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Chrome Ult Rework idea (buff beacon)

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Okay so I strangely got the perfect idea for Chroma's ult being made very useful whilst on the toilet and I need to write this down before I forget. The fix is quite simple really, just needs 2 things:

1. Be turned into a duration ability (so Chroma doesn't hemorrhage energy whilst it is in use)

2. Radiate an aura of Chroma's buffs

Chroma's biggest asset are the buffs that to his team are absolutely absurd, however what's quite annoying with them is that for it to work either Chroma has to keep himself near all his allies (easyer said than done in 90% of silent games) or his allies need to stick to Chroma like a lovesick puppy. However if standing near Chroma's ulti would also award all the buffs, both problems are fixed. Chroma's free to spin around with his Gram Prime while the teammates sit near the dragon hide for damage and armor bonus. It's also easy to distinguish visually that you're getting the buffs as the pelt is a massive, flying, glowing, screaming object on the field. It's not exactly hard to miss, especially since it always screams when initially cast that the tenno will almost certainly hear.


What do you guys think? Personally this could really make Chroma stand out and it checks all the boxes for DE's type of design (it's simple to implement, has tons of synergy, fits a gap in the meta and is completely unique as Chroma would now be the only warframe with a specific buffing beacon/placement object, as usually the frames themselves are the only ones with a buffing aura)

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I’ve had ideas where chroma’s ult had a much lower drain, and could either be placed like normal or follow you around in combat... but honestly I’m liking your idea more. If his ult could spread his buffs (and maybe scale its damage off of vex like his 1) and had a decent duration I’d be pretty content with his ult.

i still think his 1 leaves something to be desired. My idea was to turn his elemental breath into a projectile that leaves an elemental lingering aoe. His current 1 gets in the way of gunplay which his scorn buffs heavily promote. I’d also like the ability to swap elements in game on the fly (via ivara quiver) but I might be asking too much at that point.

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