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Health: 150

Shields: 50

Armor: 15

Energy: 100

Passive: armor damage reduction applies to shields for player and all allies.

1st: strike an enemy destroying 50% of their max armor and shields and applying 50% (scales with power strength) the total shields and armor destroyed as armor to the warframe. Scales with range, efficiency, and power strength. (25 energy)

2nd: a cone ability cast in front of neem links all enemies caught in cast. While linked all enemies will mirror damage taken, abilities, and status effects taken by any individual in the link. When one enemy is struck it can be used to charge combo counters very quickly. Stacks with other warframe abilities such as trinitys link or energy vampire.

3rd: deactivate all of neems currently active effects and reset his health bar. For 10 seconds 50% of damage done will be added to health and energy for him and all allies in aura range. This ability costs all remaining energy to use, but must be higher than 50. (Scales with duration and power strength.)

Alt 3rd: reset all buffs and effects given by abilities. When cast all abilities cannot be activated for 5 seconds at the end of the duration all allies receive a multiplier power strength buff as the duration of disabled abilities divided by 5. For example by default it doubles power strength as 10/5 =2.

4th: develop a second combo counter that applies an additional .5 damage multiplier for every 25 hits done. Constantly lower the frames max health by 25% every 2 seconds until he has at least 10 health or the ability is recast disabling it. The buff has no duration and will last until reset by his 3rd or he dies. (100 energy, scales with efficiency, power strength, and the rate of damage to health scales with duration)

It's a weird concept so I am willing to clarify any misunderstandings.

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