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False failure when attempting to start the rank 11 test

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I’m sending this bug in on behalf of "ChochyGames, as they were not sure how to enter a bug report"

Completed practice test for Rank 11, and completed successfully, then went to do the final test (all via simaris's acess to the practice and qualifiers. When I went to, I clicked through to start one time and nothing happened, I remained in the simaris room, so I went and clicked again and when I confirmed wanting to enter, this error appeared telling me I cannot train multiple times a day (which I can do... if I select practice I can still practice) but also that the test cannot be taken again for a whole day. This confused me as it implied that I had not already done the real test, and even if I had by mistake, I should have got rank 11 as I passed. Pls fixxx

Everywhere in the game seems to believe I failed.

Warframe0023.jpg?width=400&height=225  Warframe0024.jpg?width=400&height=225

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