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Acolytes Return January 25!

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Back by popular demand, the Acolytes have returned to the Origin System for a limited time!

This is also the first time the Acolytes have appeared on Nintendo Switch. Now is the time to band together and form Squads to show the Stalker’s minions just how inhospitable the Origin System can be for enemies of the Tenno!

Acolytes will appear randomly on the Solar Map so you’ll need a keen eye to spot them when they emerge from hiding. Act quickly and track down the Stalker’s minions to receive exclusive rewards for you and your fellow Tenno!

Darvo also couldn’t let a potential business opportunity pass him by, so he’s offering discounts on the Acolyte’s weapons! The full list of discounts is as follows:

  • What Stalker Bundle - 800/600
  • Angst - Venka 175/131
  • Malice - Opticor 225/168
  • Mania - Lasera 175/131
  • Torment - Akvastos 220/165
  • Violence - Destreza 175/131

Acolyte Noggles

Acolytes Noggles.jpg

If wielding their Weapons isn’t enough for you, get a bobbing reminder of your hunt for the Stalker’s minions with Acolyte Noggles!

  • Acolyte Noggle Pack
  • Noggle Statue - Torment
  • Noggle Statue - Misery
  • Noggle Statue - Violence
  • Noggle Statue - Malice
  • Noggle Statue - Angst
  • Noggle Statue - Mania

Act quickly Tenno, the Acolytes never stay around very long. You only have until February 1 at 2 p.m. ET!

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For anyone wondering where the acolytes are, to the best of my knowledge somebody has to find them randomly in missions. Once they complete their mission, what planet the acolyte is on, then later what specific mission will be shown to you in navigation. Navigation won't automatically update however, you'll need to complete missions to refresh it.

After a set time / enough squads have defeated the acolyte, the acolyte will move to a different mission, waiting for somebody to find them again. You'll also only find them in one specific room, if they don't spawn by the time you get to extraction, backtrack and search all the side rooms.

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Welp that's nice and all but what about Stalker Noggle? I know that it was given as promo code when Second Dream was released, and that it was given from time to time as Twich drop, but it would be nice to buy it/get it now. Are there any chances for that?

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@[DE]Helen, could the Dev Team please consider reviewing how this event works?

Having an Acolyte "be discovered" for around 15-20 minutes, then disappearing for another 20-30+ minutes does not encourage what many players would consider fun gameplay and is quite infuriating to those after specific mods.

Instead, each 20-minute period when the Acolyte is available becomes a grindy, high-pressure, panicky session to get through as many runs as quickly as possible. Acolytes having a limited "lifespan" of around 72 hours necessitates this behaviour to get the mod drops, some of which are very valuable for weapon builds as I am sure you are aware.

Would making a repeatable Stalker/Acolyte quest be a possibility? Or even a "Boss Rush" mode in general, which includes special characters such as the Stalker/Acolytes and has a chance to provide their drops?


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Any reason why drop chance is so much higher at this hour? Early in morning EU? for rare mods?

Constantly getting snaps from my friends getting argon scope and main striking both today and yesterday at this time of the day while I'm work.

Is sitting at computer waiting for acolyte to become avaible again is your way off having fun while gaming?








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