? He woke up and found that his fellow Tenno have abandoned him so he has vowed to thwart their efforts and now sees them as a force of evil plaguing the system. What kind the ones who created the void, the thing that made the growths in the Derelict set, actually found the Stalker and changed him, made him stronger. What if it still lurks the Derelict void still? This might open up more weapons seeing as the Dread is a Paris, and Despair is a Kunai, more weapons like the Mire or Lex to get a evil version. A stalker of a Ember or Frost flavor to it?


Just some thoughts and ramblings.

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I have always thought:


The stalker was a normal Tenno at first, wearing an Excalibur warframe. A group of grineer scouts got their hands on it but instead of killing him, they brought it back into the Sisters (the grineer queens).

They did not kill him but instead, seeing as they had no memory of the past and no contact with Lotus, they told him that the Lotus was brain washing his fellow tenno to do their bidding and destroy the Grineer empire, which, in this case would look like a strong governing force of the solar system.


Filling his head with lies, he joined them, and, through the exposure of Orokin technology, customized and forged his weapons.


It explains why he says "What have you... done?!" upon his retreat as if he did something wrong. Explains why he focuses on the revenge of mostly Grineer Generals and not Corpus (though Nef Anyo is the only non robotic "General") He could be targeted by Grineer and Corpus because, realistically, at the end of the day the possibility of his memories returning could happen. There is no need to inform the whole colony of the Stalker when at any moment, he could be put down.


but I could be wrong

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