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WWDC: Weapon builder and kill time simulator

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This is an updated version of @GottFaust's old calculator with updated game mechanics and powerful new features.

Requires java 1.7 or higher.


  • Calculates DPS with status effects.
  • Runs an exhaustively accurate simulation of your build versus selected targets.
  • Min/maxes your builds for you using the "Maximizer" function.
  • Fully supports rifles, shotguns, and secondaries.
  • Partial support for melee weapons and arcguns (Don't put too much faith in these results).
  • Allows for adding custom mods, weapons, and enemies.
  • Save and load your builds

Github page with partial guide and source code:


Release notes and downloads:


Example of the program in use (using maximizer):


Gottfaust's Original thread: 

Looking for feedback and feature suggestions.


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