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Stackable Weekend Boosters

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So a majority of us remembered around a month ago, we had the double credits booster given to us, which was stackable, allowing people who have a full squad in Index to get almost 2 mil credits in a single run, right? Well, here's a similar thought, except it applies to ALL boosters.

Every other weekend, when Baro Ki'Teer doesn't come, they have a roll on which booster is given to us. Exp: Affinity boosters, they can be stackable, so for people who forma their weapons and warframes don't have to take so long, and could do it in a single 5 waves.

A reward system like this would be beneficial for those who are seeking a better way to up their game, and especially for new players, which could be for farming. That's where the resource booster comes in hand. Having a certain weapon you want to build, but it seems to time-consuming or tedious? This will help. Or maybe there's a resource you really need, like Argon Crystals, but you just can't find one, or it takes too long to spawn? The Resource Drop Chance booster has your back, especially if stacked. All you would have to do is run a mission, and you'd more than likely gain your much-needed resource. It would work like this every other weekend, each giving us a different type of stackable booster. 

All of these things could give the player another thing to look forward to on the weekend. What makes it better is that it wouldn't be on the same weekend as Baro. 

If any of you disagree with this, please explain why but keep it civil. Or if anyone has ideas that could further improve this idea, or maybe even tone it down if it seems like too much, do tell!

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That's why Boosters exist. You don't "need" a double booster to get something done. It's just a bonus and we should simply be happy DE didn't forget about those. 

Making it weekly or even monthly would be excessive, imho. 

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I disagree with this, as much as I like it. I like it because I would abuse it.

Here is what I think you may be missing: we have stackable affinity and resource boosters already. I do not speak of the rare weekend event boosters, I speak of Smeeta kavats.

Smeeta kavats (In case you, or someone else viewing this thread don't know) have the ability "Charm". Charm is an RNG ability that every 27 seconds has a 28% chance to apply one of six buffs to the owner (you). The buff you want to pay attention to in this case is a 120 seconds (2 minute) double resource and affinity buff.

With Fortuna, we got a new kavat mod Tek Enhance. The main effect of Tek Enhance is +30% ability duration. This does not increase the duration between potential buffs from charm, but does increase the duration of the buffs themselves.

The final key to puzzle is that the double affinity/resource buff can stack with itself. This of course is a somewhat rare occurrence, but it is from a pet that you can have with you at all times. You can have up to 6 buffs from the kavat for ~21 seconds, if you get extremely lucky. 20 seconds may be short, but 64x is nothing to sneeze at.

What I disagree with is if you make what is special trivial, the game itself becomes trivial. Consider how boring the game would be if slots and potatoes were free, nothing required resources, foundry items built instantly, forma didn't reset levels, and you started with all the mods, could change the fusion ranks whenever you wanted at no cost, if focus was just selecting what you wanted to use, and if the factions were all unlocked. You would only play the game until you had run through the quests, beaten the few bosses, and perhaps tried most of the weapons and frames. It wouldn't be that fun; not for long at least. 

You ask for a shorter, high intensity burst of fun. A sweeter dessert only means that you want to eat less of it, a stronger drug means a greater crash.



As for leveling items quickly? We can already max weapons in 2 zones (5 minutes) of ESO with a single affinity booster. Frames might take slightly longer, 8 zones of a public run of SO on average.


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