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On 1/12/2019 at 6:20 AM, The_Stallion said:

When I got Limbo I spent hours and hours playing him, figuring him out. Just because I know how he works doesn't change the fact at all that Limbo players can purposely f*ck up the squad's game.


As others have said, "he's just only useful on a small subset of missions. On the rest he literally exists only to slow teams down and/or troll with.

Honestly the only mission I want Limbo on my team for is Sortie defense, where you have to defend the agent that moves around. For everything else you could want Limbo for, Frost is the better choice".


And, "Hate for limbo based entirely on his ability to force everyone into his playstyle, to play his game. No other frame have such capabilities. No surprise limbo is hated and people could insta-leave when limbo in sight".

Perfectly said

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I think the main issue for me is that most limbo players I have run into weren't in sorties, arbitration, or other high level content. I mostly see them on lower level missions. The problem here isnt that it makes me change my play style or anything. The problem for me is that they slow missions down to a halt. On any regular mission below lvl 80, or even sometimes higher, enemies die so dam quickly that you don't need cc for the most part. Damage is king in warframe currently. I suppose this is a problem with cc as a whole, but limbo slows things down much more than other cc frames. And this is coming from a vauban main(I actually rarely ever use Bastille/vortex). 

Just to show I'm not biased in any way, I like having limbos in arbys, steel path missions, sortie defense, and sometimes in open world content.

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Trust me friend, you are absolutely correct.  Limbo players for one reason or another feel like he is absolutely necessary for defense missions, and feel like they are doing you a favor for being there. I agree with you 100% that he breaks the flow of the game and is truly the most annoying warframe to have in your squad. Limbo players don't care if they affect you or not, they simply have blinders on and will get angry if you ask them to stop spamming their abilities. All you can do unfortunately is leave the mission if you see a limbo on your team, or bear with it until extraction.  He is a warframe so you can't stop people for picking him, although I am very glad to find that I encounter very few limbo players when I play.

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