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Ember the Sorceress: Ability Tweaks Without an Overhaul

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Hi everyone. While pursuing other ideas, I came up with some ways to bring Ember in line with the modern style of Warframes. I wanted to avoid a complete overhaul, since that is very time-consuming for development and largely begs the question: why not just make a new frame? Additionally, she already has an augment for each ability. An overhaul to Ember would mean an overhaul to the augments. Ember has a solid foundation for her abilities, and I believe that building on those is the most effective way to go. The only brand new part of her kit is the passive, which aims to bring all of the other abilities into a synergistic whole. My intent was to make Ember feel much more like a fast-paced caster, and to give her some form of scaling in order to take down those heavily armoured targets (the most common complaint I hear regarding Ember). Here are the suggestions that I'm putting forward:


Passive: (New) Overheat - Heat damage from abilities builds up an Overheat gauge. The higher the Overheat level on the gauge, the higher chance that Ember's weapons will proc a heat elemental effect. These procs occur in addition to other status effects procced by a weapon, like Hunter Munitions. Overheat is expended via Ember's 4 (see below).

1. Fireball - Remains unchanged in itself. Will have synergy with other abilities (see them).

2. Accelerant - Largely remains unchanged. When an enemy effected by Accelerant is hit with a charged Fireball, their resistances (armour and shields) rapidly melt.

3. Fire Blast - Remains unchanged in effect. Larger base range and greatly increases fire damage from abilities and weapons cast/shot through the wall of fire. One potential addition is an accuracy penalty effecting enemies who shoot into the wall of fire. Note: I'd don't think damage reduction while inside the ring is a good idea. Almost every frame lately has incredible DR, and I'm concerned that some think that this is the only way for a frame to be good. Ember has always been a caster in my eyes, and I think any changes should respect this theme.

4. World on Fire - Unchanged at its core. Still causes pillars of fire in a radius around Ember, losing range and gaining strength as time goes on. New: When Ember casts this, Ember enters a new animation (like Baruuk's 1) and her lower half is wreathed in flame. This ability now drains the Overheat gauge instead of energy. Overheat can still be gained while World on Fire is active. Other abilities are cast at a reduced energy cost while this ability is active. Fireball charge time is greatly reduced. Going into melee range with Ember causes a guaranteed fire elemental proc on enemies (like fire Chroma's aura).

Potential addition: Exceeding the Overheat gauge will cause damage to the player. In exchange for taking damage, exceeding the Overheat gauge could provide some sort of damage buff, either via power strength (like her current passive) or bonus fire damage from weapons. Players could hold the World on Fire key to vent Overheat, resetting the range (but not the damage) of the ability while it is active.

Feedback is welcome! Do you think this would be fun to play? Would this make you use Ember more? Would current Ember mains be satisfied?

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Sounds nice, but I would alter some things :

  1.  Fireball : reduce charge time, not only when WoF is active, but also in general. 2,5s is just not worth double damage, even with the new synergy
  2. Accelerant : sounds nice, but what do you mean by charged, only fully charged or also partialy charged ?
  3. Fire Blast : sounds good, I like the idea of reduced Accuracy, as it does not force you to stay inside the ring (as an addition I would like to get rid of stackable Fire Rings, just make it scale with Power Strength [I vote to do this with every Ability, like Volts Shield, because if find it illogical and it would be easier to balance])
  4. World on Fire : Your idea is nice, but please don't touch the Range as this is what crippled her the most.
  5. My idea for World on Fire :
    1. Overheat does not touch Range, so Firequake can again be a resonable build for cc
    2. Overheat scales infinetly, now it stops at double damage and double cost, change that so every Xs you get double the damage and double the cost, for example if we take 10s, you would have double damge after 15s, 4x damage after 25s, 8x damage after 35s ... This should make it impossible to maintain WoF for a full mission and would also give high damage for higher level content
  6. Passiv : This is a good idea, but I am not sure if just a higher status chance is beneficial, as it would prefer high damage weapons, so the heat proc will actually deal significant amounts of damage. Maybe give her just additional heat damagebased on the overheat value, this would benefit all weapons equally and would synergise better with Accelerant
  7. What I would like to see, is an implementation of her Phoenix nature, but I don't know if this can be balanced well on her. Like one free revive every Xs or every Ykills.
  8. Fire Blast defenitely needs a new Augment, 100% guaranteed Panic is not really good and as you already light them up, most of them are already panicing. The Augments of her 1st and 2nd Ability are also relativly similar and could maybe use some work.

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