A dream of Wukong

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Here are my thoughts on a potential wukong rework to go along with the upcoming deluxe skin.

The skill reworks are inspired by the idea that wukong becomes more powerful as the fight goes on focusing on using his iron staff. 

Passive: Wukong gains additional bonuses in the form of flags on his back (4 tiers of bonuses) tied to the melee combo multipler (1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, and 3x). Bonuses I envision are +% attack speed, +% armor, +% movement speed, and +% ability efficiency.

If no melee weapon is selected Iron staff is available, the same as Garuda.

Skill 1: Iron Jab 

Wukong disarms the enemies in a frontal rectangle (similar to Nidus' Virulence) by precisely extending his iron staff.

Each enemy hit will count as a hit toward the combo counter.

Skill 2: Defy (toggle)

Wukong creates four clones (similar to Mirage's Hall of Mirrors), but these clones do not attack. As wukong takes fatal damage, a clone would disappear and defy would activate similar to its current state. Defy will deactivate if the last clone disappears. 

Skill 3: Cloud walker (toggle)

Wukong evaporates into a cloud of mist gaining the ability to see enemies behind walls and move quickly through the battlefield. Upon exiting cloud form wukong spins with his iron staff hitting enemies in a 8 m radius.

The original cloudwalker I like, but too slow in a sense of a battle frenzy warframe, Wukong needs to quickly move across the battlefield to continue the combo multiplier maintaining his passive flag buffs.

Skill 4: Primal Fury (toggle)

Wukong summons his iron staff.

I think it be interesting to have the iron staff switch between a fast, long range, weak attack mode to quickly build combo counter (possibly strip armor via shattering impact) and a large, shorter range, higher attack mode to crush high level enemies once they've been stripped of their armor. This can be achieved by switching staff modes similar the zarr/tiberon firing modes .

Clones from defy will also equip the iron staff and mimic wukongs attacks including iron jab and cloudwalker exit attack. Attacks from the clones will count toward the combo counter.

Exiting cloudwalker with iron staff active will either have a larger radius or knockdown enemies depending on which staff mode is equipped.


The existing augments can probably still fit into this revised skillset. 

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I wouldn't complain about having this.

Would prefer something more flashy and bombastic myself, but I know that's not really going to happen. This is both realistic and enjoyable. 

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7 minutes ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

If that’s what you consider humor then I prefer to not “catch it”

You must be boring at parties Imao.

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One idea could be to make the Iron jab into Iron "sweep", kinda like Gara's first ability. Difference here being every enemy hit will count towards combo meter (Perhaps strip some armor as well?)

Other than that, these ideas seem both fun and great, the Defy tweak i like especially.

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