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If you all enjoy OrokinTech.com and want to see it updated with all the information that DE releases about Warframe the day of release, post here and let DE know.


OrokinTech.com is ran by 2 players, Stundt and I (xSimox) and we receive all the same information at the same time as you all.  Because of this, it makes it extremely hard for us to update the site and keep it rolling without problems.  OrokinTech would like to work with DE in helping to make the site more accurate.  We would like to get some information ready and into the site so when updates like update 9 and 10 come out, we are able to publish at the same time to keep the players knowledgeable of all the new items and features in game.



If you would like a place to learn about any and all new items before you buy them with Platinum or credits. Even before you spend long hours farming for a place to get a items without knowing what they are, Post here and let DE know.  

OrokinTech.com can be the one place to go to, to find all the information you need.


(OrokinTech.com is striving to the more informative, more accurate and more reputable then the Wiki.)



We thank the thousands of viewers who have visited OrokinTech.com.  You are the reason we still keep the site going!

Thank you all so much for your support.  




"We do accept all opinions including but not limited to, rude, nice, supporting, nonsupporting, etc, because that is who we are, but nonsupporting behavior and rude comments are really Toxic.  We are supporting, long time players and would just like to see the game GROW and become as big as we all know it is going to be. Because of this, Please if you see Toxic, Rune or nonsupporting behavior, do not yell at them.  They do have opinions like the rest of us.  We are all players and we all have opinions.  Please keep this page clean.  If things get really out of hand I am sure the Moderators will help clean up the comments in this post. Thank you."

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This would be excellent for all the fan sites that dedicate their time to making Warframe that much more exciting and fun with fan tools and contributions from the Warframe community.

I agree that this can be frustrating as I have ran into a couple snags myself trying to keep my projects updated and accurate. For instance, after I created the Original Origin System Map Alpha v.1 the map has had two ,major changes. One was when Phobos was introduced which changed the map entirely and another just recently as update 10.

So in saying this, I have had to start from scratch twice with these implementations. I know that DE realistically may not be able to do this, but it would be awesome if they did. I know DE has a lot on their plate. A new map will be available soon with a totally different take on the Origin Solar System

So this would be great for all the fan sites currently created and any future ones that the Warframe community members decide to make as long as they are dedicated to Warframe and are regularly updated.

Reference: Origin System Map v.1 Alpha - http://teamtenno.com/origin-system-map/

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