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Plenty of Servofish Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Gara, only as old as I feel ^_^
Female interested in anyone, 700 million kilometres away

Some clan mates say I'm "fragile", but that's just cause if you hurt me you'll find
I've got a sharp tongue 😈! Honestly just SO DONE with drama, I need someone
who can handle me with care 😙.

I like long walks on the Plains and cuddling with my Kavat "Murder Mittens". #Besties
with Ticker. Swipe left if you don't have the Orb Vallis Conservation Emblems. My
fav' weapon is the Astilla.
#NoFilter #ZenurikGang #Void

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corrupted Emoji/apostrophes?
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I Drew all of the works here from the profile picture to sargas-er Template, Evidence of work as requested by DE competition judge. Symbols were taken from Internet and warframe forums and re PNG by me.


All the process using Clip art Studio and Cintiq Wacom. enjoy ^^

: Instagream page: https://www.instagram.com/tempuralicious/?hl=en for shill and mostly proof of evidence >V>


goodluck people / and stay angsty

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Stalker, ???

Soft spoken, but with a strong resolve. I like long walks across desolate worlds. I'm a good communicator. You'll always get a heads up from me when I leave my place and when I'm about to arrive. Although, I tend to get there a few minutes late. Not very good with kids.

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Name: "Lotus" 

Age:Lets just say I look young. 

Hobbies: Being a God to the Tenno System.

Hi, Names Lotus. Don't Call me Natah or Rebecca.. Don't know why they call me Rebecca.
Just looking to travel or spend time with someone.. maybe more.. you'll find out, If your special enough.
I'm sure I can Guide you through the whole universe too, Got the Best Voice and Looks.. I Bet
Kids you say? I have 24 Million Loh..Children...Just kidding. 
Well Lets say if your looking for someone special, and you "sacrifice" enough time with me.
I guarantee you'll miss me.

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39 minutes ago, (XB1)OGEE31 said:

I'd like to take part, but do not know where to post it. 

Upload to a free image hosting site, most sites have an option to copy the link to your image--you'll need that link. Then come back to this topic, click the "insert other media" button on the bottom right of the post editor and click "insert image from url". Then copy your link. If it works you should see your image in the post editor after that.

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My Entry... Sorry for the size. Wasn't sure if the site would shrink it or not.



I really wanted to throw in a '/unstuck' joke in there, but didn't want to flood it with too many references that it stops becoming a dating profile.

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Eidolon Gantulyst

Sentients used me as a weapon and tennos regard me as a treasure box to get mods, arcances and reputations. However, I have my own thoughts, emotions and love. I hate! I hate DE! Not just because I can only turn up in short lonely night, the key reason is DE parts me with my lover----Eidolon Teralyst! DE makes us live in the same place but different world, I even have no chance to have a single glace of her. Every time tennos use a trap make me show up, I knew it! But these items were belongs to her which still remain her smell, I can’t help, I can’t. Today, I will use the opportunity to express my pure love, and my love profile is not intend for all but the one.


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Name: Umbra

Age: 9000+


Hobbies:  Playing Komi; Killing Sentients; Playing Koto;

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Angst, 15

"Quoth the raven, 'Nevermore.'" Hunting Tenno doesn't give me much time to meet people. If you like Edgar Allan Poe, nihilism and brooding over life's meaninglessness, hit me up. Or don't, whatever. A girl my age should know that love probably isn't real, anyway. This whole "Servofish" site is dumb anyway; what gives Tenno the right to leisurely harpoon servofish on Venus while I'm trying to kill them?! Ugh, I need a vacation. Read a book of moody poetry for me and I'll... well, I'll probably Sonic Scream in your face out of habit. Sorry.

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DOB: May 17th XXXX

Hi, I'm Vauban.  I'm into Steampunk.  My favorite band is ArcAttack! and they preform with Tesla Coils.  I DISLIKE bands like Bastille.....so sick of the Pompeii song. I used to be a Minelayer.  But after understanding their function I've moved onto other interests such as physics.  I'm looking for someone to share my life with while trying to find my place in this galaxy.  I'd like to say my love can be like a Vortex.  It's on a grand scale....so I hope you can handle it on not be crushed.

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On 2019-02-02 at 3:51 AM, (XB1)DaButtonMasherZ said:

Name: Nezha

Age: 30

Likes and Hobbies: Running, playing with fire, ring toss, fishing, mining, K-Driving, winning, and leading the way with a trail.

Dislikes: Nullifiers, holes that cause respawn, bosses with momentary vulnerability.

I'm looking for someone who can keep up. Someone fast and must be fire resistant. Sometimes I like to just take it easy and find some gems or just kick back and fish a bit. I love stunting K-Drives, so if you enjoy that, it's a big plus as well! Distance isn't an issue, I can run wherever (as long as path isn't flammable).



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Name: Nulifier "Badass" Crewman SF-10-34

Age: 44

About myself:
I consider myself a nice guy because I love hugs. Most of all I like to hug Tenno, because this is the only way to feel at the most "heat" coming from the dying person 4 times in a row without the enemy's energy, on cold planets.

- I always wear behind the back of my friend a drone named "Boris the blade".

Favorite quotes:
"My energy spherical field will warm your ass even more than the sun"!!! 

                                                                                                            - Nulifier "Badass" Crewman SF-10-34

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