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Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.10

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Fixing (again) spin attacks not working on controller unless you wait 0.15 seconds after pressing slide (not breaking toggle-sprint this time).

Did this get reverted again? Because it really feels like it today after spin attack being nice and responsive the last week or so.

Wouldn't surprise me if it did given that some others were still having other issues with this fix, but I don't see a note saying it has.

Would be curious what the commonalities may be among those for whom this fix keeps causing problems and also among those for whom it is not.  For instance what OS we're running, whether we're launching through Steam or not, whether Steam is being allowed to manage the controller at all, etc.

For instance, I'm on Windows 10, using Steam, and Steam is not managing my controller.  The spin-attack fix has worked fine for me until today and has not caused any other undesired behavior.

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