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Winter 2019 Featured Dojo Contest [Winners Announced!]

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Clan Name: Umbrarum
Clan Tier: Ghost
Clan Platform: PC
Clan Role: Founding Warlord

Feature image:

Other images:




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Always have to leave a like for those old dojos ❤️

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Clan Name ; Ascension of Immortals
Tier ; Storm
Platform; PC
Rank ; Co-Warlord
Video Tour ; 

  • Rail Jack Eradicator,
  • 0:54 Samurai Hall,
  • 1:38 Dream of Atlantis,
  • 2:08 Mad Tenno Tea Party,
  • 2:34 Water Goddess of Avalon

One thing to note, as these builds were done across many months of game time. The dojo decorating system underwent many changes for the better, thank you DE. However many ideas and forms could only be built to the scale allowed for by the in-game system. Please keep in mind the story and details shown are done at a scale and size appropriate for the materials and scale given to us. I hope you find the scale of the worlds and ideas shown here to be one that invites the views to be connected. I hope you all find something in our builds that stirs your heart.

We have a great clan that has been using their hard earned material to help us pay for all of these builds.  Thank you my Fellow Clan members, you are awesome. MaxMiddleton, neos9876, Bearbrain, GGbroman, theophilius28, Hunklucas, ladyicegem, SpeedForceFreak, Bladefire, DeimonSH, Guardas, ereshki, matletabarnak, TheOrangeRod, MTBViper, Final.  Many more have given advice and encouragement. 

Please feel free to contact me in game; Just copy and paste
/w Zar__  hey Tenno, can I come by to visit your dojo?

Rail Jack Scout Ship
They were damaged while scouting for the enemy, they fled to a small planet and found underwater cavern to hide in.  Here in the back end of nowhere the crew of the Rail Jack Scout ship is working nonstop to rebuild, the crew is determined to get back to the war.


Mad Tenno Tea Party
A fantasy garden where the gods come to relax and drink tea with us Tenno. A secret garden that no matter how long you stay, no time passes in the outside world. The temple of time sits gently in the mist while the tea gets ready. The Chaos Butterfly needs a bit of help, her friend, MR 5 hands are always happy to oblige.

'We are not mad, we are only drinking tea with our friends.'

"Never mind!" Alice said in a soothing tone, and stooping down to the daisies, who were just beginning again, she whispered, "If you don't hold your tongues, I'll pick you!"
There was silence in a moment, and several of the pink daisies turned white.
-Through the Looking-Glass


Samurai Hall
This hall holds our respected elders, our clans ancient Warframes,  Ippantkina, the great General stands ready in our Timeless Tenno Hall. Opposite sits Little Miss Butterfly Samurai who waits, her weapons ready, her mind serene. Tea and the sense of steel peace await our guest. Please dear guest be seated and drink tea with us.


Water Goddess of Avalon
A gentle hand from the depths of the waters. The goddess reaches out to touch our lives with blessings.  Her story stretches back to the lady of the lake and King Arthur. Our Tenno are able to receive new strength and spirit. With her help we can fight the new war.

Rail Jack Eradicator
A Rail Jack strike class star ship. Able to engage in long range missions deep into enemy space. The side guns engage in ship to ship combat, her front dual pulse cannons can take out ground defenses from low orbit. Her Marines will board and capture enemy vessels. Long rage data sensors let this ship see the enemy long before they see her. The ships long adjustable convection rails allow for a very nimble response time, allowing the Eradicator to out maneuver any other ship of a similar class.

Crew: 12
Decks: 5
[2] Energy Lance Guns, Port and Starboard, 180 degree coverage.
[1] Dual Rail Pluse Cannon, Nose Turret, 90 degree rotation.
Marine Crew: 6, Ship to Ship raiders.
Gravational Pulse Engine with a backup silent glide system.
Ordis Com systems 3.0.4 Averek
Full Medi-bay


A new Video, with HD and better camera work.


Edited by Zar__
Working on entry material, new updates to halls, new HD video
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Clan name : 71st Scout Regiment
Clan tier : Storm
Clan platform : PC
Clan Role : Architect


Hello everyone (again 😛)!

I added a few small backstorys to each of the rooms so you can better understand the idea behind them. I hope you enjoy this tour through our dojo 🙂

For each room i added 1 picture in the post here, but there is a link to the imgur-gallery just below the name of each room (all links together in following spoiler)


Entrance Hall:



This is the first place you see when entering the Dojo. I wanted this room to look like a Lobby, with a few nice places to wait for your trading partners. In this room we also have all the Trophys from the Events we took part in, the Trading Post and a Treasury (good luck spotting them^^)


Little Cetus:



This place has been the Bar before, but i wanted something different so i made a place that is a bit Cetus-inspirated, with a temple in the middle, a bar, a diner, a little hut with a camp-fire, the Ludoplex and 2 seperated showrooms on the side.


Temple of Titania:


new lightning: https://imgur.com/a/LNuPwEx



This is our temple where we make sacrificial offerings for the RNG-God (you can see various ressources and treasures on the altar) so fortune might be in our favours (i think it actually works!). But we believe the God only takes gifts from Tennos, so you are not allowed to go up there with your Warframe, you gotta take the long walk up 🙂





Recently we managed to capture the 4th Eidolon - the Plantolyst. He is now fighting against the Venusian Golem while the Tennos can watch from the tribunes.


The Fountain:



In this Hall we got a large fountain that partially carrys the weight of the structure above.





In the summertime, you can take a rest on this deck in the Grass or on the bench and watch the asteroids fly by. On this deck we also got some sort of a power generator (the large structure)





In the cold time of the year you can rest here and watch TV (TennoVision) or watch the Emboss on the Solarrailstation. There is a little outside garden aswell, but you cant go there.


Orokin garden:



Our indoor garden with some orokin sculptures and lots of plants 🙂


Pumping Station:



This room was supposed to supply our dojo with fresh water. Unfortunatly, we hired Clem for this Job because he got recommended to us. Design and execution by him....and now we got a room that is completly not functional, but at least it looks nice so we kept it.


The Canyon:



The grineer tried to get into our Dojo. The already brought some machines and started to build structures, but luckily we noticed them and could fight them back. The remains are still there.


Argon Cave ("Loki-room"):



While everything is covered in rocks and argon crystals, this room got many small corridors and caves. Not a place for you if you claustrophobic, but you could rest here on a bench on the top if you like to.


The Glacier Cave ("Loki-Room"):



Just like the Argon Cave, its comepletly covered in rocks, but since air conditioner is broken here it slowly began to freeze. Its not completly frozen yet, so you can still see some Trophys.


Navigation Room / Arsenal:



Some Aquariums in the bottom and some places on top to wait for your clanmembers that have to change every single item of their gear before each mission.


The Labs and Hallways (Exhibition-Area):



Since the last contest, i re-decorated the labs. The hallways leading to them are also some kind of exhibition, where we have put all the fishtrophys and some trophys in the hallways that indicate which lab will be behind the door.




Just a little bonus because i found it funny that a clanmember managed to get here ^^

We store some ressources here that last longer in a cold environment like gallium or argon 😉


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  • Clan name : Spirits of Salem
  • Clan tier Storm
  • Clan platform : PC
  • Your Clan role : Founding Warlord
  • Cheers!A secret clan formed to assist the Avengers in the fight against Thanos!
  • https://imgur.com/a/MZIwGWC
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Clan name The All Seeing Eye

Tier Shadow Clan

Platform Xbox

Role Founding Warlord ,Architect

Featured images








Our dojo has a lot more to see and is being added to daily, i posted just 7 images of our newest rooms, however if the latest rooms are finished before the deadline i will update this post with the new rooms we have a tribute to the plains of eidolon with a 30m tall eidolon, a dragon standig guard over the trade post, a labarynth of caverns set on mars for visitors to explore, interactive arcade games and much more. I hope you like what you see if you would like to see more hit me up on xbox ingame for an invite to come check it out for yourself. For help on building your own dojo or help decorating i am happy to help you out or give ideas or inspiration, if you liked the pics then please vote for us The All Seeing Eye

Good luck to all.

Edited by (XB1)Red Eye Judd
Pictures added as video link was broken
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Clan name : Orokin_Kings_

Clan role:Founding   Warlord /interior architect

Clan tier :  Shadow Clan rank 10

Platform :  PS4

We are a small clan with big grinders, i like decorate our dojo in way that you  feel at home ,the furniture and interior lights are different in every room we like to keep it orginal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


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Clan name : MECHA DOME

Clan tier : Ghost

Clan platform ; PC

your clan role : founding warlord

featured image: https://imgur.com/qDe8A4K



please check the full album here https://imgur.com/a/z3sdhtR

thank you, and good luck to everyone.

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You guys should have made a new trophy for every new competition. That way everyone will be able to see which ones won which comps. Otherwise the same clan could win gold twice and still only have the 1 trophy

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19 hours ago, kbear032 said:

Could you do something regarding visiting featured dojo's. Had many new clan members going to featured ones by mistake and then wondering why they can't replicate any blueprints. I know, I know, but umm it's a real thing.

Happened to me too. People kept visiting my don't and we're confused when they tried to buy blueprints. They also abused the trade post and spam random trade requests

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the trophy looks like it should be a orbiter decoration

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Hello every one :)

  • Clan name : Les uns capables
  • Clan tier : Shadow Clan rk10
  • Clan platform : Pc
  • Your Clan role : Puppets Master (Co Founding Warlord)
  • Feature image : https://imgur.com/a/DVfeMV5
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3 hours ago, (XB1)SammyCat05 said:

How would you get the plat from the vault?

it can only be used for dojo stuff, like rushing rooms or objects.

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On 2019-01-11 at 6:55 PM, [DE]Helen said:


You are beeing a bit vague when saying "winners". From the post sometimes it seems you consider only the 1st place the actual winners and sometimes you consider 1st, 2nd and 3d place the "winners". I'd say it's quite an important difference since the guys who won 2nd and 3d place in the last contest can't tell if they can partecipate again or not.

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3 hours ago, (XB1)SammyCat05 said:

How would you get the plat from the vault?

its not for players, its so you can rush decorations

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Clan name: Rage County
Clan tier: Mountain
Clan platform: PS4
Clan role: Founding Warlord
Feature image:






























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