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Coming Soon: Devstream #123!

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i now that you you nice people at DE cant do anything about it, but the live stream falls right in the middle school, which of course means i cant watch it. But to make this comment not just me complaining i will add a minor suggestion, which is that at the end of quest mission it plays the same music when you are extracting as any ordinary mission, which in my opinion could be enhanced with a much more subtle this would further empower the moment at the end of a emotional journey that are brought by some moments of the quest. Ignore it if you chose...

p.s. will melee 3.0 make Warframe "dark-frame-souls" (imagine a sarcastic emoji here)  ,any ways have a nice life

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16 hours ago, (NSW)NeonNebula said:

Umm you didn’t hear? Fortuna part one is already in cert. We just gotta wait for Nintendo now. Not sure about your second question but the answer is probably not with the Fortuna update. Switch really needs some TennoGen items though so I hope we get some soon. 

I was more referring to if they knew if it had passed yet during the time of dev stream. And some of those skins are Soo good! I need them

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6 minutes ago, (NSW)Redlis said:

I was more referring to if they knew if it had passed yet during the time of dev stream. And some of those skins are Soo good! I need them

I really want the Repala syandana. It’s probably my most wanted tennogen item. I hope we get it some day. It’s available on all the other platforms so hopefully Switch will also get it. 

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Sorry if these were asked already:

1) Will PoE get retroactive additions that came with Orb Vallis, such as an Ostron agent out in PoE so you can access the bounty board there, without having to return to Cetus. It would have been nice if this was added since unvaulted keys are now in the PoE bounties and many ppl will choose to farm them there.

2) Can the base rate at which K-Drives gain experience and level up be increased please? Archwings gain experience quite quickly and they are also vehicles. Even with my affinity booster it feels like it takes forever for the K-Drive to gain any noticeable experience which has really put a hamper on my desire to get the other K-Drives from the vent kids.

3) How would melee 3.0 affect melee frames such as Excalibur and Valkyr? Will their melee weapon combos also be changed? Can we see a demonstration of this? Also how do you plan to roll out the melee 3.0 by weapon type when there are melee mods that will need to be changed since Channeling will not be a thing any longer?

4) When will Vauban and Ember get reworked? I used Vauban last year and while he isn't bad (since CC is CC and will always be beneficial) he isnt in a good state either, in my opinion. Meanwhile Ember I feel needs a total makeover in terms of her kit to shall we say "reignite the flame" and turn her back into the badass fire DPS she once was. I don't think she's that frame atm.

5) Is the Flying Eidolon coming with the Gas City Remaster? What type of rewards will he drop? 

6) Is the profit taker fight going to remain as is? I, along with others, really don't like the constant staggers, knock-ups, knock-downs, knock-aways etc that placate the fight. Also it's pretty bad when the entire fight can be trivialised down to 80 seconds with a well-prepped squad of four. Can't these fights require actual teamwork and involve better strategy as opposed to making a fight where players simply pick the frame that can output the highest dps in the game with their weapons and kill the boss without any real thought involved in the entire process.

7) What is getting remastered after the Gas City?

8> When will we be able to rebuild another relay that we lost? Will it be a proper event this time, instead of what we got last year? Not saying the pyrus project was bad, but it's well below the standards that you all set with past events.

9) Do you have any plans that you can share with us on the possibility of other Umbra frames?

10) Will the New War quest involve anything with the Helminth room in the Liset? Or is that room part of a different story-line?

11) Can the Prime trailers be placed in-game so that we can access it via the codex? Maybe as a sort of psuedo-vision of the primes as Ballas envisioned them obtainable through vitruvians that we must "hunt" similar to kurias and mandachord fragments and such?

12) Will you guys be re-doing parkour this year? Some time ago, there was discussion of reworking the movement system and shifting away from the current momentum-based system back to a more practical (and ninja) system that would see the return of wall running etc. I would really like this to come back as I really feel the game is missing its core (space) ninja elements.

Thank you for reading! Thank you for making Warframe! And thank you for hosting the devstream!


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Please address the current trend, starting with Plains of Eidelon, of essentially forcing players into non-combat content in order to garner resources to build weapons and frames.

Many of us financially reward DE because for a long time core combat and content progression blended with a seemless design to the point that it was entertainment artistry.

Slowly, design decisions have been divorcing this beautiful marriage, and I would love it if DE could make a concentrated effort to ALWAYS maintain a “combat equity alternative” whether through some existing (syndicate standing? focus?) or newly created (tokens have been mentioned) universal currency.

A simple example is offering Wisps through Quills standing.

Fishing, Mapping, animal conservation, mining...these things offer “content”, but speaking for myself, making them a necessity to build weapons and frames in lieu of combat is harming the brand, no matter how big or beautiful the open-Worlds become.

Financially rewarding DE for me, personally, comes from a positive play experience, not from buying my way past or enduring the negatives. 

Sincerely and respectfully,


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Could there be a fix so as one's Kubrow does not hit the electrified girder beam, while doing the Caasta Defense mission on Ceres? 

I revive Wolfie once, then go to the cyro pod to defend it from Grineer, only to find out I had to haul frame back to the beam to revive her again. Seems she too offence to becoming a crispy critter and wanted to take the thing down....🙄



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9 hours ago, (PS4)Qeythos said:

Garuda is a rip-off of Valkyr. Baruuk is a sibling of Inaros. Originality and uniqueness has gone out the window with the last couple of frames. Sure hope Hildryn's not a female rework of Rhino.

Garuda has literally nothing in common with Valkyr outside of Talons, and they don't even have the same mechanics. Baruuk doesn't even have close to the same theme or playstyle as Inaros either, so...

9 hours ago, Cicasajt said:

i was thinking about gara being good but she is just not there. 

khora is a boring mess

revenant too

garuda is a strange mess with 4 bad abilities

baruuk is an other boring mess

idk what makes you think they are good

Boring is quite subjective, though I will admit Khora is a bit of a mess, Revenant is slightly better.

Gara only has one "bad" ability. The rest of them are great and powerful so...

All of Garuda's abilities are good, do you even know how they work...? Potential one-shot to one enemy, damage absorption, and AOE nuke in one ability, energy regen for health in another which can be regained with health regen and enemy incapacitation in another ability, and AOE slash debuff that makes all attack do slash damage and bypasses line of sight. Just because you said that those are four bad abilities I'm completely disregarding the rest of this post, as you either don't know what you're talking about at all, or this is some nice B8 M8.

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I know this is a long post, but I believe some of it needs to be said and seen by DE. I said most of this last devstream, but added some new additions. 

I'd really like for you guys to truly focus on end game. I feel like the current combat, warframes, and weapons are pretty solid (excluding the meele 3.0 updates and pet AI in pets 2.0) but veterans that are maxed out like me need a reason to continue logging in each day. This can be done in a few ways. 

- Bring back raids. (or make new ones) It would need to be 8 players again though. With Anthem and The Division 2 coming out soon and having raids themselves, Warframe seriously needs them to stay relevent. I know we had ok ones in the past, but we need something that adds more players collaborating together to achieve an objective. Almost all of the game I can solo myself, and I don't want it to be a single player game. 

- Railjack can be a good prelude to more boss fights, other than Nef Anyo. You can literally make every star chart boss have their own capital ship, with different guns, ship interiors, and hacking that you need to do. This can be further upgraded if you take syndicates into account, and make syndicate railjack boss fights, with syndicate factions and bosses. In fact, it would be pretty amazing to jump into a syndicate railjack fight kinda like crossfire, where you protect your syndicates capital ship, and attack the enemies capital ship. This could be similar to the sabatage mission we saw at tennocon, as well as a extraction or some sort of mobile defense for our friendly syndicate ship. Also there would be archwing and the player owned ship battle involved as well. This literally forces teamwork and if it works right, it could be very repayable and interesting. (sounds like a good mode for 8 players to me.) 😊 don't be scared of adding more 8 player content. Not everything in Warframe needs to be "bite-sized." My old clan that fell apart a little after raids disappeared, used to do all 3 runs of the raids every single day, and it kept us logging in at the same time each day for like a year straight. I think this was because we had some serious fun with it, and although it was really easy, we did fun stuff like an all Atlas run and an all Loki run, etc. This basically made the game more challenging and forced us to play smart.

- Seriously, scale back the cosmetics. I say this because I don't believe Warframe is in a state to just spam out cosmetics and cash in from play sales. I believe you need to focus on a reason for players to continue logging in. For example, if a new update comes out and it's just tennogen and maybe a couple weapons or a syandana, I won't even log in past getting my login reward. This is because to me, it's not actual content. Sure, I do own almost every tennogen or syandana or cosmetic in the game, but I don't feel like I really need much more. Plus the weapons don't even matter anymore when we have over 400 to choose from. 

- Make more umbra frames for The New War. I feel like this is going to happen anyways, but we are dying for a few more Sentient killing frames and weapons for the upcoming story quests. As well as Tau polarity slots.. 

- You can make Sentients invade planets, much like the kuva fortress with the kuva floods and siphon, you can make a fleet of Sentients invade planets and cause chaos. This could be done like a crossfire mission, where you assist the Grineer, or Corpus, or even some syndicates in there shiny new ships. 

- I'd love to finally see some more meele 3.0 in action as well as learn a little more about the changes coming with it. I did hear how you said you wanted to phase out different weapon types, this is fine, just don't take an entire year on the whole thing. We're already pretty far into from the first time we heard about it, and we never even got Revenant's two-handed nikana because of it. 

Just some food for thought. I love Warframe, but I'd love me some real end game content. As would most players that get past like Mastery Rank 10. Until that point, you're still just learning the basics and nuances of the game and combat. After that you need a reason to show why you grinded to MR 26 like me. 

Also, please add the Hyena Pack into pets 2.0 😉  they already have abilities in game, and those can easily be the mods for them as pets. 



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More uses for the Operator OUTSIDE the plains - maybe a specific enemy that could spawn in some missions, like a/some Vonvalist that could drop some Cores. Or maybe a Kuva Cloud that could randomly spawn... Or, why not both?

Make The other Focus schools actually necessary in some missions - like fighting the (new) Eidolons, or some other type of missions. Or else everyone will just continue use Zenurik... All the time.

Use Operator in other Orbitals - we go there and can't even get out of our warframes.

Use the Operator in Relays - like we do in Cetus.

Go search for a key when doors lock - instead of just hacking consoles to move on.
Day-night cycles in other planets - don't other planets spin too?

Use the Archwing in the Kuva Fortress - I cry everytime I leave the Kuva Fortress and see the Archwing stats in the reward menu... doing nothing. It hurts, it really does.
Kubrows (Earth) and Stingrays (Mars) to drops specific resources - like Kuakas and Condrocs do in the Plains.
A use for Iron Wake - since the Harrow Quest I have NEVER returned there. It serves absolutelly NO purpose whatsoever. Either move Pallamino to Cetus and get rid of Iron Wake, or make it have an actual purpose in game... Maybe more shops? Or a Mercenary that would come once every 2 weeks with special bounties? A 3 to 5 stage mission that would take you all over the starchart and it would give you special rewards at each stage... Just a tought.

A Sigil for Ostron Sindicate - because all others have them, and so that we have at least ONE other way to earn standing for them outside the plains.

A Sigil for Solaris United Sindicate - for the same purpose.

Orb Mother Missions should increase Vox Solaris Standing, NOT Solaris United- why is a mission like this giving standing for a diferent Sindicate. Toroids being a random drop, there is no reason why we shouldn't have both methods to get that standing for Vox.

Lure Specters - In the Quills sindicate, to capture the Eidolon easely. NO foundry required! (btw ALL specters should "hold" position by pressing and HOLDING square button [PS4] because the amount of times they stand still because we are just reloading or opening lockers is too much and reeeeeally annoying).

Lunaro needs a mini-map - just a little one on the upper left corner like we have in missions, to quickly see where my teammates and our oponents are. I have requested this too many times, so... If you are not going to improve it and so few people play it, maybe you should consider remove it all together?

Rewards in Frame Fighter - Why not move this to Conclave? I mean, I tried to play it a bit both times no one showed up. But if it had ANY rewards people might show up.

Better rewards - or else no one will play/return there. Possibly some of the itens in the daily login rewards?

Competitive Missions - where you don't really fight other players, you compete to finish an objective faster/with higher score.

Type of landing craft support displayed in HUD - extremelly useful.
Reactant marked on radar - a little yellow dot would sufice. Instead of a clutered screen full of icons.
Eidolon Cores marked on mini-map and have them work with vaccum mod - a little blue dot would be enough and it should be picked up like Reactant... for the same reason.
[Note1: Like excavator powercells, these thing are already pretty visible in the game. But unlike powercells that we have to pick up manually, these do not happear in radar but (should just) work with vaccum. And because the hud can get pretty clutered with every little icon, I would prefer to have them marked on radar and have Vaccum pick them up. ]

Diferent icon between Mineral or Cristal displayed in our Minning scanner - useful, to say the least.

Icon for equiped Focus School displayed on the lower right corner of the HUD - instead of the 5 rings... A "quality of life" improvement to help us see what Focus we have equiped.

Missions of Cetus displayed - and able to pick from there, like all other Sindicates have, instead of having to go in to village just to take a look. Thus saving in loading time.

Missions of Fortuna displayed - and pick from there instead of having to get into Fortuna and waste time with loading screens just to get into a mission.


Infested Room - Having it there always locked and just accesable to ONE frame or to remove Cysts, is kind of reductive... this room needs more use(s). So my idea was: some kind of enemy we could capture, bring here, sit them on the chair and let it analise(eat) them. This would give us some kind item or boost... Nitain Extract(?) or 10% bonuses for 1h (equal to rare stashes) sounds mighty fine.

Auto color match for weapons - changing weapons in loadout should still match previous color selection, just like syndanas do.

Arch-Gun Launcher should work for EVERY primary arch-weapons - I have NO IDEA why you made this to work with just ONE!!? So we have to "grind" the others? That was a cheap move DE... What's next? One for each Archwing? Or every K-Drive? Shame on you! Doesn't the Archwing launcher debocle teach you anything?


New Open Worlds - a typical request, I know, but what I'm most looking forward is the Infested Hive in Eris (a completly alien world, and maybe we could know more about how the infested came to be) and Uranus with the FIRST underwater world.
Able to use Abilities when fishing - same as minning. Instead of unequip spear, use ability, equip spear... Extremelly useful.
Use our OWN settings to control Archwing - forcing players to play with the "new" style command is annoying and degradating to play-style to say the least.

Use Archwing UNDERWATER - I mean, we use it in Urano, so... (Logic 2).

[Note2: concerning Archwing, if these things cannot be done for POE, them it is better to just change the entire design for a proper "Skywing" - a single wing from the arcwhing attached to the back (so as to keep the abilities) would be better understood by the players.]
Vaccum to catch Eidolon cores - you did it with Reactants, so... (Logic 3).
Have bounties to fight each Eidolon specifically - when night comes, have specific missions/bountie for each one INDIVIDUALLY (well, for Teralist we already have). This is very important specially now that everyone is migrating to Fortuna and getting good squads to go all the way in fighting 3 of them is hard to find, and hard to do.

Arcanes and other itens already crafted and have them purcheseable just with Standing.

Ability to change loadouts when requesting new missions from the Guy outside Fortuna (or when we activate the outposts)

Also have a guy outside Plains Gate to select new missions without having to go in and out of Cetus.


Leave Exposed itens - have a console where you could leave itens exposed to sell OR browse itens that other players have left there to buy. Trading would still require both players present at Maroo or a Dojo. 

(BTW my brother, a avid Destiny player, when he got it he LOVED IT SO MUCH. He too was suprised there weren't more missions with it.)

Archwing Defense (or similar) - PLEEEEEEEASE comeback! Make it ONE objective defense and put some good rewards there (Axi Relics!?) so I can go back to my Archwing fighting days.
Archwing Races and PvP - POE clearly show you have not forgotten good'old Archwing. Besides, if K-Drive has them, why not Archwing?
Use of regular Archwing weapons in POE- (AND controls)... C'mon, even if you nerfed the damage bit we still need them. [see Note2]


School Sigils - Once you fully unlock and complete a School Tree you should get a Sigil from that School to mark your accomplishment (for shoulders). This should happen for all Schools.

All Schools Master - After unlocking and completing all nodes in all schools you should get a "Master" Sigil (for front/back) and a possibly a Trophy as decoration.

[Note3: This would work a bit like the Kuria rewards. You get one half way, and another at the end.]

Close Focus - Or have a solution (not "nodes") for people with all Schools completed. Possibly create your OWN focus school/tree.

Footnote: I don't like that you keep adding new resources. Fishing, Minning, were already meaningless tasks (this is a 3rd person shooter, right?) and now we have to get Toroids that don't even drop from a specific enemy! I though the "spiders" would drop them!? But no, they are completly random (either by alerting enemies or doing bounties). And I DO NOT CARE if you buff the drops (but you should, really) , it is "another chore" that takes me away from just playing and enjoying the game.

Also, I added in bold those paragraphs after Fortuna 2.0 and because I am frustrated with this state of things. My clan was about 200 about a year ago. Now we are around 20 because the grind and resource scavenging just became insane. My clan founder is on Destiny 2. Others are waiting for Anthem and The Division 2, and even I am playing Spacelords (another free-to-play). I feel the game is being catered to Streamers, Youtubers (that play 8h a day for a living) or Whales (that pay to get the weapons/frames immediatly and skip the grind)... I REALLY hope this isn't "deliberate manipulation" or players... I really do.

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Hello! I've been starting warframe since July 2018, and ever since it was a blast.
But as I played through, I found I missed alot of events and stuff so, my first big question is this.

1. I heard that the tutorial part maybe redone. If so, will we get the option to replay the game from the start? I don't mean a clean slate but just the chance to experience once more.

2. As I played through the game, I've noticed I missed a lot of events that actually tie in to the main story. Are there any plans to reincorporate those events into actual main quests in the future? I'd love to play them and not just as an events but play the whole storyline in one go.

3. Can we get riven disposition shifts more often(like every 3~4 months)? I don't mean total overhauls but just small tweaks to some weapons time to time. I think it would make the game more interesting and encourage players to try out more weapons and builds.

The following questions are mediocre ones

4. Can we get alternative announcers instead of Lotus? I'd love to pay for an Ordis announcer, or Maroo, Suda and etc. Of course the quests should require the Lotus to do them but I would love to change the announcers for our day to day missions.
5. I love the idea of the Operater fighting when the time is needed. Sadly the operator seems a bit underwhelming. Are there any plans to update the focus system and make the more useful outside of just Eidolon missions?
6. I LOVE SPEARGUNS! Can we get more? Also, would it be possible if we were able to use them as melee weapons (specifically, staffs? I've noticed the game is quite short on that category).
7. Talking about Primaries as melees, I'd love the idea for a Bayonet type of weapon where we could use our primaries/secondaries for quick melee. Not to replace the melee option, but just add the option of using Bayonets for quick melee when holding that weapon.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to see the stream live but I do plan to see it. The game is great and I hope I'll keep playing it for a long time.

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Proper Vauban rework ETA?
Also, good luck to ya on working on the new player experience/tutorial, spend the extra time in it, because I really wish for it to be as interesting as the screenshot suggested.

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