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Plenty of Servofish Contest [Winners Announced]!

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(Picture is quite big, so I'll put it in a spoiler)




Nyx, 19


Likes: Crowd Control, Daggers, Bow and Arrow

Dosn't like: Corpus, Exterminate Missions



Hey there, my name's Nyx. You may have heard my name before, I used to be quite a big shot in the CC scene. That is, until those "new guys" showed up with their ridiculous CC abilities. I feel like people have been forgetting about me since then...

Anyway, I don't talk much. I prefer to let people do the talking for me. I mean, it's pretty funny to take control of some poor Grineer clone and force him to tell his roommate that he has a crush on him ever since they met in the breeding lab. Hehe~...he.. don't get the wrong idea. I'm not... lonely. Not at all. I mean, Excal's kinda cute bu- I MEAN..uh... Damn it.

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Hey where do we create the dating profile for our warframe...Like anywhere specific or anywhere, Like could you even create a memo (say for example) then screenshot it and send the pic here or what?

Sorry just really confused

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Name: Corinth





Heavy pounder


You know me and so does everyone else. I'm your type of gun who leaves you satisfied and powerless when i'm done pounding away at whatever you point me at. And you love me for leaving you and your enemy a mess after that hammering. Call me so that I can be the Doom to your Guy.

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Name: Snugglemuffin

Age: 36

I'm a simple guy who likes simple things - ice cream, romantic comedies, slow, slow, sloooow walks, S T O M P I N G, boudoir photography. Currently living in my ship with a smart-ass cube, but there's always room for one more if you know what I'm saying 😉

Likes: Not dying, hammers, charging at things, S T O M P

Dislikes: Slight inclines, rapid movement, non-physical confrontation

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Looking for respectable other to share in my secret passions, must be ok with self-imposed solitude, living in a cave, and random children barging into our home at all hours of the day.

Loves: Sentient cores, Meme amps

Dislikes: Highly sophisticated remote controlled robots

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