Mandachord requests?

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I bet there’s already a billion threads like this, I’m sorry. I got Octavia and I absolutely love her! Now I really dig music, but I’m not the most “musically inclined” Tenno, and I was wondering if I could get some help making some Mandachord songs? 

First of all, I PROMISED my friends I’d get Octavia to play “Smack My B**** Up” by Prodigy and equip my Furax. 

I’d also really like to hear “Us V Them” by LCD Soundsystem: 

And lastly, “North American Scum”. I named my clan “North American Skoom”, watch the video - there’s actually “Warframes” in it, it’s a pretty cool video:

Thanks again guys! I play on PC, and if you help me out, I’ll try to hook you up with something for your troubles! 

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