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1) Is there any update on the Helminth Cyst's usage beyond being used to grow a Charger? I recall Steve apparently saying more is planned for the Cyst (a new resource?).

2) Also since it's related, is there any updates to the chamber at the back of the Helminth Infirmary?

3) How far up the pipeline is a rework due for Valkyr and Chroma? Valkyr's 1 still suffers from dated Parkour 1.0 mechanics and Chroma's passive still needs to be reworked to play a more active role beyond the colour palletes.

4) Will there be any word on making the Orb Vallis Somachord fragments easier to find/scan? It's ridiculously hard as it is to complete the Fortuna tracks! Please don't turn this into another "we won't do anything because some players already completed it we don't want to rob them of their sense of achievement" thing like the Hema.

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are there any plans to work on enemy ai, or enemy walk-ways to get them to maybe not get caught on things like walls, and small stones? many areas of the game suffer from this. Also would there by chance be something in the works to make pets a little more tanky? some efforts have been made, but my Kavaat isn't getting any smarter so ends up dead inevitably. Some way to possibly link healing effects to a % would be awesome. 

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I started playing long after Plains of Eidolon came along, but Fortuna has caused me to go back and enjoy the Plains. I'd like to hear if you guys are working on anything to improve Plains bounties to be more like Vallis bounties, such as:

  • having Ostrons out on the Plains to give out further bounties without returning to Cetus
  • alert levels to scale up Grineer attacks and resulting loot drops
  • bonuses for certain clear goals in each stage (I love love love this feature)

I'm sure those would be MASSIVE updates to work on, but they would be fantastic.

Also, as someone who loves Gara, I'd like to hear about:

  • The Arca Plasmor has been bouncing off her glass wall for a while now. Is this staying because it's intentional, or have you just not gotten around to fixing it yet?
  • Is there any chance you can change the Coildrive's hitbox so that, during defenses, Gara can stand on top of it and activate her four from up there? Right now she just slides off and has to activate it from the ground, which really doesn't provide much protection.
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Scott said on a devstream around Fortuna's launch that crafted K drives were sort of bugged in that you can't name them and you don't get a free forma on them since gilding was removed from the k drive system last minute before release and he said they were working on a fix for it, is there any word on when or how that fix is coming along? 


I've been waiting to put any forma on my crafted k drives to see if get this free forma somehow and it'd be really nice to name my crafted k drives.

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So first id like to thank you all for the wonder new shotgun (Exergis) and the rest profit taker on console. 

Secondly id like to see more peculiar mods because they are a great addition to fashion frame and a true skill for people to use them with out worrying over one mod slot. 

Another thing that i found that could use some work is the arbitrations and host migration connectivity, ive lost 30 minutes of work twice in a row due to host migrations. Its kind of frustrating losing all those sculptures. 

Now for future stuff, can we get a timeline for when we will start seeing melee 3.0 stuff start trickling in? I know several people are excited for Revanents sword. And will we an expansion of the odd weapon library (like war fans(gunsen), and beam staffs(ferrox).

Lastly keep up the great work and i look forward to seeing what you guys and gals come up with next. 

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any chance for riven cap remove? or something ? cant do the sorties anymore,, dont wanna sell my rivens. need it :D


any chance for kuva drop

1.normal drop like plaside


like cryotic

or (kuva survival)

life kuva ähm vakuum 200+

200,400,600 and and and


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Please please please can we get a real inventory management app. Something that allows weapon/frame mod building(adjustment). It would also be awesome if you could access trade chat in it. As terrible as it sounds when at work or other tedious happenings it would be nice if I could whip out my phone and start setting up trdades. Possibly more kavay breeds. Even just more breeds for all animals. Also please make it so we can imprint helminth chargers.  More specialty weapons like prismas and wraithes and what not. Commands for pets in the field. Increase kavat dna code drop rate or post more alerts for them. Make wild kavats a breedable option. 

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Is there any chance to build dual zaws and kitguns in some point of time?
Maybe add a blueprint for a link to combine 2 zaws/kitguns together

Some Boss reworks would be nice and maybe a elite version for all of them with a low chance to get the augment for the warframes they drop.
Or add weapon/warframe augments to the nightmare droptable.

Add some more rewards to arbitration and sanctuary onslaught.
Maybe finished non-prime weapons without potato and extra slot, the same system like the login reward (weapon blueprints) work. And maybe change the blueprints, grant from login, to finished weapons.

Can we get the quests for the frames (Titania, Gara, Octavia,...) when we buy the pack in the market like Mirage, Limbo and Inaros already have?

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> Limbo Deluxe

> Atlas Deluxe

> Tenno Reinforcements (Will they ever be as regular as they were before?)

> Survivability of Shield based Warframes at higher levels. (Adaptation was nice but it still fails to keep my Shield based frames alive for long)

> Better AI ( Rescue and Defense targets who walk into mobs of enemies, addressing their unusual habit of trying to block enemy bullets even if they weren't pointing at him/her in in the first place)

> Regular content like before. Will it ever be back? 

> Nakak needs friends, can you please let her meet Vent Kids or Kubrodons? 

> When will Nullifiers be removed from the game? They pose an artificial sense of difficulty. Limbo could've been great if they didn't exist. 

> Newer tiles (Other than Gas City) - any chance to use K-Drives in them? 

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