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Plenty of Servofish Contest [Winners Announced]!


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I'm THE Kela de Thaym, sure you heard from me before,
Even though I am build for combat, I have a soft heart for people that want more.

Do you aspire to sit next to me in Rathuum,
To see the Tenno face their doom.

Would you like to see my rockets in action,
To see the competitors never reach extraction.

Don't be afraid of all the Grineer,
They are just here to cheer.

If you want to be part of my story,
You can come to me and present as a real signore.

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Imagini pentru cephalon ordis

"Ordis has been counting stars and he's missing one. Ordis ASKS Y̴͈̤̖̞̬̠̩͌̓͋̑̓̅͘͠Ȍ̷͚̖̥̺̀͗͛͂̑͘͢͝͞U̖̙̲̯̺̫̦͗͋͐̎̒̊͢͞͞ TO B̵̛̘̖̣̙͖̘͇͗̒̀̇̅̕̕͠ͅE̢̧͕͇̘̫͆̽̐͋̀̎͆̌͂̚͢͜  the missing star from his night sky."

Name: Ordis



  • Operator
  • Cosmic background radiation
  • Data calibrations

Food: Not food, Ordis is cephalon

What my friends say: Operator is my only friend, and he thinks I'm the best cephalon in the whole universe.

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Thrusby, 19

I'm a Solaris, born and raised in Fortuna and let me say, down here, we're made of thougher stuff, so don't worry 'cause this worker never skipped leg day! I'm a pretty enthusiastic guy with a love for robotics, so that's what I do for a living, nothing better than bringin' the pieces together and watching the little guys spring to life. So tell you what, you let me start and I'll tug the strings and play my part to warm my way to your lonely heart! 

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13 minutes ago, PupofAsh said:

No, they said anyone from within the Warframe game. So anyone you have met or learned about in your travels can have a profile Tenno!

Yeah... this derailing disaster waiting to happen winners just sound like it have been decided beforehand. Looks a lot like all of the "too loose contests" that were just an excuse to prize friends in front of everyone, pretending it was deserved. Seem a lot of those during the last 20 years.

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Artillery looking for love. I'm a hot single fella who is a blast to be around. I'm aiming to find someone that I can hit it off with.
I currently have a very open schedule with lots of free time due to my recent firing.
My hobbies include exercising at the range and then cooling off in the bar with a couple of shots before heading home to bed.

Composer: Tchaikovsky
Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean
Book: Fahrenheit 451
Sport: Shot put
Video Game: Happy Zephyr

Fire me off a private message if you're interested.

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51 minutes ago, [DE]Helen said:

Please stick to characters that are already in-game! 🙂 How well we understand the references made in each dating profile will be very important when we're selecting winners. Sorry to hear about your head cold - hope you feel better soon!

You guys postponed today's Devstream in the very last moment without any explanation why.

So we hope something bad has not happened - is it just a technical issue?

Best wishes!

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Name: Frost.
Age: 27.
Loves: Snow Globes and the cold.
Hates: fire. but who doesnt?

Hay girls. Im Frost. If you like the cold im your man. I enjoy cold places like fortuna, Orb Vallis and... well... anywhere that has ice and snow. If you dont like the cold however its ok. I still make one mean Snow Cone.

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Trinity 30 

Hello here is best of laser stuff but i need somethink to living so i mining acros whole Plains Of Eidolon. There is nothing more exciting then useing laser to cut rocks under fire by grineer units.I loking for Tenno with sense of defence and hobby like my.

Of course as trinity will give you lots of love,health and energy so you will not by able to rest while protect me in plains. I don t like cold so i will not able to come with you to Fortuna.

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Lonely_Limbo, 28


Lonely_Limbo, 28

Hey, I'm Lonely_Limbo, but you can call me Limbo. I'm new to this so please don't be so harsh on me.

I enjoy slaughtering gigantic spectral beings, shopping for clothes and fishing from time to time

Kuva Grind or chasing after some red and black Tenno wannabe are to my disliking.

I don't have visual preferences since, you know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If i am allowed to choose, I'd say i want her to be kind-hearted and adorable. Maybe you'll be the lucky one to get a glimpse inside of the glorious hat.


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Matt Damoan, Like New

On Active Duty on Earth


Favorite Activity: Climbing moantains, as seen in my profile pic. This is me heading to the peak.

Favorite Drink: Mimoasa

Other Likes: Stomping around, trying on new paint jobs and long walks on the beach.

Dislikes: Being shot at, getting foot caught in awkward places, not getting to stomp around.


Just got out of a bad factory so sorry if I'm hesitant to meet. I'm just looking for someone who likes long walks and wont mind playing footsies every now and then. Willing to travel and hoping to give the right being a good shot.



(P.S as you can tell I was inspired by prime time 234)

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The top picture clearly depicts profiles of player characters, with player character names. If admitted entries are only for existing in-game NPC characters, this picture is really confusing. 🤔

Fun idea though, winning the whole devteam's signatures would be awesome. 💘

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John Prodman, 27

Have you heard the legends? Yes, that's me.

I am from the good old caliber.

I like martial arts, strengthening my body and getting in close.

I dislike firearms.

I might take an hour to come but if you are patient I will make it worth your while.

If you are into that stuff I might just show you my huge Prova.


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