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Dark Sword Or Plasma Sword



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What he meant to say is that the dark sword is better on paper but none of the single handed weapons are viable currently as they are outclassed in DPS by two handed or dual weapons. However, DE is aware of this and working on it (a whole class of weapons going unused is silly) and we may even see this balanced out as early as today (in U10) though more realistically, it may be coming a bit later on down the road. Hope this helps!

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All single blade longswords are generally inferior in damage output compared to the heavies and double blades, as they can only hit a maximum of one enemy per swing. But comparing these two though, both have their own niche:


Dark Sword - charged attack DPS because of its high base charged damage, so mod it out with Reflex Coil and Killing Blow 

Plasma Sword - high base crit rate relative to other melee weapons so a Pressure Point + True Steel + Organ Shatter build for normal attacks will do


So take that for what you will, based on your understanding of "better".


Oh and you really should start these question threads in the correct section - Players Helping Players.

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