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Coming Soon: Devstream #123!

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Will the shadow nerf for melee momentum and knockdown resistance be reverted anytime soon?

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Any plan for a Gineer-oriented frame? We already have Valkyr (Gersemi origin, experimental deconstruction), Revenant & Nidus. I believe a similar Gersemi scenario would best suit a new frame with a Grineer twist. Perhaps Dr. Tengus could follow in the footsteps of Alad V...

And plan with more Umbra frames? To add onto that, are you finally going to add an Umbra Detail Toggle? I'm still irate with the clashing aesthetics that ruin Excal's TennoGen skins.

Any new additions for Archwing? I know with Empyrean in the works, and the atmospheric Archgun still being looked at for improvement, you've got a lot on your plate, but we haven't seen anything new in so long. No new Archwings or weapons in general, and an enormous lack of Primes. I know Hildryn'll arrive with a new party piece, and a glaive is still the works, but there has to be more, right?

Finally, any plans to visit faction syndicates in general? We've yet to receive a Hexis or Meridian quest. Heck, the lack of fresh rewards is also bothersome. Throw anything you want into it! Operator suits, armor sets, weapons, weapon mods, weapon skins, companion cosmetics, etc, just give us something to make the daily grind worth all the effort. Liven up the daily missions as well, they're repetitively stagnant & lack any real challenge.

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Operators. Nice eye textures. Awful skin textures. And what's going on with the back of the neck?!
(also, I don't have a picture of it, but the new hairstyles don't even connect to the head model on my operator, they float about an in-game inch or two away from the scalp)




Excalibur Umbra/Prime combined customisation when?



Can we please have the Grineer dogs removed from Adaro/Sedna, or at least have them be properly deafened by Banshee's Silence? Maybe this was intentionally added to trip up people farming it for Focus, but it's so counter-intuitive. Dog units are generally more sentitive to sound, so they should be MORE affected by Silence and unable to alert anyone, breaking the stealth kill multiplier.


4) More appearances from our good friend, the Man In The Wall.
I had ideas. Let them appear as a daily login NPC, maybe. Or, let's say we're modding a warframe or weapon in the armoury. Why not have Wally appear in the background for a few seconds as a blink-and-you-miss-it sort of easter egg?
Or something that invokes this kind of feeling?

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Last Devstream was a highlight and sneakpeak of the 2019 roadmap. Can this devstream cover some of the old new contents that were shown, but never implemented? 


  • Thumper Bot for Cetus Event?
  • Floating iceberg in Fortuna?
  • Melee 3.0?
  • Nox toxic goo gun?
  • Let operator eat S#&$(ride the K-dirve)?
  • New gameplay mechanics coming with other Orb Mother?
  • Deluxe skin status: Limbo, Nyx, Atlas, Equionx? Maybe more..?
  • Two handed Katana?
  • Flying Eidolon?
  • More new Operator hairstyles(Specifically with the crown)?
  • Custom K-Drive room for Dojo?
  • Fortuna bounty taker implementation for Cetus?
  • Animal conservation on Cetus?
  • Other animal companion?
  • There might be more that I couldn't think of... Think more!

I'm also disappointed the Orb mother doesn't spawn the orb babies. I want to see her shoot some orb babies at me during the fight, instead of them being beamed in.

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pertaining thoughts if possible that could be clarified or update on such things 

  • zephyr deluxe updates
  • expansion of the umbra warframe line and umbral type mods 
  • warframe reworks / revisits
  • sentient outside lua in normal play missions ? (past sedna junction perhaps?)
  •  corpus umgrades with sentient tech, so then will we see  grineer getting revisits or more units varity 
  • infested overhaul, more units 
  • enemy AI & specter, companion AI enhancements? 
  • melee 3.0 updates
  • new channeling "empowered mode" shown in melee 3.0 progress
  • multiple companions animals at once , so load outs can be dedicated (i.e nidus and helmith charger, and another with excal and kavat as examples) 
  • with new operator focus in arsenal can we have a way to change that loads operator arcanes per each loadout? 
  • are bird companions a possibility down the road? like birds of prey/falconry companion? 
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44 minutes ago, Joe_Barbarian said:

Back in Devstream #100 which was 14 months ago. We was told that there would be a way to re-obtain sold login reward weapons in the form of a blueprint on the market, other suggestions have been made to make it a cephalon simaris offering.

Is this still planned?

After a recent reddit (Monday 28th January) post where a [DE] staff member returned a player his Azima after 371 login days so that he can try out his new riven many players sent in a support ticket to try and get their sold login weapons but was denied due to "too many days have passed" and was also told "every case is different" All we want is consistency and a way to get our login reward weapons back that we naively sold because we were inexperienced or didn't realise the weapon would be re-unobtainable. 

The way DC Universe Online handles it (which is the best MMO application of inventory management I've ever used) is that they have a sort of premium shop checkout profile to withdraw items from; if you buy it or it was rewarded to you, they register it as yours and you can withdraw it as many times as you want, making as many copies as you want, even if it's been discarded or lost. However, these items can't be traded, they have no sell value and only one can be actively used at a time.

All of these caveats would be a boon to the devs, as willfully occupying more slots with duplicate items means more sales of slots. Re-leveling weapons or min-maxing duplicate un-tradable mods means more dedicated play time with virtually no consequence to the trading market.

There are other ways Warframe could accomplish a similar goal. They can make certain items which are one-time drops be permanent like cosmetic items and not be disposable in any way. They could also make those specific items come with their own inventory slot, so there would be no burden to the user in keeping the item. They could allow user to hide certain items they don't want to see. There are ways to make this happen without cloning DCUO's system.

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59 minutes ago, Lored said:

When next Double Resource Weekend? Last one was more than 1 year ago.

Any news:

  • "Kingpin" system;
  • Thumper Bot from 105 and 106 devstreams;
  • Any chance to PoE grinding changes;
  • Pets 2.0;
  • Cephalon Samodeus lore or something(some fragments across world like kuria with some stories) with it;
  • Companion/pets commands system;
  • Any warframe add in Arbitrations droplist;
  • Old quests replay;
  • Limbo deluxe;
  • Seasonal events (winter event?);
  • Reveal Fortuna items in profile (MOA's still hidden);
  • Wukong rework (or mb not? he's ok);
  • Omega and Umbra Formas myth or not;
  • Next Umbras info (Excal out >6 month ago);
  • Trials news;
  • So Hildryn and Wisp are fem frames, where male one?.

How about: 

  • New archwing & arch-weapons;
  • Arch-guns Rivens;
  • New Landing Craft ship;
  • New Weapons, mods(weapon augs) or something(not capturas) for Faction Syndicates;
  • New mechanics with Helminth Infirmary room;
    • Infested Kavat;
  • New Kavat type (2 kavats vs 5 kubrows + helminth, unfair);
  • New Venus Kubrow type(Kubrodons);
  • MOA (Venari mb?) mod sets;
  • New MOA unique mods;
  • Chesa Retrieve rework (since Fetch ingame, Chesa useless)
  • Status mods like Rifle Aptitude rework;
  • Sentinels weapons Augments;
  • Unique skins for Login Rewards weapons (Azima, Zenistar...)
  • Clan management system:
    • Fields for "Clan description"(Clan Rules), except for the already available "motd"
    • More information for admins:
      • Player(x) invite Player(y);
      • Curent resources progress (%);
      • Curent research progress (%);
    • More flexible and variable "Hierarchy and Roles" system:
      • Stricter access to the Dojo and Labs (to avoid players who join the clan, buy BP's and leave).
  • New map for Relay's and Dojo (colored with markers) like in PoE or OV;
  • Dojo:
    • Custom Obstacle Course increase decoration limit;
    • Remove/change requirement Hemocyte Cystolith for Plague Star clan trophies;
    • In-room Dojo spawn point(marker);
    • Changeable statues in Temple of Honor;
    • Infested & Corpus statues decorations (now only Grineer);
    • Weapon racks decorations;
    • Infested theme decorations;
    • Orokin Derelict theme decorations;    
    • Factions Storage Containers;
    • Factions Resource Caches;
    • NPC for dojo;
    • Sentient Lab;
    • Syndicate rooms (like in relay);
    • Dojo Hangar (like in relay);
  • Boss reworks:
    • The Sergeant;
    • Hyena Pack;
    • Phorid;
    • Zanuka Hunter.

This is a very comprehensive and well written post.

That being said, I want to mention this :

               When next Double Resource Weekend? Last one was more than 1 year ago.

The answer is probably either:


-in extreme occasions ( like the weekend Anthem or Borderlands 3 launch)

I strongly doubt they want you stockpiling Kuva anymore. Getting double weekend + double booster + cat proc would allow you to get way too much kuva, and would probably negatively affect the Riven market.





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Ps4 has our update now, so i tested the Nyx rework since she's one of my favorite frames. It's definitely an improvement but there's still flaws. 

I don't mind the psychic bolts cap, but the hold mechanic takes entirely too long before it releases them which breaks the flow of combat. (It seems to be 3 seconds...Why in the name of the Lotus shouldn't it be the same short hold used for swapping cycle abilities like Minelayer?)

Absorb, used with the Nyx bonus in arbitrations today was still underwhelming. We should be able to spend energy to charge the damage and range higher, faster. (Edit: In place of the current cost increase per amount absorbed. Enemies and allies shouldn't have more control over your energy consumption better than you.)

Are there plans to make further adjustments to her? 

Also, Limbo deluxe please. 🙂


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-Will Paracesis be capable of using the Odachi/2h-Katana stances when those are available, and can Revenant's sword also be given similar treatment (using heavy blade/scythe stances as a placeholder until Melee 3.0 is deployable)?
-When will we get more Sentient weapons, like War, Broken War, and Phantasma? Can Revenant's sword be released early with the heavy blade stance but have what attacks do work from it's unique stance set override the basic attack sets, like with Paracesis?
-Can we please get original Corpus parts for our Moa? I would rather - no, I need to have a Bursa-headed Ambulas than an adorable robot chicken.
-Has anyone tried dumping Profit-Taker's AI core, Lotus' helmet, and a small quantity of Kuva, at the same time, into the Plains water at night in order to create a being to supplant the Lotus and her digital 'ghost'?
-What happened to the reworks or revisits that were planned for Wukong and Chroma*?
-Will you ever look back at what's already there and iterate on it, or at least add new or alternative rewards? Arbitrations, Sorties, Sanctuary Onslaught (despite it serving as Draco 2.0), and other 'high-end' missions give very little for the time and (sometimes) effort invested.
*Idea for Chroma revisit:


0: Chroma was advertised as the 'last frame standing' with, and I quote: "When all is in ruins, Tenno, only Chroma will remain." There were and now are (more) Warframes which can easily surpass him at this.

1: Replace passive with a variation of Adaptation (only works when the pelt is on; has no duration limit; can exceed 90%). The original passive's effect is migrated to an ability.
-Cannot equip Adaptation.

2: Spectral Scream should require you to hold the fire button to spew elemental damage, and melee with this mode should result in a small AOE blast in his front arc, knocking enemies down and applying a vulnerability effect. Fire-rate should increase over time while firing, like Mesa's ult, and should include Condition Overload to allow for proper damage scaling and damage utility reliant on teammates' elemental setups.

3: Chroma's 2nd power should be replaced with two separate ones in the same slot.
-1: Spectral roar, which stuns opponents with the fearsome sound of a Sentient Fighter (Effigy scream) and has a chance to expose them to finishers.
-2: Configuration, which changes his element after causing a self-inflicted magnetic proc (unique visual; Sentient interface/text) while disabling all powers (minus Effigy), before restoring any energy lost. Energy colour on his pelt will change to a random one fitting the element, but his body's energy colour will not change (and will remain the same when he cycles back to the first colour). This ability costs no energy, and will heal Chroma for the amount of shields lost. Self-afflicted magnetic proc does not drain energy, but instead resets any Adaptation effects on him.

4: Chroma's 3rd ability will combine Vex Armor and Elemental Ward, and their combined base range should be the affinity radius (and has diminishing returns if anyone's outside that radius, but if they're inside, the effects multiply until they match Chroma's). His mods should be taken into account when the abilities calculate the numbers, like other 'frames do..

5: Chroma's Effigy can now be equipped by Chroma by holdng the 4th_ability_activation key, which allows him to glide infinitely, and ignore gravity at the cost of an energy drain. Spectral scream's range and damage falloff are amplified. Damage taken to health causes shields to immediately refresh to max at a fixed energy cost.


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1 hour ago, (PS4)RenovaKunumaru said:

Why do you keep catering to casuals?

Because they comprise the vast majority of the fanbase?

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1. New Timeline for Melee 3.0? When will the first wave release, and which weapon types will be included? Here’s hoping for Heavy Blades, Polearms, Nikanas, and Swords!

1a. Will the *Chimera Spoiler* be able to use ‘Two-Handed Katana’ stances as well as Heavy Blade Stances? Secondarily, will the Heavy Blade Skins (namely Tennogen) be potentially useable on weapons in the ‘Two-Handed Katana’ family?

3. Nyx Deluxe Skin Progress? Progress of various other deluxe skins?

4. New/More Zaw Parts? Would love a bunch more unique weapon parts for these, they’re by far one of my favorite parts about Warframe!

5. Any updates on the Weapon FX not coloring properly on the newer Tennogen skins (namely the Ion Greatsword)?

Thanks to y’all for all that you do! Y’all are the best devs out there 🙂

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1 hour ago, (NSW)Redlis said:

What's is the word on fortuna part one for switch? Are we going to get tennogen with this update too?

Umm you didn’t hear? Fortuna part one is already in cert. We just gotta wait for Nintendo now. Not sure about your second question but the answer is probably not with the Fortuna update. Switch really needs some TennoGen items though so I hope we get some soon. 

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1 hour ago, Cicasajt said:

any plans on making existing frames more well-rounded and useful instead of releasing more badly made frames like all of them since after harrow?

Gara is great.

Khora is meh.

Revenant is okay.

Garuda is good.

Baruuk is good.

What are you even talking about? Nice B8 M8.

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Your bi-weekly questions from moi:

  • Any plans to make Relays/Dojos useful for more than trade/blueprints and Simulacrum? They just seem to exist. (Same with Maroo's Bazaar, no use since trade chat exists.)
  • Zephyr Deluxe was shown like years ago, @Birdframe_Prime will not rest until it's released. We need it!
  • Wukong rework coming up next with the Deluxe too? @DeMonkey would appreciate.
  • Any plans to reduce the abnormally large vacuum on Titania's Razorwing? It really wastes up a bunch of potential energy you could be getting.
  • *insert Hydroid Prime/Melee 3.0 here*
  • Dual wield for more single-handed weapons coming with Melee 3.0?
  • (The Second Dream spoilers) Any new male Operator hairstyles coming up?
  • Anything new on Shield-Gating?
  • An increase in enemy density would be very nice when you get higher and higher up in things like defense or survivals or even based on MR. Something like the Legendary Dark Knight mode in Devil May Cry. Really reinforces that this is a "horde shooter".

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Any plan to expand on the Fortuna alert level system? 

Any plan to restore arbitration scaling to normal instead of the pitiful crawl it is? 

Are nightmare sorties (or equivalent) being talked about? 

Are trials ever coming back in any form? Even just as a 4 player harder mission that require some form of coordination past the more Dee Pee Ehs of Orbs and Eidola. 

Any plans to implement a lv slider to non public lobbies so people at high gear level can play against enemies with stats appropriate to the players' power? 

Any plan on the Void tileset? It's currently sort of just there, what if they were to become permanent fissures? That would at the very least solve the problem with fissure missions availability. 

Are there any plans to implement open world excavation? 

Nef Anyo rework, is it still in the works? 

Kingpin system is still in the pipe or has been scrapped? 

Are there any plans to allow us to customise, at least a little, body type and age of our operator? 


Also thanks for all your work in general, the 2019 roadmap sounds dope ❤️

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Will we get Valkyr Deluxe Skin?

Will there be more syndicate weapons?

Any plans on allowing Archwing Mission to be fissures, so the entire planet of Uranus can be used for fissure missions?

Can Kuva Fortress and Lua be Fissure-viable please?

Will Corrupted Mods get a look at again at some point? Especially since mods like Magnum Force are outclassed heavily by new common mods

Gentleman a short view back to the past. four years ago, Some Guy told us: "Take a trained monkey, place him infront of the computer and he is able to copter through the void." four years later years later some guy told us: "I had to move through the void like a robot. It's very complicated." And some other guy said, err, he pressed during the mission, I don't remember what mission, the wrong button on the keyboard. Question for you two both. Is warframe movement today too complicated with 20 and more buttons on the keyboard for movement, are you too much under effort, under pressure? What are your wishes for the future, concerning movement, errrm, during the race? Less buttons, more? Or less and more communication with your lotus.

Where is single sword + pistol dual wielding?

Are there any plans for allowing dual wield with thrown weapons like the Kunai, Spira (Prime) or Hikou (Prime)?

Will we ever get primary and/or secondary stealth finishers/finishers?

Any news on the (promised) updates to current boss fights. Mainly Phorid, Seargant?

Any plans for new Kavats?

Any plan to buff Kubrows?

Is there a way to see how much xp each Weapon/Frame/Companion got in a mission when they are already level 30?

Is it possible to have us set up the "important" resources that pop up when we pick them up, like Tellurium and Argon Crystals?

Possible to add hours next to Usage in the profile?

And what about Usage in the last 28 Days, 365 Days, maybe that would be neat?

Is it possible to add mouse over for the buffs at the top of the screen?

Can Kuva Survival Life Support Kuva scale? Maybe for every completion we get 1 Kuva more? That sounds fair?

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Can you all improve the running/sprinting/walking animations this year? They are low quality compared to newer animation work in the game.

Also, in light of Anthem's imminent release, can you finally improve the Archwing flight model so that it moves naturally (i.e. pressing W and A makes the archwing turn on a curve instead of moving in a diagonal line)?

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we NEED Equinox Deluxe  been a while now ! DevStream 116 if i can recall





also when is Melee 3.0,

Or Better yet Equinox Prime 😄

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How sure are you that we'll get the 3 new Warframes, Gas City Rework, Orb Exploiter, Wolf of Sat and New War BEFORE TENNOCON?

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Switch player with some concerns about communication and acknowledgment of issues in our version!

First of all, really looking forward to fortuna on switch! Buuuut, I really really think you guys need to talk about acknowledging the issues switch has currently. The spawning issues in eidolon fights, the increased(!) crashes I got after the 7.0 switch update and hotfix 6 update, the lack of explanation behind early vaulting, how it's been nearly 2 months since the color bug was noticed, the loss of rewards due to crashes during bounties, and in general:

Please focus on more clear communication in regards to the switch version!

Thanks for all your hard work, I asked a similar question last devstream but didn't get any answers, here's hoping you answer it this time! I know I'm not the only switch player who is at least a little off-put by the cold shoulder our version seems to get. 

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Mist frame looks like Eshe from Sundered was there inspiration from that game to make mist?

Would you consider adding Redeemer and/or the prime, the ability to use with 1 handed pistol, as to the Glaive is able to be charged to throw whilst holding a pistol. I was thinking Gold charged will be the gunshot, blue charged is a short range knockdown shot. Since the Redeemer is small enough to wield side by side.

Pease add an eyebrow/lash color option, don't like how the main hair color controls my operators eyebrow and eyelash color.

New PS4 update has made controller sensitivity input wonky, when using rotate on dojo decoration it will auto spin, hard to maintain, aiming is also affected, need to hard press and sometimes lose aiming during sniper shots. I used two different controllers.

Edited by (PS4)Killerworld

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Any plans on making the menu, mods, equipment and navigation interface work with touch screen on Switch version?

Any new on making offline play a thing?

This too

6 minutes ago, (NSW)XenobladeBun said:

Switch player with some concerns about communication and acknowledgment of issues in our version!


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