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Operator Bug (Invisible obstruction/object)


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I am using a FULLY unlocked Unairu school of Focus with ALL waybounds active. When I crouch to go invisible and re-emerge a small pillar rougholy the size of the operator is placed in front of me. disabling forward movement. This "object" has doesnt block weapons, just movement. This "Object" can also block other players (tested) the bug persists despite restarting Warframe. When I move to a different piece of ground and go invisible again and re-emerge the first "object" is removed and moved to in front of me again. So every time i emerge from void mode as operator I must face an invisible brick wall. This has caused me a few problems so far and has been happening for at least a week or so but i have finally identified it as this. I hope you can fix it. This bug is repeatable. this occurs in any mission type despite me showing you in Orb Vallis here.

Friend here also tested with just a part of unairu on and he was fine. However he experienced the object created by my operator and was unable to move through it.

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