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Conclave Bonus XP Days?

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So as many people know, Conclave has its faults. To be brutally honest its almost been abandoned at this point due to those faults.

After setting my sights on Conclave's cosmetics (because I'm a sucker for the Braton), I started to grind standing for it. This proved to be rather difficult as very few people were actually playing it; and the people that were playing were either noobs that had no idea what Conclave even was, or vicious "meta" players that would only use easy kill weapon/tactics. Overall its not a hospitable environment. Quite frankly its amazing Teshin is still in business.

But I'm not here to give a solution, but rather a "treatment". Put simply: Encourage people to play with bonus standing days. Perhaps every weekend the standing earned per Conclave match could be tripled and possibly have a chance at giving better rewards per match (like rare stance mods). This would encourage players to. at least temporarily, return to the Conclave. With an increase in players, the feedback quantity and quality would also improve. With enough time and players, perhaps Conclave could be revived into what Uncle Teshin always dreamed it could be!


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