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Plenty of Servofish Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Raven Keligrath 18

42 Galaxys away

About me: My mother abonded me couple of months ago, so have been living all by myself and the only one I could talk to in my Liset was Ordis and my other personality.

I like to kill Eidolons and grind for their cores, K-Drive racing in the Orb Vallis, and taking care of my helminth charger, Mutilation.
I really dislikes giant spiders, but I can take care of them when I got my warframe, Mesa.

PS; Also really dislike having a shield and falling in water.

[Don't know if Operator counts, but it just said "For a Warframe character of your choosing" and my operator is a character... in Warframe...]

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I'm Ordis, and I'm looking for a casual relationship to another cephalon. I still loyal to my operator IF YOU TRY SEPARATE ME FROM HIM I'LL END YOU--.

Sorry about that, I'm having some glitches due to my malfunctioning. I'm just want another cephalon to hear cosmic background radiation through the stars. My beloved operator don't like to hear them and rarely laugh at my puns.

Ordis is happ - angry to meet you! Hmm, I may require maintenance after all.

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Name: Terry

Age: 3240 (Sol standard)

Likes: Pina Coladas

Long walks on the Plains


Hi! My name is Terry, and I'm looking for my other half, to help me with the end of the world. I'm full of energy, and have lots of natural magnetism, and am only a spritely few thousand years old. I'm not really a morning person, but I can go all night if you know what I mean.

I got back, from outer space, and planned to destroy every living thing that existed in this place.

I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those damn kids..


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Image result for warframe stalker




  • Sentencing your death.
  • Locking you in tight corners.
  • Making your allies ditch you.
  • Posting on social media that I killed you.

Favorite food

  • Sugar crisps.

I'm a simple guy, just give me Tenno targets and I will happily sentence them their deaths. I am very good at hide and seek as no one could leave this place but also have a strong sense of vigilante justice. I bring swift justice to the Tenno who think their actions have no consequences...those fools! I make sure those Tenno remember the blood on their hands and that they can never escape their past!

When you get past my uncontrollable desire to lock the rooms surrounding the Tenno and my desire to deny their salvation. My acolytes say I'm a swell guy that likes long evenings/nights stalking Tenno in dark corners and huddling by the fire as I sharpened my blade for the next hunt.

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Name: Clem

Age: ???

I want someone to love and join me in shooting Twin Grakata!

Likes: Grakata, Gun, KUvA! and shooting. CLEM!

Dislikes: Anyone who stands in the way of me and my Grakatas. CLEM! -insert angry clem face-

Bio: CLEM!!!

-written with help from Darvo

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The Bussiness, 62

When I was younger, I would put everything in anything I did. I would exaust the one near me with my passion before I noticed it. I became detached because of that, afraid that I would push the people I love away. Turned out that I was too cold, it made someone I came to consider as my own daughter walk away. Now... I'm older, tampered by age and experience, I'm unsure if I can be an apropriate partner, but if you are willing to accept this flawed old man... I will gladly stay by you.

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 Image result for warframe vay hek

Counselor Vay Hek, 537

Don't be intimidated by my dashing good looks and beautiful smile, you might be the one for me.

For I am the Counselor, the powerful, the eldest tree.

I am a beautiful combination of flesh and robotics that twists together as two delicate vines.

My voice will allure you stronger than any Siren and you will rush in but a second of time.

And my cruelty as inspiring as it is, is not all that lays in my heart.

For I will sing you a love song most beautiful with the finest harp.

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Excalibur Umbra
Age: Orokin
Likes: Tenno
          long walks on Lua
          Kurbow and kavat
Dislikes: SENTIENTS 
              TRAITOR BALLAS
              Traitor space mom natah
Hello ladies, I'm a Orokin Dax soldier that got horrifyingly turned into a warframe and killed my son, but don't worry it wasn't my fault it was BALLAS THAT TRAITOR-ahem i'm really good with kids and id love to take walks on the plains, why don't we go fishing some time? My possible first pick up line is "i wanna be your daddy"

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Age: This shell is 18 years of age. (I've gone through too many shells to count, clone bodies degenerate easily).

Listening to: The World is Mine, by Hatsune Miku

You can call me the number one princess in the world, and my peons will eviscerate you for your insolence. I'm really the True Heir to the Orokin Civilization!

I have many clods at my beck and call, but they are idiots and only worthy of being made into protein slurry. I'm looking for someone who will serve me without question, but isn't useless. Make me happy by reestablishing the Grineer Empire throughout the Origin System, and you will be my loving Consort of Darkness for ETERNITY (seriously, I can teach you to be immortal). I need companionship after the recent loss of my Dearest Elder Sister (#gunsoutforoneechan #tennoskuum #tennoshotfirst)

While not overseeing a million legions of rotting genome soldiers, I consider myself a video idol, and I make announcements to encourage cooperation and loyalty.

Must enjoy dark red mood lighting, red and black uniforms, red and black designs, red and black viscous substances, red and black whorls, be comfortable with having my guards watch you at all times, and being near machine-gun security systems. I'm allergic to kavats, unless they are specifically bred hairless. Kurbos are okay.

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I saw all the twitter feed and smart-phone type posts and just had to go for a retro 90s internet style look. If you are reading this on a phone... well, enjoy the picture 😛

Realized I broke the 100 word limit, here's a cut down version. To be clear I'm not counting the 4 buttons at the bottom, but you can include the Cetus Dating Network banner and prompts and it's exactly 100 by my count. Switched to Comic font for authentic retro feel 😄




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Update to get under 100 words
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Hola, Soy Rhino

Soy alguien que por fuera parezco fuerte pero si me conocen soy alguien tranquilo, colaborador, me gusta las aventuras,

Puedo dar mi vida por mis amigos y me gusta cuidar a mi mascota.

Cuando tengo tiempo libre me gusta pasear en mi k-drive por Cetus  o realizar una tranquila pesca. 

También me gusta realizar meditación para poder controlar mi fuerza, pero algunos momentos tengo explosiones de fuerza.

Pero no están seguido solo cuando realizo aventuras extremas o confrontaciones.

Lo que más me caracteriza es que puedo dar sorpresas.

Sera un gusto conocerte.


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Image result for vor hek

Name: Councilor Vay Hek


What I'm looking for in a person: Someone who will kill all these.....TENNO SCUM!!!!

Likes: DEAD TENNO!!!!

Dislikes: TENNOOOOOO!!!!

Final Thoughts: Tenno.....are you ready...FOR A SACRIFICE???!!!!!


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Grate, 21

              Favorite food: Floor dust.              
                                                                                                        Favorite movie: Mission impossible.                                                                                                                     Favorite activity: Falling onto the floor.
Favorite game: Killing Floor 2.
Favorite weapon: Steel bar.

Hello ! I'm a very nice and cheerful Grate. You probably know me from every single mission, you know ? When you kick me on the floor. However worry not, I actually enjoy it :3. Grates don't feel pain.You know where you can find me. I promise, we'll have a lot of fun, i mainly hope to be thrown onto the ground like always. So romantic. I'd also like to hear your opinion on my Fashion Grate you see on the picture. Love.

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