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Winter 2019 Featured Dojo Contest [Winners Announced!]

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Clan Name: Rattle Tongues

Clan Tier: Ghost

Clan Platform: Xbox

Clan Rank: Warlord


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Clan name: Crisis Corps

Clan tier: Shadow

Clan platform: PC

Clan role: Founder and architect


We are Crisis Corps, a Very Very small clan but with a few very loyal and awesome members. Since the time before bullet jump I have been playing with the dojo and complaining that I never had enough decorations to make my ideas come to life. As of currently I have been the sole architect for Crisis corps a clan of 16 members *about 13 active* I have spent countless hours building this dojo in the hopes that DE or someone would simply walk through and tell me what they think. I also would like to note that I have always complained to my clan mates about wanting to build new levels, new layouts and new designs that would change how people see warframe, To that end I am a builder, an engineer and a dreamer, given the opportunity I would Love to work with the team to create new levels and content. All that being said I introduce you to the Crisis Corps Dojo, there is much to see and as I was the sole person building there are some items that still need a few resources *farming 1 mil poly bundles alone is surprisingly hard XD* and or are just being finished today. I would also like to give special thanks to L0lcifer, Jac any of the clan members who donated resources even though there were so few of us lol and also to DrkGmr18 who saw my dojo and loved it so much he donated 500 plat to help me finish it in time for the competition 🙂

The Last few images are dedicated to the DE team and there awesomeness, A place of tranquility and creativity 🙂

DH0ik4X.jpgPirates Cove

nz0KH2w.jpgPirates Cove Ship and Gallows End Cabana Bar

ZHve3VM.jpgPirates Cove Engine Room for Pirate ship

byeLFCT.jpgPirates Cove, Gallows End Bar

YaqNhyM.jpgHallway Entrance to Apollo Room

BYyX9wP.jpgApollo Room, Lunar Lander, soyuz module

zxsbmQV.jpgApollo Room, Mars Rover


Apollo Room, Sputnik


Apollo Room, Voyager 1

JEJFUV1.jpgTenno Falls

fwwW73L.jpgTenno Falls Front View

wu8NpJn.jpgTenno Falls Overview

yiM6tTb.jpgMonk Mountain 🙂

gRe7q5Y.jpgMonk Mountain Dedication Center to the founding 3 members of the clan

STvtDBU.jpgSnowman Barracks.... because winter is coming.....

ijXcdfB.jpgEntrance to the Great Kabuki Theater

2X6pjQb.jpgKabuki Theater, Interior from top of stairs

tc3AUHb.jpgKabuki Theater, Overview of interior

dGIkLNh.jpgKabuki Theater, Stage View

May the Gods fare thee well and bring fortune to you all tenno 🙂

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Clan name: The Second Awakening
Clan tier: Storm Clan 
Clan platform: PC 
Your Clan role: Architect

Our squad exists since the beginning of Warframe and today consists of many veterans.
For a long time we were part of a successful clan,
but we wanted something special! So it was in October 2017: The Second Awakening

Our new home has only recently received love and attention
by motivated members with the ambition to create a nice home for our small community
and brought our empty halls to bloom.
Our dojo is far from finished!
It is more like a long-term project, with many different architects, different styles and ambitions.
Different ideas clash and yet we create a harmonious structure of irregularity.
Thus, the pure development of meaning and the statement of the dojo was possible without being disturbed by formal thoughts.
The dojo is supposed to grow out of its content.
This creates a beautiful conceptual and complete extension and continuation.

Dojo Trailer: 

Screenshots of our dojo: https://imgur.com/a/3jOh5ft



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Hello, here's my dojo!

Clan Name : Void Watchers
Clan Tier :  Ghost
Clan Platform : PC
Clan Role : Warlord

Aside from +/-600 gallium, this is solo work.
Also, the video is a little more than 3 min, but the presentation of the dojo itself is 3 min. The rest is there because I couldn't cut a track from Shadow of the Colossus.
I hope you like it!



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Clan name: Lock n Load

Clan tier: Moon clan

Clan platform: Xbox one

role: council (architect permissions) 

featured image: http://imgur.com/a/HhjhljW

additional images: http://imgur.com/a/HX9oMj6 

Hi Everyone were lock n load and we've been the #1 moon clan on Xbox one in leaderboard archived events and have most good trophies of DIVERSITY OF DIFFERENT EVENTS for 4 n half years now and we thought we would show everyone our dojo too for this contest! Not all the rooms are on there that you would normally see in the other submissions some rooms are just too tough to build in the ways we want too and mostly our dojo is setup to help members to find all the research labs quickly with access and most of our dojo is still built for the solar rail days lol as you can see by one of the pictures there's uhh a bit of cobwebs in it since it hasn't been used in awhile 😉 but go ahead and check out the images and I think it's better just to let you guys guess and imagine what all of the stuff is in our rooms in our dojo! but I'll give you guys a couple of hints (it's a trash compacter in the corpus lab) (and yes that is a hobo bed in the solar lab) 

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  • Clan name: NNN Gaming Community
  • Clan tier: Shadow
  • Clan platform: PC
  • Clan role: Architect

Hi i love building stuff


Should i use Nyx or Nerubian?


It looks like we werent the only one who thought of making a t-rex


We have a mecha lephantis 



I realized nobody had thought of making a theme park so i said, eh why not?



The Ferris wheel took forever to build and had more or less 500 individual partslxJubH35AJDLJDeel08LjXdhvwpP8gPuqxi3H_BoEno7ICpreHz0UzrY1FKNTIxkBiFdxoEKuAnbHieM0gGu8GlWomrdWIGC0PmHVDS3zmyj5vnM_TImOwd0by1iK9PwgZQEzzf2m9DGQe0c6yctxqsMUsJNOhoo3NI9ZJkRiUcEg8pzCzybm6idnZ8hCvWsRx5W9YWOxn-3Zqv9-YlVoQpYk-fnttZBO6h2FgasKSCmnhiW9RRaqDK1VhmwcAU8N4siQMlMATK75yoErsJ5ha_gfaeakSjf0aINLBecPy4d3mB5QzKMx7NTpcr8Iy4d8cSCR0iLiLBOTDFBq5XSeYCmdTy5zHllkqcfTaKRTIWs1U9v3zK0qAwuw-1oKyAf2Eqm2VSURTypuDqFwhqfkmsoRMSRPCBkVKsIwEN0ABlqQyB67WT2SJ1qRjigSAebminas0yb4IkwIxylQ2xN0Si9G1HkCsJACjAiftSQJikV1lhNnwF5wxf-xZyIi6dBubM2v6VIBpUZkJ_2tLcQ-GyF5H76-uE46BIa0wFwbj4kiz_c-ysrsD5rTc5ImeGYzzpN508QA_WmKtkDIgEfx5ssQjjlGxySfpyR4oXWkjfDJmnfcvd5ir9beMqZf73FAgqqPxZsw4QmXUcdha3qHHyd=w1668-h938-no

Kirov reporting


This cathedral was based off from a game called Painkiller in a level of the same name


more mechs


Tanks with dual guns and four tracks are impractical, but they sure are awesome



Head for the quarry!yCi5hhkMusHkROadQt4yHFx2ElOaIOTjHQPKB6MTIM7BKNGBEfFy3gv-fnQ3ioGEyxDdAwho2GasMOtsTGaXfGnQd_6Db1eISx3oqkwc4fEVEKTZi98eE7vlAFFzK_YC_meX8RXW8ybxzo0JFMzvWaAERxMFaevZY8-bzXSqnX05V7mu8ZBvIIpAG4Y3L5W_zMVQ5E26kIC8W59A1f_VhZaK7wA37uX3nLOb8dpHOEEwLGQK3carXHAeKQ-u8cyO7atFX0SzKSZ7Q075L8qIeQDlQEo8GgTrsCgETBKPE5Mnu0txyDJGJFmz8X6uJ6mAtFuCzGasjn732zw9grR4W5QjDvojSU90j57f0S1IcZmkKxuLTSNbNrQ2A-Al5kNDUrh4QiiyniG-sTrN6du2Qu4Bpb_MzjAHSLUwHDAzPJ9NZKxKdmrP5dp0Sg-FZX37gzpyp8UKbSBpnL5J5ebcJEdGsXWJJrCcK8vbdZrvGLM9G0Jn5yIN6-xZCc1DM3oEl7s5nkekOVjiM-yDwWcTQ6TijSbPYRcqrvDXkhL4B8-LHq5Uvn0wkhd3hOZf23Pm_5Ss-aA3VQ0t1v9LEaM8Zys4Vo78AJaWSIEIOCXA1Jb99YnaFHwxW5c2ExyQkjTlZlE8JVPL5eVDI6keU364ayhz=w1668-h938-no

And finally, for the video tour..

(p.s. sorry for the bad quality, i hurried making it that i messed up the rendering T.T )


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Hello everyone! 

Our clan is small and young. I created it after I left huge clans, where I keep meeting the same type of atmosphere like from 300 ppl + only 10 were caring about clan. So I created this clan - Lost dream as dream where one help another. Clan were ppl loves to chat. Clan where members are logging just to say "hello". We decided to go Nature style and I love unfinished sketches - I am not trying to cover room walls - I am tryping you pull you into another world - get your attention to middle and then let your own fantasy to work. =). In our dojo walkthrough you will find places like Tempest Passage, Moutain pathwalks, Oasis, Lakes as well as The Skeleton King 😃 and a lot will be done later. Still working on dojo 😃 since I have a lot in real life work so dont have that much of time as I used to have. Well enjoy, hopefully we will be able to inv you for a tour! 

I will add description into album's images.

  • Clan name: Children of a Lost Dream
  • Clan tier: Shadow
  • Clan platform: PC
  • Clan role: Founding Warlord
  • Feature image: Imgur album link:
  • https://imgur.com/a/yylhQDO
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Thank you all for your submissions! It is a pleasure to not only see your beautiful Dojos but read your descriptions and learn what inspires you. The Featured Dojo contest will rerun in the Spring. I encourage you to reenter if you weren't a winner this time! There are so many beautiful Dojos in this thread that deserve a chance to be featured.

Here are the winners of the Winter 2019 Featured Dojo Contest:


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