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Plenty of Servofish Contest [Winners Announced]!


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Bosses - WARFRAME Wiki 

Who did you just kill? I'll have you know that I have over 952,358,453 kills. I am trained in vengeance and I'm the top assassin in the entire Sentient Army. I will destroy you with precision the likes of which has never been seen before. I am contacting my secret network of Acolytes across the system, so you better prepare for the storm.  You're dead, kiddo. I can be anywhere and I have access to the entire arsenal of Hunhow and I will use it to wipe you off the face of the system. You're dead, tenno.

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Octavia, 280 yo


Pretty, long blue hair and funny.

I love playing music and that's all I do all day long.

Will stick with you until the end of the defense mission, but don't expect heals from me 'cause you won't get any.

Did I mention that I love music?! I love music I love music I love music I love music I love music I love music I love music I love music I love music I love music 

song [ ...] 

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I'm capable of every form of hands on skill, as long as it's within my reach I can assure you I'll present excellent results. Sometimes gushing, sometimes screaming, sometimes it wells forth endlessly and it always ends up being a mess. But I revel in it, a moonlit night is by far my favorite time to work, be it a single individual or a whole horde coming at me at once. You interested in joining me? Hit me up, I'm sure to make it an entertaining night. Especially if you're corpus, my friends really recommend you lot.

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Name: Nezha

Age: 30

Likes and Hobbies: Running, playing with fire, ring toss, fishing, mining, K-Driving, winning, and leading the way with a trail.

Dislikes: Nullifiers, holes that cause respawn, bosses with momentary vulnerability.

I'm looking for someone who can keep up. Someone fast and must be fire resistant. Sometimes I like to just take it easy and find some gems or just kick back and fish a bit. I love stunting K-Drives, so if you enjoy that, it's a big plus as well! Distance isn't an issue, I can run wherever (as long as path isn't flammable).

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profarmer.pngFarmBoy666, Age ???



  • Dead bodies
  • Energy Orbs
  • Farming
  • Full Energy Bar
  • Trinity


  • Raising homeboys from the dead
  • Edgy walks through relays
  • Scaring mobs
  • Druk tunes


  • Life support capsules



Looking for a single support frame who'll have me. I am a dark space herpes spreading romantic and will definitely farm hard for you ❤️



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Related image

My name is Volt Allen and I am the fastest man alive. When I was a child I saw my Spacemother kidnapped by something impossible. My Step-father Ballas went to the afterlife for her Kidnapping. Then an accident made me the impossible. To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensic scientist, but secretly I use my speed to fight crime and find others Tenno's like me. And one day, I'll find who Kidnapped my Spacemother and get justice for my Blue and Grey Lotus. I am the Flas.....VOLT!  

LF someone who could be my IRIS <3

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Resultado de imagen de rhino prime


Hola, encantado soy Rhino, todos me conocen por ser aquel warframe que tiene una piel de hierro que no deja pasar nada, ni incluso los sentimientos, soy timido, pero debajo de esta gran coraza hay un chico sensible y cariñoso buscando un alma gemela que comparta mis gusto por la accion y proteger a las mas debiles.

Tambien protegere a aquella persona que me acepte tal y como soy dando si hace falta mi vida por ella.

En mis tiempos libres me dedico a viajar por los planetas para enriquecer mi cultura, caminar por la naturaleza salvaje y jugar con mis Kubrows , etc.


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Name: Cephalon Suda

Age: I cannot determine why the number of years since the creation of one's being is important. 


- Music

- Beings that appreciate music

- Musical Instruments

- Preservation of knowledge and distinguished life


- Beings that do not appreciate music

- Hunhow

- Waste of Life

- New Loka

- Red Veil


- Listening to music

- composing music


I, Cephalon Suda, am looking to experience the emotional and mental state known as 'love'. To avoid confusion and a possible brutal death by Eximus Scavenger Drone Platoon, please avoid replying unless you possess:

- A Doctorate in music

- a burning passion for music

- enjoy listening to music

Your safety, if not possessing all of the above, is not guaranteed.




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Likes:Chivalry and being Cool doing it.

Dislikes:People who would hurt you.

Bio: How's about I drop my Globe thats Icy and let me unlock your Chassis? Im a cool guy that can assure your safety in any situation. But dont let my chilly facade trick you lover, i may be cold but I wont give you the shoulder, rather you can have the six assets that you can clearly see. Be forewarned m'lady, should you be interested in me, expect a guy who is coldly nice and freaky 😉 if you catch my [Cunning Drift].

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Image result for the biz warframe

Name: The Business (Biz)

Age: 57

Area: Fortuna, Orb Vallis, Venus 

Occupation: Conservationist

Looking for a: Woman - middle aged, loves and cares for animals

About me: I've a soft spot for Fortuna. Good people dealt a bad hand. I try to help when I can.


- Walking along the snowy plains of the Orb Vallis

Protecting and caring for wildlife

Helping the people of Fortuna


The Taxman

Nef Anyo

Anyone who tries to harm the beautiful and rare creatures of the Orb Vallis

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zALcpTSDT7k.jpgHarrow (age is hidden by the user)
In active search for a righteous novice woman.
Inside I am young and full of enthusiasm.)
I love chains and suffering!
Invite you to jiggle with on the swing with chains.)
I impose a penance on the sinner!
Looking for a girlfriend to play board games.)
I invite all sinners to try my spiked censer!
We will draw on the walls with crayons together.)

Ready to tie our destinies forever!
Let's play together in "Rap-Tap-Tap"?


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All my body parts replaced...I cant replace...my heart. I am looking for...one hot mama.

The Tenno...deserve to die..but not my..love for..you. I have an...impressive collection...

of Orokin...artifacts.Not to mention...I have...replaced all of...my body parts, ladies! :wink: 

My all time favorite...drink?  greedy milk. Left-swipe me...and "your regret...will be

your legacy." Hit me up...and I'll...split your chamber!💦💦

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1 minute ago, (PS4)jaegerbombtastic said:

Haha a lot of these are funny.

 I’m just curious though like.. do people have permission to use half of the art that isn’t theirs for the entry? I’ve seen some that people used that I know doesn’t belong to them.

I hope so, all I've used are mainly the game ones

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