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Plenty of Servofish Contest [Winners Announced]!


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Umbra, Unknown

Some old wounds never truly heal, and bleed again at the slightest word.

To the only good woman out there,

I'll be honest with you. I've been hurt pretty bad in the past. I refuse to be a guinea pig or play thing ever again. So don't message me unless you know how to respect men.

The first thing people usually notice about me is my abrasive personality and uncontrolled fits of howling. 

If you're the right woman for me, you'll be clever and daring. You won't be afraid to cry and will have a healthy respect for family.

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For wordcount:


My name is Phorid My breath might be horrid But truthfully, I can be quite sweet My last girlfriend was Nyx I kissed her with licks Her company was always a treat She was always in my head She approved of the life I led Which to me, seemed quite the feat One day she couldn’t find a blue sphere I suddenly faced my biggest fear My head had been filled with deceit She started to look tasty I acted quite hasty I just wish she was meat Anyways, my hunger has been satiated and I’m looking for love.


Wordcount: 100

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Rhino, 23


Hi, I'm a Warframe looking for someone to love. If you gave me permission, I will Rhino Charge right into your heart. I might look tough and dense, but under all that Iron Skin, I enjoy Kubrow and Kavat companions as I stroll along the Plains of Eidolon (preferably with you, of course). If you are in trouble, I'm only one call away, and my Roar will chase away any Grineer, Corpus, Infested, and even Vor away. Take me into consideration, and I'll be sure to Rhino Stomp away the competition and rise to the top as the man of your dreams.

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The wait is over Tenno, your perfect match has arrived.
I have scoured the void for a partner, when I made a serendipitous discovery; I am a treasure whose value cannot be matched.
However, you can try. For the low price of 2,500,000:credits:, you can take me on a date this Valentine's day. Act fast Tenno, a deal this fantastic won't last forever.

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                                                                                   Alad V,45

Image result for alad v

Display name: ZanukaLover321


About Me: Oh,if it's friends your looking for, you might find a best friend in my Zanuka prototype. I would love to

have a chat over some coffee in my lab on Jupiter. We may not always see eye to eye, but I always try to find common

ground. Who knows, if we kick things off, I might let you meet my cutesy patootsie Zanuka prototype.


Likes: Warframe Parts

          Zanuka prototype



Dislikes: Grineer dogs!


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Here's my entry. I took a couple different pictures to try, but I found this to fit. If anyone wants to get this but in a wallpaper or background size, you can get it here (Google Drive).


>CREDITS TO WARFRAME< (Not sure how to increase this, but thank you)

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Rhyno, 22

I’m just a simple Warframe with Iron Skin and a heart of gold. When I’m not in the Vallis on my K-Drive, I’m fishing in the Plains to give to the people of Cetus and the cousins, too! I’m looking for someone to who would help me make the Origin System a better place. I may charge into situations sometimes, but if you ever need me, I’ll have your back. I can give some pretty good hugs too. At least, that’s what my buddy Atlas told me. Message me if you want to chat!

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Here is the Text:

"Do u know where I can find some Sculptures?!"

About me :
Gender: Death
My hobbies: collecting ayatan sculptures,long walks on derelict ships and playing with my kubrow Wolfie.

I'm just here to find a person who is willing in fighting
with me against the whole Solar System and be a good "Friend"(cough cough).I may be weird sometimes and spent all my Platinum for Sculptures,but I have a big heart (if i find it) in contrast to all that.

Since I'm Death it would be bad if u ignore me...

This was all made in Paint and Paint 3D .(I don't know how I did it but somehow it worked...)



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Image result for garuda warframe

Garuda, 29


Blood and gore covering me

Death and destruction

Pain and misery

And kubros!


Squeamish people

Clean cuts

E ratings

Overview: looking for a guy to get to know me for who i really am.

Some people may say im a little sociopathic at times but i think

that once you get past the layers and layers and layers and layers

and layers of blood and guts you can see that im a sweet and 

sympathetic person with deep emotions. Such as Anger, Bitterness, Despair 

and so much more so if you're intrested give me a call ;)


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Menandro, 23

Occupation: Grineer soldier in the plains

Wants: Looking for someone that will make me feel unique

As a clone I only have one job, that is to obey everything the Queens say. Everyone in my platoon looks like me, acts like me and fights like me. Due to that I always feel alone so I hope I can find someone here that can make me feel like 1 in a million

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Cephalon Simaris, 






Collecting knowledge of beings to immortalize them


I'm a cephalon who is very knowledgeable in many subjects. I love to gather data about creatures and would like to know more about you. I have my own syndicate and manny tenno help me gather data about things across the solar system. I like many things but I do HATE MUSIC. MUSIC IS A EPITOME OF MEANINGLESS DATA THAT SHOULD NOT EXIST, also I dislike that Cephalon Suda because she shows herself to very much like music and I hate that.




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