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Failed To Join Session, Friend Not Currently In Game Session - Excuse Me?


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Yeahhhhh getting real tired of this. Like, really tired of it. My internet's fine. My friend's internet is fine. StrictNAT isn't the issue. What? Am I just not allowed to play with my friend? This has been going on for weeks and it's driving the two of us insane because we've tried every single possible solution there is and it changes absolutely nothing.


So what, we're not allowed to enjoy Update 10 together? I'm gonna have to play with pubs who generally aren't exactly the most pleasant people to play with, and who I'm growing tired of because it's all I've been able to play with?


"Warframe is a lot more fun when played with friends--"


Then let me play with my friends????


No, really, Update 10 better have some fixes or solutions or whatever 'cus if it doesn't then my friend and I aren't exactly going to be able to enjoy it? Like, at all? I've never experienced matchmaking and hosting/joining/what have you problems like this in any other game, it's nonsensical how infuriatingly stupid and convoluted this all is. I don't care if this thread has been made 643634653 times before. It's a serious issue that DE should be working on instead of some more weapons to screw around with. I'm not gonna be able to enjoy all these new features if I can barely even play the game the way it's meant to be played. That's the bottom line.

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This things been getting in the way of actual playtime that's money that could be spent trying to impress people or making them mad at us for having things they don't hear that MONEY we might spend to look cool. I mean hell, I want things but i want to get some things with people I can trust instead of someone fresh off of league of legends that thinks everything needs a nerf just because they cant get any kills.

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