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Harrow Systems Drop Chance Still Sucks

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After reading the most recent hotfix description, I was hopeful that the Harrow systems would be more attainable, but the change has done nothing. After numerous attempts many of us still don't have it. For those that do, many had spent time ranging from 10-40 days just for that one part. This is ridiculous considering no other warframe is this difficult to farm. Not only is this on a mission no one enjoys playing, but it bugs out with the Kavor getting stuck in place and in holes…wrong side of the railing. What I hope will change is the drop chance from 11.52% on Saturn/Neptune and 7.52% on Phobos to 25-30% as well as the bugs being fixed. The change in rotation has done nothing. 

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On 2019-01-12 at 12:02 PM, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

Ivara, Nidus, Equinox, Saryn, Khora

These aren't difficult to farm because they're pretty much guaranteed to drop something whereas for Harrow could get nothing related to the frame.

Ivara- agreed kinda

Nidus- all you have you do is stay in the infested outbreak mission and every 4 round each part will drop.

Equinox- I got her in under 3 day compared to harrow which took me 4 weeks. (Keep in mind if you aren't perfect there is no chance for the Harrow's system.)

Saryn- you just need to rack up points and follow the rotation.

Khora- just stay in ESO for at least 7 rounds and you'll start to get her parts.


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On 2019-01-12 at 3:02 PM, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:


Ivara, Nidus, Equinox, Saryn, Khora.

1 day, 1 dat, 1 day, got her before boss changes so can't say and about 3 days

Harrow systems? About 2 weeks now mind you, that's 1 part compared to all 3 for a frame

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