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I think people saying this isn't an MMO are ones who have stereotyped the acronym to only involve MMORPG's. There are a lot of lobby based MMO's. Besides if you think about it, is a 4 man squad running missions really all that different than a 5 man team running heroics in world of warcraft? Does it really matter if you are in a giant town looking at avatars, or on a chat page looking at IGN's to form a group? They cut out the open world but the multi-player aspect for PvE isn't really that different.


TLDR: MMO and MMORPG are different things. Whether you agree or disagree to this being an MMO is irrelevant, water is still wet whether you agree or not.

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MO = Multiplayer Online. Left 4 Dead, Torchlight, Diablo II, Counterstrike, CoD, Medal of Honour.

MOBA = Subgenre of MO Games, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. LoL, DOTA, Smite.

MMO = Massively Multiplayer Online. World of Warcraft, Aion, Everquest, EvE.


An MMO has tons of players simultanously, that interact in various ways. Warframe has a small, 4 player, instanced area, with no connection to other players (except for the Dojo). Calling Warframe an MMO is far-fetched. MMO-Lite sounds like a PR term to me, to catch people who play MMOs. Matter of fact, Warframe has only the faintest hints towards an MMO. If anything, it is a classic dungeon crawler with loot, bossfights and small player groups. Crafting/Shopping in downtime between sorties, socketing of items at workbenches, etc.


Just happens to be a TPS instead of an isometric engine.

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It's got some RPG elements but it's really not.

MMO != RPG first of all. 


Secondly, MMO is a fairly loose definition these days esp with hub based games.  The fact that we have events where we work to achieve aggregate results is enough to say that this game has MMO elements but it is a game consisting only of instances so that does that preclude it from being an MMO?  I don't believe so because we have persistent party's and a robust clan system kind of do put this in the MMO space. 

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