Animation: Domus Syandana is crompletely broken when equipped on Khora. Khora's unique Kerata Syandana is broken and placed far off her body, not flush against her like it was on release. Looks good on every Warframe except her. Spektaka Prime Syandana has physics only halfway down the model. Sancti Syandana's energy stream is almost completely invisible. Saryn's (Non-Prime) Molt is stuck in a T-Pose. Ivara's cloth wisps stick out from her body then hang down as if resting on the side of a table. Nova Prime's head-jets have physics and bounce when she moves, even though they shouldn't. Valkyr no longer spin-jumps when performing a double jump. Mirage Noble still suffers from broken back syndrome. Soma magazine no longer moves in tandem with ammo remaining in magazine. Paracyst no longer has animated limbs when using primary fire. Dera Vandal's projectiles only fire from the bottom barrel. Phage limbs always start off closed. Twin Gremlins + Prisma magazines are facing the wrong direction. Tekko grips are above knuckles and not held by the grips. Hirudo left fist is way too small. Arca Titron still hasn't had it's handle size reverted.   Art: Hydroid's (Non-Prime) textures are STILL broken and missing un-colorable detailing. Saryn's (+ Prime) Molt STILL using broken textures. Saryn Prime gets covered with a broken texture the same color as your energy when Toxic Lash is activated. Particles only come from one of Saryn's hands when Toxic Lash is active. Mios STILL using the Lacera's chord and not its own. Kamas (+ Dual) using Skana's default colors and not their own. Trinity Immortal Skin using default Trinity's color palette and not it's own. Harrow has a glowing energy ring under his front-left loincloth. Sibear's Accent color channel does absolutely nothing. Opticor "Day of the Dead" skin STILL has broken specular detailing. Paris Prime's arrows are using a broken texture. Paracyst's top limb has broken energy coloring that doesn't match the lower limbs. Burston Prime's magazine remains pitch black. Lighting issue or lack of textures. AkBolto Prime's muzzle flares & ambient lighting effects remain Orokin Blue regardless of chosen energy color. Acrid STILL has no trail for the needle projectile. Rhino Prime's underarm has a broken tintmask texture. Scarab Syandana STILL has metallic accents, when it shouldn't. Kopesh Sword Skin STILL has metallic accents, when it shouldn't. Mag Prime's waist is still missing tintable gold around her belt area. Gold starts in the back and cuts off where texture seams meet on her sides. Oberon Prime's front and rear loincloths only have physics enabled halfway down their models. Results in very stiff cloths. Chroma's (Non-Prime) Energy tintmask bleeds into his Primary under his pelt, as well as on his Drac helmet resulting in glowing Primary colors. Excalibur Umbra's Sunder helmet has the wrong tintmask assigned to the exposed eye. In cutscenes it appears tied to Tertiary (white), while in-game it is tied to Primary (Grey). Seer STILL missing scope texture on back of receiver. Currently a glob of Orokin Gold in its place.