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So I know this is only a small niggle and it's not particularly important, only a UI suggestion, but I thought I'd bring it up anyway.


I've been playing Trinity for the past couple of weeks and she's great fun, but to keep an eye on other people and their health I normally play with the ingame player list up permanently (The one brought up by 'Z'). The only problem I have with it is that it almost perfectly covers up the chat box, so I often miss when people have said something. There isn't an awful lot covering the left hand side UI-wise, so could I suggest maybe moving the ingame player list below the chat box, or into the bottom corner so it's possible to see both at the same time?


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When you've pressed the Chat button and are able to type, the mouse is enabled; you can move it then. However, I also play as Trinity a lot, and having to move it every single match is pretty annoying. Simply making the UI save a window's location when a player moves it would be a big improvement.


It'd also be nice if it could show shield strength bars as well, since at higher levels, by the time someone's shields have gone down, it may be too late to cast Blessing to save them from going into the downed state.

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