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Do the devs really listen to their community?

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3 hours ago, FlusteredFerret said:

Indeed. Sounds incredibly boring.

But then I was quite shocked to discover that some people apparently create spreadsheets to find the most efficient ways of completing games. If thats their idea of "fun" then I guess I can't criticise...but it seems weird as hell to me.


It's important to remember that the practice came from people "needing" to know what the best DPS was because there are so many classes all vying for the same slots in a dungeon run...especially if that dungeon has never been cleared before.

Happens with tanks and healers too but with less noise because so few people will play them comparatively.

It's one of the reasons why Blizzard swaps the mantle of "most powerful class" as often as they have over the years imo.

X Class, with Y Build using Z weapons is best if using A,B,C Rotation.

It definitely sounds weird and inconveniences many... But has proved useful in competitive raiding for first clears and the like given boss mechanics.

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my idea is to lower damage of weapons

improve AI 

add new nemy types with special weaknes - full imunity to range or melee

and add more strategy no just hit mause button and jump

or go invis and shoot 🙂

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