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Frame's Ability Complexity


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I wonder, this game is too good at making complex maneuvers and randomize of map layout but frame's abilities are too straightforward. I really feel like using Ragnarok character skills no synergy no combo. Every skills feel like using spam Double Strafe except for Mag's Pull  (before nerf), Saryn's Venom. Or DE want this game to be a combat intensive game that want people to focus less on frame's skills ... but that not happen anymore because we got Nova, Vauban and Frost.


At the first, frame's abilities should be an alternative way to play this game but now it's just too focus on frame's ability. Do we suppose to play stealthy and using cover (like Mass Effect) or we should rely on skill base system and use skills combo with other frame in order to win?


I like to know how you guys think about the direction of this game are heading to. Please leave some comment.

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In my opinion there are many reasons for skill focus in this game:

- quantity over quality in design of enemies

- AI

- wizard like abilities, with AoE

- non flat and less skill based scaling in this game

so you rush through, (shift+w)+c, 4, next location ...


I don't care about endless defence, it is boring and is for lulz.

I like to sneak around with my ash, loki or nyx equiped with crit build bow, sword and kunai. So I try to play like space ninja and not lika a space wizard with nova vauban equiped with acrid and ogris.

For me only couple of frames are space ninja or warframes, most of them because of press 4 for magic are simply space wizards.

So I still hope for more stealth oriented gameplay. Atm. there is to much crossing with games like wow, diablo, titan quest etc.

I hope that warframe step forward towards gameplay based on tactics, sneaking etc.

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