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Plenty of Servofish Contest [Winners Announced]!

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See the source imageValkyr, 29

Hi, my name is Valkyr. Most people say I induce paralysis on people I want to

stay around. My last relationship ended with me giving a Warcry.

After that, I went into a stage of Hysteria until I ran out of energy.


HMU only if you are as crazy and as mentally damaged as me 😘


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Garadine, 25


I am the first known Warframe to ever defeat the Eidolon during The Old War, so put your Eidolon meta gear away, kiddo.

Getting along with me is not a problem, for I am completely honest and transparent.

Show me your kindness and I will reflect you with the same kindness.

Treat me with care, or I will shatter your heart.

Look for me in the Plains of Eidolon and maybe we'll have a bowl of Norg brain soup.

If I find you interesting, I will offer you love and protection; but if I don't, you shall be vitrified in time.

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Recently Orphaned and emotionally Unstable. Do you have it in you to date her?


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Name: Ember 

Favourite food: Ghost peppers 

Favourite holiday: Guy Faulkes 

Favourite movie: Mrs Doubtfire

Hobbies: Fire eating, Sun burning, hot coal walking, generally anything hot!


Im a very fiery person who is looking for someone to either handle the heat or put out my flame but need someone who is willing to get burnt in the process. I love nothing more than relaxing in a Furness watching a good film and would love someone to share that with. If you are looking for somebody who won’t get cold feet in a relationship then I’m your girl.

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Big kitty (Venari)


I'm 23.


I am the best protector of my mistress. We always walk together. I am looking for a kawatu who will cover me in difficult times.

about me:My favorite food is Grineer Lancer, and my favorite activity is to cut enemies. I'm waiting for deluxe or tenogen and rarely wear armor, unlike the usual cavat.

p.s i like smith more than adarza





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Redirection mod, age 7. I'm here from closed beta, you know...

Hello, I am sad and lonely mod, one of the most useless mods in there. I'm common like hell, really, nothing legendary, uncommon or rare about me. I drop from the worst Cetus bounties and from stupid, ugly Grineer. You can even find me in Orokin Tower Containers, but when I pop up from them, Tenno tends to swear and curse the RNGesus.

But still... I'm full of love. I would love to be used more, I would love to see being sold for 100 platinum on the market and being prioritized more. I would love to see shield actually do something good. I've heard many stories from my Umbral family friend about endgame, but I was never there 😞

I want to REDIRECT my love to all of you, Tenno.



being leveled up to rank 10

draining Capacity

Vazarin polarization



being replaced by other more useful mods

being stacked then sold for Endo

Toxin damage

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Looking for a Tenno partner to fill the void in my heart left by all the unpunished crimes. You will find me to be a very caring lover as I know your every move. The blood of my heart is in your hands, did you really think there would be no repercussions? There is no place to hide (from love), Tenno, so be my valentine!

Pd: as this is not a trap and you will definitely not find yourself ambushed, I would not carry any weapons to our date.

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Name: Terry

Age: ?

Bio: I might look intimidating when I rise out of the water after my evening swim, but I’m really a fun and loving guy if you get to know me. I love taking long walks at night and listening to whale songs without earbuds. I can also produce a lovely light show to illuminate the night sky. I look forward to meeting someone who can make me whole again.

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Likes: Mastery Rank Trials, Razorwings and Trampolines

Dislikes: Grineer, Pollution

Favorite Quote: And though she may be but little, she is fierce

Hey! I'm Titania. If you're an environmentally conscious and mischievous free spirit like me we’ll get along great!
I'm tired of that irradiated old goat Oberon and I'm ready to Spellbind a wonderful man to me.
After all, there are too many Razorwings in the sky to stay tied down for long.
If you think you could be my Lantern in the darkness, try your luck.
Many Tributes await if you can charm me to your side!


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Image result for nezha warframe


Favorite Movie: Lord of The Rings

Favorite food: Onion Rings

Favorite Weapon: Blazing Chakram

What friends say:

  • I still don't know if this is a man or a woman
  • A frame that isn't only skilled in the ways of the combo, but of the ring

Craft him/her for a great time with rings


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                                                                                                    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor teshin

                                                                                                     Teshin Dax

                                                                                                      Age: 1000

                                                                                                     Quotes: ''Those who brave the thorn may eat the rare fruit.''





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Clem! Clem clem grakata clem.     👋🏻                   

Clem? Clem.                

Grakata? Grakata.😉                             

     Clem clem clem clem clem. Clem grakata clem... 🤔 Clem clem grakata clem clem! Clem clem clem. 

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Ordis, 33

I’m a Cephalon created to serve my operator. I may look damaged but my heart is still intact. People find me annoying but when you get to know me I'm a funny and well-organized AI. I’m looking for a Cephalon to date and grow -OLD- together. I’m a busy AI because I have to serve the operator, but in my free time, I -MASTURBA- research about the orokin, watch funny kavats videos. I also assist the operator in missions so if you ’re interested in a fine Cephalon like -ORDIS- then hit me up.

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