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Winter 2019 Featured Dojo Contest [Winners Announced!]

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  • Clan name: Demony_Wojny
  • Clan tierSTORM
  • Clan platform: PC
  • Your Clan role: "Architekt" - i've got Architect permissions.


Primo Clan Hall









Tenno Pub




Loki Bal-Baoo







Ice Garden






















The Bayou




Platinum Mine







Parkur - Lua Tower and parkour rooms







Other rooms







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Clan Name : Phantom
Clan Tier :  Ghost
Clan Platform : PS4
Clan Role : Founding Warlord

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Phantom, i would like to start by thanking every single one of those in the community who encouraged us to enter this competition and all of my clan mates who helped!

i hope you guys enjoy it!  We decided to redecorate the entire main floor to stay coherent the theme chosen. I have also attached 4 pictures from another theme we are planning on continuing on our 2nd floor. if we get featured i would like to share all of our other creations that was not posted for this contest since they are work in progress at this moment.

3 minute video tour below:


imgur album below:


Thank you everyone and good luck to all! 

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  • Clan name: Dragon Wars
  • Clan tier: Ghost Clan
  • Clan platform: PS4
  • Your Clan role: Architect
  • Feature image: 





Dadap all Tennos, we are a little clan that loves decorate! We have spent over 2 years for decorate this immense Dojo: it contains four floors in which we have filled every millimeter of the more than 20 rooms of which it's composed. Loki Gladiator waits you for a fight... Dragon Void can express your wishes... You have only to join it and enjoy our works.

We cannot unfortunately show you two fantastic challenge we tried to make true: decorate the two most hostile rooms, Reactor Rooms and Lifts. We hope that we have in future the possibility to show them to everybody because it's very difficult but... the work in progress inspires an excellent result!

Good Luck for the Contest and enjoy our tour, hopped that you will can visit Dragon Wars Dojo in live in a few days.

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  • Clan name: Nerdkorea
  • Clan tier: Ghost Clan
  • Clan platform: PC
  • Your Clan role: Founding Warlord


Exhibia 1: The Great Hall with Trading Area.


First stop in Nerdkorea is our Grandest Clan Hall. It has been outfitted to hide allmost all artificial structure and make it look like it has been built in a hollowed part of Lua.


Through the usage of the rocks a number of redundant paths have been reduced, making navigation a bit more streamlined. All exits can still be accessed manually through hidden passages - but this is mainly for building purposes since we have teleporters in every important room.



A semi-hidden hallway below the trading area contains our clan trophies.




Exhibit 2: The Ascension Altar


Hope you have Primed Warm Coat, it's getting a bit colder.


Leaving the ice tube leads you to a ledge stretching into a glacier cavern with a frozen lake at the bottom.



The centerpiece of the room is located on the top though.



You want some of that sweet, sweet ascension Endo? You need to hop across the icy pillars to gain access. Nothing to difficult though.

Exhibit 3: Navigation & Arsenal - Pre-Mission Garden.


Our newest room - a place to collect yourself and focus on upcoming missions.





Lasty, an image of a Nerdkorean cell preparing for a mission to loot everything the system has to offer gather only the neccessary supplies



Shoutout to my clan members here, you guys rock!

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Hello o/
first of all:

  • Clan name : Old Habits Die Hard
  • Clan tier : Storm
  • Clan platform : PS4
  • Your Clan role : Founding Warlord

now to the youtubez and imgurs: 



the youtube-tour begins with the main hall (obviously) which isnt included in the pictures (not so obviously), because its pretty hard to capture the room with a picture.
Anyways, you'll find more information to the specific rooms and the dojo in general in the imgur link.

I hope you enjoy and good luck to everyone, TheWrakkar o/

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Clan Name: Midnight Harbingers

Clan Tier: Storm Clan

Clan Platform: Xbox 1

Your Clan Role: Founding Warlord

This is the main hall of Midnight Harbingers Dojo. The theme of the hall/dojo is tenno, nature, and balance/symmetry. We believe that the dojo should be a beautiful yet elegant place for the tenno/warframes to spend time and socialize. Our dojo is full of nature which provides a pleasant scene. We like to balance everything to keep our dojo clean looking and pleasant. The first floor of the hall consists of the labs and two meditation areas (for afk players). The second floor consists of the trade and vault hubs along with trees and torches for a beautiful look. The third floor is where we display our latest trophy along with some benches and trees for a peaceful area to sit. The structure in the center is our ascension tower. The clan ascension hub is at the top and it features fountains that overflow into a fish pond below. This structure makes for some fun parkour and adds an impressive structure to the dojo. The ceiling has hanging cheery trees that add a beautiful but filling look to the ceiling. We also have many Fu dogs spread throughout the hall as the "guards" of the hall. Midnight Harbingers takes pride in our dojo and we believe that it is a beautiful testament to our clan. We would like to share it with everyone so that everyone can enjoy it as much as we do. 



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  • Clan name: Sic Semper Ad Victoriam
  • Clan tier: Shadow Clan
  • Clan platform: xbox 1
  • Your Clan role: Warlord/architect
  • feature imagewnSqBHF.png



Hi, DE I wanted to share my dojo with you.


Firstly. I wanted to say this took a lot of farming and donations from our clan and when they became tapped out on, materials from the Devils Advocates alliance where extremely helpful. Without their donations this would dojo not exist.


Ok about the dojo and how it was created. The dojo is a max room capacity highly decorated dojo. The only rooms not decorated are the reactors. When designing the layout of the dojo I wanted to make sure that no door lead to nowhere or undecorated rooms because I think every room should have a purpose. If you go to a doorway in the dojo it should go someone and not be a dead end. I made sure to conceal all doorways that said max room count reached.


So what’s special about our dojo. I wanted to make the dojo a place do things not just trade and get materials. We have 8 unique dueling rooms, and 6 unique custom obstacle courses, three fast paced parkour courses, one hard parkour course, one weapons course and one shooting range. We also have an obstacle course made out of hallways. The hallway obstacle course was made before the custom obstacle course was a thing and you can race tenno simultaneously.


On to the decorations. Our spawn point features quick access to trading and dojo rooms. I wanted to keep our pre dojo remaster décor but I added some waterfalls and hidden passages

Chem lab- I turned it into an orokin themed lab. You cant tell it’s the chem lab when you walk in

Bio lab- I want to make this lab seem like an experiment I hid all of the infected enemies except the center and it is has a vein extracting infested DNA

Tenno lab – I made this lab into a frozen cave, it was excellent for using the snow because of the tight quarters

Energy lab-I blocked off most of this lab and you see the main robot, it looks like he is the main merchant. The lightning bolt also give off the idea that he is forging energy weapons

Orokin lab- I built a dojo robot inside area the immediate to the left. It looks like he has is harnessing energy. This lab also has a large room underneath it that takes advantage of the skybox. It took hours just to find a large enough area to take advantage of this space.


Description of Clan halls

The first clan hall has a dual purpose. It is a Noggle shrine and music Room. I was able to make a piano out of orokin parts

The second clan hall was intended as a sewer with a river in the center

The Third clan hall houses our vehicles. It contains a mech, a car , 2 bikes , a plane , a helicopter a hovercraft, a tank, and a giant spider with a Gatling gun.


The fourth hall is the main hall


And the fifth clan hall houses 6 dojo guardians mostly from pre dojo remaster era. I consolidated all the old dojo decor into this room and added a few new things.


7 wonders of the dojo


The temple- Mayan based temple with 4 rooms, a shack, and underwater entrance, many secret paths, you will have to see.


The carnival- This is basically a carnival based room. It features a train, a ferris wheel, a merry go round and fluff ball throw, an hammer shot, and a upstairs. The designs in this room came from ps4 and pc dojos. I wanted to make them my own and put my spin on it.


The mall- This room is designed to look like a mall. It has things you’d find in a regular mall, a movie theater, an arcade/game room with (darts, ping pong, dance dance revolution game, 3 video games, air hockey and a pool table) a gym, a pet store, a food court, a place to buy Cetus and Fortuna stuff. And an ice bar that leads to our night club/ gentlemen’ club


The mansion- this is a giant house, that features a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a greenhouse on the outside, a patio and  a path to a spa


Zodiac base- built in observatory this offers a dojo defender robot, a docked spaceship and control station a space garden


Dragons path- This series of rooms features a knights throne and a path to a dojo dragon. A dragons nest and a forest in flames


Mining operations- this is a room that features a drill and a mining operation. It was built in the mosaic garden because I couldn’t delete it. You wouldn’t know it was the mosaic garden as it has been taken over by nature and the mining operation.


Finally all hallways and elevators are extensively decorated plus about 6 more rooms I didn’t meantion here


Additionally, if my clan is featured I plan on giving 50p to the people who get first on my 6 obstacle course


Credit to these non xbox clans as I took some of their original designs and adapted them into my dojo

 1. Sushi

2. Kindom of Earth 

3. Associates Death.

4 What the Hek,

 5. Void Rebels clans


Here are pics and a short video




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  • Clan name: zandatsu
  • Clan tier: Ghost
  • Clan platform: PC
  • Your Clan role: Founding Warlord
  • Featured image: Main Hall (Hidden Grove Theme)

For our Dojo, our featured image is our main hub from an angle that showcases our chosen theme of a hidden grove. The theme carries on through the rest of our image tour.


Another picture of the main hall from the ground.


Next on the tour is one of our hallways, a mist filled cavern connecting to the other parts of the Dojo.


As the grove claims the Dojo, so to does it claim the Grineer research lab. The machinery starting to fail.


The Corpus lab fared no better, as the grove takes the lab, the systems begun to fail and pipes began to burst.


Despite natures claim, the bio-lab has maintained most of its functionality thanks to the advances of Orokin technology keeping the infested contained.


The dueling room, a place of honor, now a tranquil garden.


For the last part of the tour, two images of the observatory. Not only a beautiful place to view the stars but now peaceful glade.



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Clan Name: Shadows of Obscurity
Clan Tier: Shadow Clan Rank 10
Clan Platform: PC
Clan Role: Warlord

Imgur Album can be found here:


Video tour and featured track:


    Thanks for considering the dojo of the Shadows of Obscurity! I've worked on the dojo for quite some time, I wanted it to be the most complete a dojo could be. The song featured in the video is also work of mine! It was the first song I recorded live guitar tracks into my computer using a special guitar cable and mixed it with Ableton. The song reminds me of space and time and I love listening to it while playing Warframe!

    I wanted to create a Dojo that had a "complete" feel to it, no dead ends and fully furnished. A place where Tenno could Duel often and maybe one day in the future, practice melee combos in lush beautiful Tenno-made Gardens. Each room has nearly been filled to max capacity. I wanted to go with the natural flow of a lot of the rooms. I organized the Dojo into 3 easy to navigate sections and put in a precise Teleporting system. Each room's console has been named giving you room Details and explaining where you are.

    The Main Dojo Floor featuring the Grand Hall of the Shadow of Obscurity features a massive garden and waterfall. Going either north to the Garden of Introspection, East through varied Gardens to the Garden of Discipline or West through the Crystal Cove to the Garden of Tranquility will leave you breathless as you navigate gorgeous gardens and find 3 Obstacle Courses (2 custom, one is my personal challenge featuring Target shooting and parkour) and many duel rooms to challenge your fellow Tenno!! After all, it is a DOJO and you should have plenty of Dojo'n duel space! Beautiful floating meditation platforms await you, looking over amazing locations. Through the Crystal Cove you can even find a Grineer-Inspired Memorial Site, a place built for my friend and fellow Warlord could pay tribute to her dog that had passed earlier this year. Losing a pet is never easy and I wanted to help her get through the pain by making her a memorial room! Going south from the Grand Hall will take you through the Hall of Commerce and the lush Hall of Statues, leading to the Loki and the Five Hells Research Labs for all your blueprint needs! Eventually, you will arrive at the Oracle System, the teleportation system designed to help you easily navigate the Dojo!

The Observatory Floor level is a place for contemplating space and missions with most rooms featuring an open view of space!! Walking through the Garden of Reconciliation and or test your skills with the Garden of Serenity double-jump challenge! Traveling through these gardens you will find yourself in a beautifully developed Mission Control Room or the Meditation Observatory. The Grand Hall of Commerce can be found on this level, a huge room featuring a natural touch of beauty as well as a high tech trading station!

The Reactor Core Floor features a breathtaking view of the Hall of Ascension and the Garden of Collaboration. 

There are also some adventurous places like a TenZero Space Control Platform and an Ancient Orokin Cave filled with beautiful scenes and a secret technology once thought forgotten: the Ludoplex!

I wanted the Teleporters to be a short precise list for navigating the dojo and not have them "in the way" setting the only one you'll "run into" in line of sight within the Oracle System. 

With plenty of dueling room and beautiful breath-taking sites to relax and enjoy the company of other Tenno, I would love to see this as a hang out for everyone!

Thank you so much for your time! I hope you enjoy what you hear and see!

     -Vorpal_Ocelot [Thanks from all of us in the Shadows of Obscurity!]

P.S. I could really use a keybind HUD hide toggle button. A lot of pictures ended up unusual with blurry marks through in-game screenshot command, or HUD displaying through Steam screenshots! It's just a hassle to go back n forth from the options menu to toggle.

Light dreams for Clan Dojos:

   The ability to set per-room decoration privileges. Example: Allow one clan member the ability to decorate a single room or enjoy fiddling with a custom obstacle course room, without fear they will destroy or ruin all other rooms decor! I've had a dojo ruined before by a quitting member of a previous guild. It's a horrible feeling.

   Multiple duels happening at once between players in different duel rooms. Engaging a duel sets current PvP damages and stats for currently equipt gear.

   Practicing melee combos within Gardens. Or perhaps being able to set rooms as "open fire" areas or Melee Only.

   The Oracle System being a clan-wide Codex!
   The ability to set certain decorations to have a function. (Ei: Setting a computer to allow the opening of Navigations, Open Inventory, ect.)

   The Navigation Room's "Kneel" spots open Navigation screen!

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  • Clan name: Asas da Fraternidade.
  • Clan tier: Storm Clan Rank 10.
  • Clan platform: PC.
  • Your Clan role: Architect.


The Objective is to make a fully operative mothership.

0:00 - Cooler for the reactors: Because there is too many of them.

0:05 - Void Anomaly Caused by the reactors: I made this only to celebrate Halloween. 0:05

0:32 - Relaxation area: Chat with your friends and play with your pet (or at least imagine that), not only it pumps the water through the entire dojô using gravitational technology, this area can be used by the clan to invigorate its members.

1:06 - Portal OPS: This Area can be used by the clan to initiate covered operations using a recently recovered and reconstructed orokin portal generator, the looted items from every mission can be placed on their respective conveyor belt and transported to the deposit room.

2:10 - Deposit: This area can be used to store any material acquired by the clan using corpus forklifts and the management experience of our new friends from Fortuna.

We still don't have much to show, but i hope you guys like it.

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Clan name - The Umbral Covenant
Clan tier - Ghost
Clan platform - PC
Clan role - Founding Warlord



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Hi, representing a small Shadow clan that did not manage to get into the previous contest here. This time we came prepared!

  • Clan Name: Tenno inc
  • Clan Tier: Shadow
  • Platform: PC
  • Clan Rank: R10
  • Role in clan: Warlord

About 90% of all decorating has been done by me and recently I got a helping hand with it from an awesome clanmate.

So, what does our dojo offer? A lot of awesome!

We have 100% reachable design, no areas are cut off and are accessible by walking or parkouring as a Warframe.

Prepared for this event we have a full imgur album with the dojo map and some comments for the rooms here: https://imgur.com/a/HDjkuyx

Feature Image, this is one of our largest projects: iO9ViEW.png

Our Dojo Tour video: 




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  • Clan name: Sudoku
  • Clan tier: Storm
  • Clan platform: PC
  • Your Clan role: Founding Warlord
  • video youtube:

---> images:


Dragon Vs Fenix










Sudoku Samurai Hero




Limbo buf??



Frost Hero



mano de tenno


Mesa Hero





War Fomoré





War the Hero





The Orbe





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On 2019-01-18 at 7:14 PM, (PS4)jipper209 said:

What an awesome Dojo, the battle with all the star ships really brought me back to my science fiction roots. Great work, especially with the X wing. I hope you get a trophy for that one sir.

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Clan Name: Honor Or Death                                                                                                             

Clan tier: Ghost (Rank 10)

Clan Platform: PS4

Clan Role: Founding Warlord (DiegoElia93)



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Clan name: Miku Collective
Clan tier: Ghost
Clan platform: PC
Clan role: Founding Warlord

Feature image:


Other images:












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Clan name: Eaters Gods
Clan tier: Ghost
Clan platform: PC
Your Clan Role: General
Feature image:






































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Clan name: KriegOrder
Clan tier: Shadow
Clan platform: PC
Clan role: General (have Architect permissions)

Greatings, tenno. Once, during the old times, our clan was most active and had great opportunities to shine among the stars. Those days are gone and there are few of us left to stand on guard. Yet, we survive and won't give up until our last breath. We are glad to share our culture and technologies among other fellow tenno and wish greatness and prosperity to every clan. Be blessed by the name of our most honored ruler, Krieg!

Feature image:


Command bridge


The main idea was to create decorated room that would be as close as possible to the realities of controlling the ship and allowing you to feel yourself in the role of the crew of the ship. A holograph with information about wanted criminals to seek and capture, teleportation system, multiple monitors with tracking information - all this creates a common control room content.





This is our lobby. The very first room with which the decoration of the dojo began. The decoration style was originally chosen in the grineer theme, in connection with which lighting and other decorative elements were selected. Behind each control panel there are grineer statues that complement the presence of the general atmosphere of the room.





The room with a statue of Loki was ideal for creating prison cells for the criminals from the entire solar system who either harmed the maintenance of peace and harmony or harmed the common cause of our Order. On the ground floor there are ordinary cameras, while on the second floor there are cryo-chambers.


The shield in Loki's hand symbolizes the strong ideals of our clan, and the spear - our indomitable power that can overtake the enemies of the Order even in the most deepest corners of the universe.



Dark forest


The dark forest appeared as a result of the cold winter on the eve of the new year. The room is specially designed in the style of a cave, which is penetrated by snow from above. One of the most peaceful places of our dojo with the possibility of trading between players and the investment of resources in the clan's storage.





Currently there are many unfinished rooms in the dojo and the garden is one of them. This room connects the two most decorated rooms (Throne and Arena), allowing you to take a fresh breath and enjoy the commonplace and simplicity of nature. We hope that during the week we will be able to find inspiration and complete the decoration that could please the eye.





Arena is a place where fights take place between members of the order and our followers. A great place to improve combat skills and raise the general mood and morale. All battles are broadcasting on large screens around the arena and the dojo itself. The main goal of the battle is to score the ball in the opponent’s ring, but the difficulty is that absolutely any means can be used to protect the ring.


Also this one of the rooms with the hidden secret :)



Throne room


The scenery of the throne room changed many times along with the increased skills of decorating the dojo. Most likely the current version will be refined, but the theme of the room is chosen in accordance with the colors of our coat of arms. It is in this room take places meetings with the divisions of other clans and the most important issues in the life of the Order are brought up for discussion. Orokin elements perfectly complement the overall composition. Statues are reminiscent of victories in past battles. And at the end of the room is the throne of our ruler for the fulfillment of our destinies.





The room with the ship is hidden behind a secret passage and can only be found by players on his own. Despite the many efforts invested to decorate the room, we consider this the right decision to reward the one who wishes to explore all the secrets of our dojo, instead of just entering the dojo just for the sake of sharing.



Dodze energy core


The pearl of our dojo. The power reactor that feeds all the dojo with its energy. Unfortunately, many of the decorations in the room can not be completed as the limit of the room is exhausted. Nevertheless, the large hall was the best suited for the implementation of this project. The reactor room is located on the lowest floor of the dojo. At the same time, the entire floor is given exclusively for energy supply rooms, in order to emphasize the theme of energy supply and immerse yourself in the right atmosphere.



There will be more to show in the future, but these time has not yet to come. Good luck everyone and be blessed by the will of Krieg! 



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  • Clan name: The Frantic Bombers
  • Clan tier: Shadow
  • Clan platform: PS4
  • Clan role: Warlord
  • Z0XyxIb.jpg
  • CK8cB4z.jpg
  • NBTM7Xu.jpg
  • GFzu77D.jpg
  • tStSdIj.jpg
  • 3 minute tour
    Hope you enjoy people.
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