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Plenty of Servofish Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Hello there beautiful!

I knew you would like to check out my profile to get to know me better.

So what would you like to know about me? My age? What I adore about you? (everything ūüėČ )

My name is NeZha. I have existed for as long as the fire in the galaxy. And I've been looking for the most beautiful fire in the universe - the fire of the heart, the fire of love.

Whose love? Yours

I want you... I need you.


I will miss you to the death.




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Hi there my name is Garuda. My friends recommended me this dating site so here I¬†am looking for someone to love¬†ūüėö!


About Me:

I'm quite a shy gal, some say I dont look the part, others fear my deep nature.
In my free time I¬†love to practice martial arts keeping myself on "edge" ūüėČ. I love horror movies! (especially the gory stuff lol).
In a way I'm unique, other gals might have given you their heart but I¬†can give you mine and many more ūüėČ.
May our hands meet at Lua's moonlight one day ‚̧ԳŹ!!!

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Name: Val

Frame: Valkyr Prime 

Age: 26

FavoriteÔĽŅs:ÔĽŅÔĽŅÔĽŅÔĽŅÔĽŅÔĽŅ My operator, Ordis, Clem, My kavat Amelia¬†

FooÔĽŅds: ...I haven't had any food for centuries. Not sure if I need to...eat.

Movies: anything that doesn't have Vay Hek screaming in it...please!

Likes: ¬†longÔĽŅ walks through survival or defense missionsÔĽŅ. Always willing to go on any rescue mission.

Dislikes: Vay Hek not shutting up!!! CORPUS, Alad V, sometimes Vor in the Void.

Bio: unlike my operator. Who remains calm though anything. I can't... When I see a MOA minding it's own business I just wanna scream and rip it a part as fast as my claws can slash...

 I was told I needed to find more control.

Soo here I am ūüėÉ

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Hello my name is Tyl Regor, 56

I live in Uranus and i like to study the science of the tenno body.

I have some weird tastes but i guess we can figure out something so we can have some fun together.

I like to swim in my lab pools and and my favorite song is Cant touch this.

Interested? Be sure to dm me ^.^

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hola mi nombre es escalibur umbra me gusta estar en partidas ejercitarme  y  destrozar  demasiado a mis oponentes, me gusta ser discreto  y soy amante de la noche, me gusta aullar como lobo en las noches de luna llena. soy como depredador buscando a quien cazar y  me gusta fortalecerme  cada día. para  ser mas fuerte en las batallas de mayor dificultad , no te tropieces conmigo o te  toparas con una bestia en busca de sangre. es mi referencia en frente a mi warframe   que es sin dudable una bestia cuando la haces enojar  

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Let me stalk you.

Some call me a monster, I'm looking for someone to call me snuggle bunny.

You must love Kubrow, mine is named Muffin, and I love to walk her along the beach while she chases sticks and condroc.

I have mastered sharp edges, on the battlefield and in the kitchen! For our first date I will whip up my "Gaping Mawfish" tacos for dinner!

When I am not slaughtering Tenno, I like growing flowers, Lunar Pitcher plants are my favorite. 

I'm an outdoorsy type who enjoys fishing, hiking the plains of Eidolon, and gem mining.

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User : hunhonframinder

Name: Hunhow

Nickname : Sentient destroyer of worlds

Likes : Tennos hearths beating out of their chests


3 years ago I was with this strange man that -STALKED- studied Tennos with a lot of -HATE- attention. But I knew deep inside that it couldn't last, that's why I asked him to collect Tennos -LIFES- hearths but he didn't success. Now that I'm single and that I've been -HUMILIATED- beaten -TOO MANY- 2 times, I'm a bit more -AGRESSIVE INSIDE- obedient. So if a -PREY- Tenno's looking for -SUFFERING- an adventure...


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Image result for warframe octavia


Name: DeciBelle (or call me by my stage name - Octavia)

Age: is just a number

Favorite song: Dancing on my own - Robin, Low - Flo Rida

Likes:  E1M1, Rickrolling

Dislikes: Being told to keep my music down

About me:

I'm stronger than I look... but...do you ever feel like you're invisible? I do...  It's just, I don't know, it's like sometimes I feel that no matter how much I try offer my help my effort goes unnoticed, like...helllooo just try listen to me every now and then...

Looking for:

Open minded Tenno to join me for a party.  We can jump around, get low, shoot the breeze, dance from sunrise to sunset and be lost in our own bubble while the world passes by.

Know that if by chance we end up together one day, I'm never gonna give you up... I'm never gonna let you down... I'm never gonna run around and desert you...



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Image result for ivara png


Age: 25

Hobbies: Sneaking around in grineer and corpus ships pick pocketing enemies, Archery, Stealth.

I'm sure you've never been with a frog but dont let that make you hesitate, I may seem intimidating at first glace but im vary shy and nimble. Give me a chance and ill surprise you! 

Maybe we could go on stealth spy missions together? 

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My name is Natah, but I also got by Lotus. Something to note about me is that I have raised millions of warriors as¬† my own children, all over the Galaxy;¬†those who know me call me space mom ūüôā. Don't let my¬†image and appearance fool you, I am a strong warrior myself. If¬† you're looking for a fierce yet calm and loving Oro, then hit me up. I will communicate telepathically for¬† your convenience.

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Mirage Prime

Yes I am THE¬†golden warrior princess with¬†the magnificent¬†charm in my disco ball to BLIND YOU AND BEND YOU TO MY WILL. My heart is as pure as a diamond I swear!¬†and I promise not to sMOTHER¬†you¬†in SWEET STRAWBERRY SAUCEūü殬†not to¬†eat you!

Favourite food: Ice cream and of course THE HEARTS OF THOSE POOR SUCKERS!


Hobbies: HYPNOTISING PEOPLE WITH MY DISCO BALL.....no no I really just like staring at Lua in the moon light and I would really like some company!


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See the source image

NAME: stalker


OCCUPATION: assassination 

status : single

age ; immortal 

location : even i don't know , but some where in space 

ABOUT ME:  like  i said i love hunting and assassinating  tenno's that went  against the rules. with out asking why . because am bored , yeah really , all i do is to stay in middle of no where waiting  for tenno to kill a boss . but no one do that any more, since they have prime part to farm, really  DE  you got to do something about my situation. 

well am looking for mama stalker who will sharpen my sword and be therewhen i come back from killing  tenno. that been said, i don't want  a  partner in crime, i commit all my crimes on my own. i would  never drag you to that.

i floss. that's how responsible i am 

if you love killing tenno's and watching them while they run around farming prime part,  i'm down for  whatever you are. 

contact me by killing the jackal

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My bow is stong, but my heart is weak...looking for someone with some Physique. I'm Overextended and filled with Blind Rage but know there's one out there with some Fleeting Expertise that can handle me. Someone who is not Narrow Minded but Quick Thinking on their feet. 

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name: Limbo

age: ??

My name is Limbo, Master of the Rift, and I don't have many friends.  I play hard to get, but once you get to know me, I am loads of fun.


can't die



I finish most of my missions without being touched

can keep my allies safe

can create a big bubble

once you throw me away, I won't ever come back


people just hate me

can keep my allies safe

can create a big bubble

once you throw me away, I won't ever come back


I am Limbo, Master of the Rift.  I am nowhere, but also everywhere.



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Saryn, 27

Hello! I work with sterilization in a hospital as my main job so I'm a bit of clean freak, I accept personal cleaning requests as side-gig btw, there's nothing like returning home from corrosive toxins and viruses and taking a hot shower to molt a long day and feel refreshed!

I do cosplay! I also take requests for modelling in different attires as "side-hobby-gig". Keep the credits rolling to invest in platinum! Jokin, actually I donate to help patients in the hospital get platinum biomedical devices!

I like to read, game and watch series and animes to chill.

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