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Update 10 introduced a Multi-Threaded Rendering option in the Launcher Settings.


This is an experimental option we have introduced with the goal to improve performance on multi-core machines. Let us know if you notice higher frame-rates with this option!


*This option may not be for everyone, disable it if you encounter problems!


Please post your experiences here.

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stupid question...what does this do ?

Theres not such thing as "stupid question" realy... so, for answer to your question:

Is for cpus with more then 1 processor, so, if you have lets say 2 processors (old core 2 duo) it will use both processors instead of 1 for the game. This could difficult the "multi tasking" (alt+tab) if you play the game while having firefox open.. or some other program...

I could be wrong, but i'm pretty sure this what it does.

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Core i5-2500k, Geforce 660Ti stock clocks

FPS in Orokin Void survival before, full room: 20-45

FPS in Orokin Void survival with MultiCore: 50-120


Yeah I'm.. liking this new renderer.

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i7 3770K @ 4.2 clock

12 GB DDR3 RAM 9-10-9-27 @ 6.5V

2 x 670 GTX @ 4GB VRAM

64-bit OS

playing game @ 1920x1080 (until you give me mah 5760x1080!!!!... pweeez?!!!)


This feature caused some unlikely consequences I first noticed in the "Arsenal" GUI... all the details were muffled, AA was still there but it was AA'ing low detail models... it appeared like it was in Low Texture detail mode.


Went in-game, low detail still persisted, FPS stayed the same (I was not measuring with FRAPS cause, my monitor is 120hz and you can kinda eye a FPS drop easily)... the FPS was consistent above 60, even with many enemies in survival mode void.


Went out of to launcher, toggled off new feature; detail returned, FPS still consistent, drops below 60 when high amount (20 - 30+) enemies are on screen... decided to leave it off.


Synopsis; This feature is probably best for older Dual Core (or newer for some laptops) Processors; in-which the graphics are being bottle necked through the CPU. Im thinking... AMD's in the ++ dual core category from about 6 years ago...or in some cases a economy i3.


I have a question though if any DE would like to help me with;


When you do a mission, are the mods you collect stored in RAM temporary, then the Processor retrieves the stored data when the mission completes? Reason why is that I have a buddy with DDR2 2GB playing the game and not only does he frequently crash every 3 missions, but sometimes he completes the mission and it wont post (retrieve) his mods or blueprints... like it washes out or overwrites the data of his collection.... I been telling him to upgrade his RAM and it will solve the problem... right track?


Also, I think the memory leak on Phobos is/was the sand rays respawning on themselves... i think

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Please make it a permanent feature.  It's the single best thing you've done so far IMO.


The update works great for my laptop with AMD processor.  I can play max resolution/settings with little to no FPS drop.  Before I was dropping frames bad even with graphics and resolution on low, especially on stuff like corpus defense missions and the like.  I'd almost forgotten how good this game looks.

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Great addition.Now if anyone can point me in the direction of a msaa solution or som3 other ailaising option b3sides the fxaa I would be in your debt.

Btw...I have already tried an outdated nvidia inspector post. The settings no longer seem to work.

Graphics card...Gtx 770 4gb ram

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