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Winter 2019 Featured Dojo Contest [Winners Announced!]

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CLAN NAME: The Orokin Archaeological Society



ROLE: Founding Warlord

CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS: TheOneMagnus, Imran0936, 13Anomalous

Our Dojo is meticulously decorated in several distinct(and old) architectural styles ranging from Greco-Roman, Ancient Japanese, Mesopotamian, to Orokin. We put our hearts into making a home for our Tenno and we hope you enjoy the result of our tireless efforts. -The OAS Crew


DOJO GALLERY: https://imgur.com/a/v8Hso9b

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Clan name: AFK Trollers

Clan tier: Shadow

Clan platform: XBOX

Clan role: Founding Warlord (Clan Custom Title: Master Chief 117)

Featured image: 1-24-2019_1-50-07_AM-hnuw2ytt.png?psid=1

Other images as video tour: 


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1 hour ago, SSI_LordOfErebus said:

A lot of these rooms are still being improved. Unfortunately, resource costs (mainly Polymer, Plastids, and Oxium) are our main hinderance as a moon clan. 😞

I feel your pain.:sadcry:

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  • Clan name: Golden Children
  • Clan tier: Mountain
  • Clan platform: PC
  • Your Clan roleFounding Warlord
  • Feature image:
  • Additions:

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Song made and performed by SKITZOPHONES

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Clan Name: Acolytes of the Beyond

Tier: Mountain

Platform: Xb1

Clan Role: Founding Warlord

Our dojo is themed around what most of our members grew up on. 80s/90s pop cult references. Below you can find a small selection of our current builds. Good luck to all who entered.

Feature Image:





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  • Clan name: Crescent Moon Prime
  • Clan tier: Moon
  • Clan platform: PC
  • Your Clan role: Warlord
  • Feature image: Lyw44rF.jpg
  • Feature Video: 

Our main Dojo theme and lore is that in the distant past we have crashed our Dojo in to an Asteroid. This caused the clan to collapse for a while, but 3y ago we managed to rebuild from the resources found in the asteroid and are now flourishing with new research and power!

Starting with the main hall:


Corpus Hall with giant Void reactor:




Our Clan's Disco Club:








Staff Meeting Room:



Warlord's Office:



General's Office:



Cafeteria and the Kitchen:







Trash Burner:


Landing Zone and the Luxury Cruiser:







Command Center and the Carrier Ship:







Devil and Angel Loki statues:




Mechs in Mech Bay:






Yggdrasil and a portal:



Research Center:












Cave and excavation sites with the Giga drill:










There is also a lot of secret areas in Our Dojo, we will be showing just one, the Luxury apartment, others are left to be found 😄




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  • Clan name   NOBLE DIVISION
  • Clan tier    Mountain
  • Clan platform    PS4
  • Your Clan role    Founding Warlord

Thank you DE for having another dojo event! Felt bad we missed the last one.

The choice of lions for their noble traits was used as a theme throughout the dojo as well as our emblem. The clan was created last year and with the new decorations that dropped in June, dojo decorating began. 75% of the dojo in it's current form was completed during June and July.

Usability (trades, bp, dueling) kept nearby; Floorplan kept simple in a block formation with main halls in the center. Reactor basement, main floor, and then upper floor for expansion and Observatory space.

We hope you enjoy our dojo and find inspiration. We worked really hard on it and extremely proud how it turned out. A big THANK YOU to our members for their generous help "... we're out of polymer..."  😉

Text description for each image. We divided our image album into 3 parts. Please click album links below. Enjoy!!:

Main Halls- http://imgur.com/a/wKwrfP5

Seasonal & Syndicates- http://imgur.com/a/IlrNjnv

Space & Misc rooms- http://imgur.com/a/tywzKdV

(pics order may still need rearranging in album)

  • Feature image 

Peek of some featured images from the albums:

When you spawn into our dojo...oh hello










Thank you and don't forget to check out all the pics in the albums. Would love to hear from you, pls leave a comment.

Main Halls- http://imgur.com/a/wKwrfP5

Seasonal & Syndicates- http://imgur.com/a/IlrNjnv

Space & Misc rooms- http://imgur.com/a/tywzKdV

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Clan Name : Deluxe Octave
Clan Tier :  Shadow
Clan Platform : PC
Clan Role : Warlord

(Red: Important and lore, Green:Featured Design, Orange: tour experience, Blue: Dojo update)

Our Dojo doesn't have QUANTITY projects, but we have one of the most efficient Dojo structure design you don't even need portal because you never get lost and No room been wasted. 

All our projects has highly accuracy position control and no logical mistake. Whole Dojo can be fully upgrade and modified in the future.

Some of them are still in plan or design progress, so here are some already been made. 

Our Dojo has Lore and Tour story, Our project is not just in ONE room, Please notice the description i will give in following project, the orders will according to dojo tour order 😎 

Full presentation images are linked in Imagur Album, click to check out! 

1. Robo Exhibition Hall and Bar

Giant Robot show case with bar and trading function, welcome hall dojo entrance. 




2. Museum (set) 

One this side of Robo Exhibition Hall we reach the museum. The Grandest Hall Decoration, Museum is the best topic for me to put this topic for this hall, here is basically a mini Codex that you need quite time to finish tour 🕵️‍♀️

Many amazing details, best one are those 3 orokin dinosaurs! They are king of Land, Sky and Sea, the design is a bit fantacy. And around museum attached those sub projects, they are part of museum as well, those including:

-Ayatan Garden

-Orokin Lab

-Contribution Vault Oracle

-Souvenir Shop

-Floofs Chest room




3. Military RDC (set)

Now back to welcome hall we go another direction, and after elevator cross hall we reach the Military Research and Development Center(RDC). Build in Grander hall, this project has the highest accuracy basically "Made in Germany" quality and highest modified ability, rendering with industrial lighting system, and in the middle the Space ship/aircraft can be replaced with new design in the future, around this facility are 4 Labs




4. Clan Council (Lore reference: New War)

The meeting room of our clan, build in one of Inspiration hall with magnificent scenery, rendering with Sentient lighting color. In the middle Round Table has Atlas, and has 8 seats with sculpture on table, they are referencing to:

- 6 Syndicates 

- Clem (Alliance)

- Baro Kiteer (Supporter)

And in one of corner is the hot spring fountain, the portal are ancient design and trading post are merged in a cave. The whole place is ancient alien planet design.




5. Command Center - Hangar (Lore reference: Railjack

Through the council, we arrived in the cross hall of honor(in progress), each side are keeped for railjack and more future updates, lets pass here and logically we reach the Command Center and Hangar. You can equip arsnal and use Navigation here, ourside this command center is the hangar where your fellow space craft landing and take off, we got a unique orokin design ship, and light scout model jet, 2 light cargo ship and one light battle jet. can add more space craft in the future this room is highly modified. 




6. Miamas S27 Crater

"Aye Aye Captain!" alright everybody now we are about to take off, the captain will drive us to one of our explore spot on Miamas, as known as the Saturn's first Satellite. We'v found a rare crystal on this asteroid in S27 Crater. 




7. The Cave of Puck

Alright lads! here is the crystal, and under this crater is a dead old volcano Cave, quite big, those plants are very interesting, Beware the humidity in this cave is very high




8. Sakura Valley 

"After we back from a Space tour, feel tired and need to find a good place to give a chill, do you know any place in Dojo?" 

"Ah ofc we do, Sakura Valley is the best place to recover you both Physically and mentally."  

Build in One of Inspiration hall, a Snowy Valley covered with Sakura forest, which is the genic species from orokin era, those flower tree never fade. In the end of this Valley is the ancient Buddha Temple, this is the holy place where you can find peace. 🙏




9. Operator Outdoor Camp (set) 

Meanwhile, our reporter are in the preparation progress with members from "Teenager Scout", in this year, Operator Outdoor Camp will be opened for public, you can bring your star child here, have a happy family time

Around this room attached 2x duel rooms and Obstacle, you can get your Tenno well trained. 💪




Ok that's all the completed Dojo projects in this tour, hope you enjoy our story and report. cheers! 💜

Here is Youtube Video showcase:


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Clan name: Bloodmoon Geisha

Clan tier: storm 

Clan platform: PC

Your Clan role: Founding Warlord 

we are just the 3 weeks old clan but just try to join event, we hope to recruit more members to join our clan.

here is my clip :  Edit by Vincent Van Ghost


Edited by SuKen

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Clan Name       : Stormlock

Clan Tier           : Shadow

Clan Platform    : PC

Clan Role          : Thunderstorm (General, with architect permission)


The idea behind the decoration is a small forgotten orokin colony base that have been takenover by nature which later repurposed into a tenno base. Currently the dojo is almost hitting the room limit (already 99 rooms) with only half of those are decorated.

I will be showing some of the rooms 😊


3rd Floor

The 3rd floor is the main floor of the dojo where all research and many other facilities are located.


Main Hall / Spawn Point










Chamber of Czar (Czar office)



Council Chamber








clan vault




















Other Facilities not included are Meditation Facility, Garden of Czar, Trophy Room, PvP Area and Space Garden


2nd Floor

This floor is designated for members to rest as well as the floor for managing temperature and energy consumption.


Grand Hall



White Room




The living area is sadly still under construction for the most part. 😔


1st Floor

The first floor is the docking and storage area of the dojo.


Right Wing




over view








Left Wing area and Storage are also under construction. 😔


4th Floor

The 4th floor is only accessible through a teleporter. The floor also act as a gate to 4 different level of trial (custom obstacle course) which is represented by 4 statues of Divine Beasts in chinese constellation.







There haven't been much update on the dojo since the last Dojo Remaster competition (except for the temple and council chamber which is newer), so you can see more rooms and detail from the previous Dojo Remaster Submission

Good Luck to everyone. 😃

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On 2019-01-20 at 1:07 PM, (PS4)AnDrAdE10cpa said:

Clan Name : Phantom
Clan Tier :  Ghost
Clan Platform : PS4
Clan Role : Founding Warlord

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Phantom, i would like to start by thanking every single one of those in the community who encouraged us to enter this competition and all of my clan mates who helped!

i hope you guys enjoy it!  We decided to redecorate the entire main floor to stay coherent the theme chosen. I have also attached 4 pictures from another theme we are planning on continuing on our 2nd floor. if we get featured i would like to share all of our other creations that was not posted for this contest since they are work in progress at this moment.

3 minute video tour below:


imgur album below:


Thank you everyone and good luck to all! 

Just WoW!! That waterfall room... no words man, and that owl looks pretty cool. Wish you luck , Awesome dojo man one of the best I’ve seen.

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Clan name: Rejects of the Lotus
Clan tier: Shadow
Clan platform: PS4
Your Clan role: Sovereign (founder/creator).

Before I post my entry, I wanted to thank my clan mates for their help, their kind words of encouragement and just being there for us. Because of them our clan was able to grow, prosper, and be entered here today. Thanks guys, you're the best.


Edit: I don't get why the codes aren't working. These are the featured imaged from our rooms. Descriptions are below.. and my stash has the rest of the images 😕

Sta.sh: https://sta.sh/2692n9rnao7

Google Doc (fancier): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1j8F7SGi5--IQy80zn7_wazAQ81wql0tvqABh2pKrwMc/edit

Sorry, I hope this is ok. Kind of defeated with the stress.


Clanmates getting a spa in the mall.




Trophy Room:
A place for bragging rights and pride, where trophies from past events shine. The room is simple in design, but is homely in its own way. All who come here in search of inspiration usually find so in this room.


Man in the Walmart:
  Historical preservation is an important part of remembering who you are, and those who lived long ago. Orokin archimedeans would spend  their lives to honor and protect their history, and our clan is no different. The lab offers keys to those who wish to venture into the Derelicts not only for prizes, but for the possibility of finding something more.


USG Ishimura:
 A danger- as any space traveler knows- the Infested and their weapons lie here. Eerie in atmosphere and tragic in nature, you can still see the mechanical  remains of the brave scientists who risked their lives to stop them. 


Bed, Bath, and Bombard:
Though the Grineer are known for their ruthlessness and violence, there are some who prefer a calmer, simpler life. Traders bring us weapons to supply our labs, but there are gifts of spices too.


Aynocrombie & Fitch:
 A play on words, our Corpus lab. Here you can find what belongs to the Corpus; weapons, sentinels, and more. Once in a while the traders visit us, and supply us with new wares.

Zen Meditation:
 Away from the sounds of the dancefloor and hustling of the mall, a quaint room awaits. A single tree branches out to spiraling stairs with smaller gardens to greet you. An Orokin feline watches from the side, greeting you with a slow-blink gaze. A room for tranquility, for relaxation.


 Some prefer the quiet and relaxation of gardens, and some prefer the rhythm of music. Wallflower is a dance floor that offers beats and rhythms that bring those on the floor together, creating an aura of closeness and unity. A bar is available for those who need a break, as well as a karaoke machine- for those who prefer to distress by singing.


Sister Trees:
 Deep in a winding forest, Orokin Beasts dwell. They protected a pair of trees; two intertwined top and bottom. It is said that two powerful sisters had passed away in the forest, and the guardians took pity; shaping their bodies in the form of trees. All is welcomed but beware; those who enter with ill intention never find the path back home.


Overseer's Lounge:
 Once a place for the Sovereigns to rest, the place is now open for all those who need to stop and think.
 An old, but reliable TV plays softly in the background while the fire crackles with a loving warmth.


Ascension Hall:
 Discipline and hard work do not go unnoticed within our clan. Our members are the backbone of what we are, of what our clan represents. Those who work day in and day out to keep the clan alive will be rewarded; the Ascension Hall is where this is possible.


Somber Seas:
 Deep within the water's surface, a beautiful sight is seen. Sunken remains of an old ship lies in its final resting place as plants and organisms take hold. Orokin modified jellyfish lazily float by, passing in curiosity over the corals and rocks. Rumors mentions that the single lantern was placed many years ago by a girl who swore her heart to the sea.


 "Observatory; a place or building equipped and used for making observations of astronomical, meteorological, or other natural phenomena, especially a place equipped with a powerful telescope for observing the planets and stars."
 However, a telescope is not needed to see the primordial statue built to honor the Sentient Hunhow himself. Although we do not follow his path or abide by his law, a statue was built in hopes of pacifying the great Sentient's wrath, should he ever lay waste to the Origin System again.


Cave of the Maw:
The Elders speak of an unimaginable horror; a creature of which dwelled in a cave of bones and followed an endless path of destruction. It ate those who tried to enter- seemingly protecting something unknown. Unbelievably, such a creature is found in the depths of our dojo; its fury is wild and untamed.



Mall of the Rejects:
We are a clan who has rejected the Lotus's path, and have carved our own. Tenno, Corpus, and all factions are allowed without prejudice. The mall we placed allows all to interact, to learn and to laugh. Many vendors have chosen to stay here to sell their wares, such as flag stands, flower stands, and pet stores for an example. Ga'reth the Grineer has also been seen opening his flying diner to anyone who will try his food.



Orokin Lounge:
 Money, resources and decorations are the foundation of most clans. WIthout them, inspiration cannot thrive. Here is where our treasury sits; tables and a milk bar are available to all who wish to stop by. Tips are always appreciated, but not mandatory.


Lost Kings:
 Upon crumbled stone and broken walls a beauty hides. This room paints a story of those who reigned before us and the wonder the lived in. Even though most of the castle has been erased by time and age, a broken down throne still remains- forever waiting its king.


Last Garden of Lua:
 Gardens are a place of beauty, inspiration and relaxation. A moment to forget time and the stress of life. Surrounded by the tranquil splashes of the waterfalls and the lights of the fireflies, it is a place of solitude and healing.GzD7CIb.png

Rest for the Weary:
 Along the path you may find yourself among the dead, forever resting peacefully in this sacred place. Orokin and Tenno alike share their graves here, and even though they are gone, they are not forgotten. A place to pay respects to those who have lost, who hurt, and those who are healing.GBjjkFq.png

Fungi Forest:
 In the midst of overgrown Trinbula, there lies an old temple reduced to ruin, and rubble. Once a place for meetings and meditation, it now lies softly among the ever growing forest of Trinbula. A sacred tree sways lazily; its leaves carried on by the soft winds of the forest.

Dueling Room (Energized):
  This dueling room is for more energized clan mates who enjoy more than the ancient techniques of those past. The ambiance is heavy with the snapping of lightning, the lights dim. Those who wish to partake in harsher, quicker battles usually end up here.

Dueling Room (Ancient):
 We have two dueling areas for those who enjoy the old ways of sparring. This one in particular is a nod to the ways of old; ancient artifacts align the walls and a guardian Foo Dog watches in silence.

Bubble Lounge:
 The Bubble Lounge is our friendly bar where you can kick back and relax. It's right outside in the peak area of space, where Saturn tends to make its rounds. If you're lucky, you'll see it shining through.
 Although you may see a Pobber or two scurrying around for food, don't be alarmed; they're the residential pets and are quite friendly and love a good cuddle.

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Clan name: Elite Instinct

Clan tier: Shadow

Clan platform: PS4

Clan role: Founder and architect

Hi and welcome to the Elite Instinct dojo, we wanted a simple easy to find your way around dojo with making maximum use out the space we used. We kept the design to a super high 100% complete look where every room and corridor is worth a stop and look, the main colour scheme and design ethos runs mainly throughout the whole dojo. We like to make multiple points of interest in each room and try to make the whole room beautiful not just the sculptures and robots. We hope you like the dojo, thank you for your time reading and viewing our post.


Lots of images in album but it is a massive dojo with so much to see :) Pictures have notes as well.

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Clan name: The BAD DUDES
Clan tier: Ghost
Clan platform: PC
Your clan role: Tough Customer/Architect

Featured Image:


Video tour:




Contributors: Rawbone_saw, Cranbert

Special thanks to alb247 for the Octavia music and MozerSmozer for the art of dance.

Edited by Cranbert

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Clan Name : W W T
Clan Tier :  Mountain
Clan Platform : PS4
Clan Role : Founder Warlord 


Ok so first before posting a few pics , i would like to thanks my clan for all the contributions that helped us building these structures , also thanks to Magicien_ak47 who is also the other architect that have been working with me on that Dojo , as you will see we both have a different style of architecture and ideas . 

I have been creating dojos for a long time and always been looking for more than a simple abstract pile of decorations ( giant robots , spiders ect ... ) that are imo not representative of building skills but more about assembling parts . 

Also i would like to mention that none of my rooms are reflecting the final idea since i was running out of capacity in every of the room i made , some of them took me hours in order to obtain a perfect symmetry even tho a few little details may remain since i made some editing lately . 

Many dojo architects around probably know that there is some 3D conflicts with some items that are preventing an adequate manipulation and giving a lot of troubles and requiring sacrifice sometimes . 

I'll drop a few pics about example of precise work , it's not just dropping some items on the floor and letting it go like that , also keep in mind that all my rooms reached the maximum capacity , so for example our Main Hall ( Rocky room ) is made by more than 700 Lua rocks , meaning that all you see aren't just a few dozens of pieces dropped randomly , i take care of making it natural but also did my best for creating a harmony , the symettry can't apply on irregularly shaped items or non symmetrical items sometimes . 

Thx for watching , and my apologies for the bad English Speaking 



1st room , made by Magicien_ak47 , Umbra garden 


Ruins of an ancient Orokin garden




2nd room , made by Magicien_ak47 , Royal garden



   The room of the Orokin's throne , a special place in the middle of the Royal Garden , there is also a theater just above that room but since building in space isn't very fair and accessible to everyone , then we decided not to put that in our submit . 




3rd room , made by myself , The Main Hall 



The main hall is our spawn point , an Orokin themed room that is made from Lua's rock , there is more than 700 lua's stones inside that place , creating a dense and immersive ambiance , i ran out of capacity before ending the decoration but i tried my best to deliver something "correct" , you can see more in the video , also the symetri isn't perfectly obtainable here since rocks aren't , but the rest is if you are looking carefully . 



4th room , by myself , The Orokin Tower






That Orokin tower is the perfect example of our intention to fully exploit the rooms , Orokin Tower is one of our proudest construction , i posted a few screenshots so you can see that it's not just about dropping random parts on top of others , it's some precision work that tooked dozens of hours to achieve , i had to deal with many collision problems , it's hard to explain here but the structure is octogonal as you can see , also , the 1st floor is perfectly showing the symmetry that was kept through the whole structure . 


5th room , still by me , Sacred Tree





That room has it's own story , on top of that place belong an ancient tree that product Orokin cells , it is said by that Sacred tree was the Origin of the whole Orokin civilization , we also place a portal , all our rooms are made with the idea that one day DE will incorporate some NPCs and more dojo interactivity , so we prepared that eventuality . 


6th Room , Tower Trade Center




Tower Trade Center is an artefact of ancient Corpus architecture , that is our main trade spot , we upgraded what was a simple trade post . 

Amoung the stairs you'll find the teleporter , with some experiences beeing made in that small laboratory . 

The last Screenshot is there for showing you our precision . 


7th Room , made by Magicien_ak47 , Lost Sector


A place made by Tennos for Tennos , it is said that some of them decided to abandon their Warframes and choosen to live a simple life , you'll find all you need here , an INN , a game room , a bar , and also a jail , that is made for cheap sellers and players from the French server usually . 


8th Room ,  Frostbitten



That room has its special story , long time ago , when some of our members were scavenging the void before the void's keys disappeared , fissures started to appears in our mother ship , we managed to counter the offensives but the damages were too important , so one day they decided to trap the Oroking Titan into that one tall room , a group of Frosts lost their lifes for maintaining that monster into the ice , we never saw them since , but some visitors frequently reported seeing shadows running behind these ice walls . 


Thanks to all our clan members and also thanks to everybody in our Alliance ( Quantum Caltrop )

Here's the clip ! 



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Out of the ashes mountain clan

ps4 x_nickilou_x clan owner 

video entry of our dojo 

We only upgraded our clan to a mountain three weeks ago  we have 182 members and they have worked hard farmed hard to produce what we have  

We are not tech savvy and have done our best to upload posts  we fully offer the chance to come and explore our dojo and what we have to offer . 

Our clan have built an area where we encourage Tenno to take rooms and to decorate them practice and to encourage architects of the future.  We are not even a year old and I couldn’t be more prouder of all the members of the clan  

huge shout out to our decorators and former decorators 

dren, Pj, nova and skull thanks guys 

happy to email photos if need be but I just can’t link them with the current technology I have.





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photos didnt upload can’t get them to link

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Hi, everyone. I'm sure a few of you have been wondering where I've been lately. Not to worry, I've just been pulling myself together after a medical procedure. Anyway, here's our clan's entry.

Despite slowing down over the last few months, we've put a tremendous amount of love, care and experimental procedure into our dojo design. I have an addiction to robot animals, that slowly morphed into a collection of literally interpreted stance mods over a period of time... which set the stage for many of my current creations. I've experimented with a variety of styles, techniques, and presentations - and hope to continue to innovate and experiment in the future. In addition to the stance farm, our dojo features expansive vistas, subtle nods, hidden secrets, a soundstage, a bar with a hidden VIP lounge, a regular farm, and much, much more. So much so that we couldn't actually compress it into a single video... but what can you do?

Shoutouts to the other architects, 0_the_Fool, Duffelbag and Tram, as well as our awesome clanbase who are always willing to siphon us truly mind-boggling amounts of ferrite, circuits, plastids and polymer. I love you all ❤️

Clan Name: AsurO

Clan Tier: Mountain

Clan Platform: PC

Clan Rank: Enforcer (Architect+)

Feature Image: Its hard to choose... here, have a Hydra


And a couple screenshots of things we couldn't fit into the video.





P.S. - I know I'm bad at video editing. This was my first time using Sony Vegas, and I was fighting the UI the entire way. I'm planning to make tutorials on a few things over the course of the next week, so I'm going to have to chin up and learn how to use it properly, but that's an endeavor that won't happen in time for this contest. Thanks for watching, and my sincere condolences to the judges, who have to sift through (probably) hours of material once this wraps up.

Edit: Edited because I forgot the clan platform. Hopefully, its not too late to do that.

Edited by Xforce
Forgot to include clan platform
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 Clan name: Faded Void             Clan Tier: Moon                     Clan role: Founding warlord (Chaotichaze421)                  Clan platform: Ps4    Clan picture :  29zpnc4.jpg Clan Video


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