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Khaos - The Void Creature

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I was kind of bored at school and I had free time so I thought about a new frame.

1st Ability: Void Gate - Create a void portal in the floor which would submerge enemies into the ground which would damage them over time. When the ability ends, the enemies would be sent back out but they would be frozen for a few seconds. Max time the ability would last without mods is 15 seconds and max time they would be frozen for would be 5 seconds without mods.

2nd Ability: Fast Forward - It will set up an area where when enemies enter it, they would become faster but they would lose health due to old age (old age as in turning rusty for grineer and corpus and decaying for infested). Negative strength would give the same effects but they would lose health slower and will not be as fast.

3rd Ability: Planetary Confinement - Creates big orbs that will circle around the area you set and protect you from incoming damage. If enemies get too close to it, it will suck them in and trap them in and shoot them out once the ability has run out.

4th Ability: Khaos Crystal - Creates a floating crystal which would give health to allies over time and attack enemies in its range. It can be destroyed if it takes too much damage. The damage it can handle depends on the armor and health of Khaos.

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