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Warframe Prime Time #233: Tonight at 7pm ET!

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Rebecca and Megan hunt to prepare for more than Misery,
For you cannot kill what you cannot see.
It's nothing personal, you know,
The Stalker merely preys upon the slow.
PLUS, don’t miss the newest Warframe Community Fan Art and a Ducat Twitch Drop!

See you here tonight, January 24th at 7pm ET. Check your time zones here.

Please ensure your correct Twitch account and Warframe account are linked to receive Twitch Drops: https://www.warframe.com/twitch/link

*Don’t forget to get your Dojo in shape ... you never know when we could come knocking! 

Nintendo Switch Tenno: By installing the Youtube app for free on your Nintendo Switch, you can conveniently watch the stream on the Warframe Youtube channel from your portable system!

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"Nothing personal", eh?

There's a quote by Quellchrist Falconer about "nothing personal".  It comes from the novel "Altered Carbon" by Richard K. Morgan.

Rather than quoting the whole paragraph here I'll let you search for it online.


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Thanks for mentioning what the twitch drop will be.

It's helpful to the people for whom the stream will air during the middle of the night (or another time where it's not possible to watch something) to know if they will need to watch it live or if they can watch it later when it's more convenient for them.

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if you guys want to come ot my clan's dojo, then send me a private message and i'll lead the way ! ^^ send message to AirMaskNinja (so basically me) to visit the dojo of Arcturia, my clan, the Space Contemplation room is ready for you ! ^^

see you soon DE and other Tennos ^^

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