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TennoGen Round 15 - Accepted Items!

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В 19.01.2019 в 02:10, [DE]Taylor сказал:

Round 15 is here, featuring some brandnew TennoGen content and creators! Congratulations to everyone who was accepted!

Warframe Skins

Alt Helmet

Operator Accessories

Weapon Skins


If you have a favourite item that didn’t make it, don’t fret! There’s a good chance we’ll be working with the creator to help get it across the finish line. Usually technical or stylistic issues are the main cause for rejection, but we do our best to help pieces with great promise get accepted to the game. 
Feedback will be sent over the next few weeks, but if you’re a creator and you’d like some critique on your pieces, please feel free to send me a forum DM and we’ll do our best to get you some.


Please fix the link for Garuda Successor Skin on the news page over here: https://www.warframe.com/news/tennogen-round-15

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But... the Lumis Oculus? Definitely Lukinu_u's weakest work, and doesn't suit what Operators were supposed to look like at all. But then, I guess Operators aren't anything like their original concept art anymore, are they...? I just think that piece needed some real work before it should have been accepted.

Well, we've got what we've got. I'll be waiting for Atlas (and Excalibur, with a little retouching and a less extreme energy plume) Blade of the Lotus skin for next time!!

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On 2019-01-19 at 1:06 AM, Anthraxicus said:

I don't know exactly what exactly DE means by more work. It is almost like what the community wants plays no role whatsover. Take your syandana for example: it has 10x the votes compared to the one that got accepted. Why would they add a operator cosmetic that barely anyone wants it but wouldn't pick a great and unique Frost skin that has thousands of votes? It is almost as if DE doesn't actually want to sell these items.

they are independent ppl who dont need no man, might be reason why they dont listen to the warframe  steam likes

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On 2019-01-18 at 2:52 PM, SortaRandom said:



But, I'm super bummed that the Excal Blade of the Lotus skin (+ the Blade of the Lotus syandana) didn't make it in. Were there technical issues with the skins or something? Because the preview images look fantastic and they don't seem out of place compared to the other BotL skins that have already been accepted.



Come on, DE! I need this in my life!

That helmet looks more suited for Ember though. In my opinion anyway.

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We have been waiting for excalibur´s skin from Yatus since 2017 ... It has been changing skin Y1 - Izanagi until it reaches 3.4... Two years ago we waited for the skin Y1 - Izanagi ... and when finally it fall, comes with the second worst helmet that he created. .. worse than this, only version 3.0 nION new hornet helmet... Sweetie ... so much waiting for nothing.

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