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Plenty of Servofish Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Hydroid 37

I may be old but with age comes a lot of experience. I saw every part of world by my ship journeys and love to take you to most romantic places you couldn't even imagine. On my adventures I gained a lot of bounty gold but your heart will definitely be my greatest bounty I could ever adore. But not only beautiful places and limitless love are things I can offer. With me every night will be more wet than previous one. And trust me, nothing is more fun than pirate ship journeys with company to sing pirate songs together. latest?cb=20170903163610

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garuda, ?


i'm a shy tenno whom enjoys slaughter and long walks through the Derrelict.


despite the harsh exterior, i'm actually a mellow tenno(don't let the bloody claws fool you)


My last boyfriend was stalker (we shared the passion for carnage, but half of the time, I was the target)

Grinner please refrain, the outlook I can deal with, but the putrid smell is a deal breaker.

Tennos unafraid of a little pain (or a lot, depends on the occasion) are welcome

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I am the one who guides the Tenno.
I am also Natah, and Ancient Sentient who fell in love with the young kids knowned as Tenno.
I am the one who is always on the ear of the Tenno saying what they have to do or where they have to go.
I admit that i like to be called "Space Mom".
I am looking for a person who wants to be with me alongside my Tenno childs and that can make a father figure for them.
I am looking for a tall, strong and pretty man to also take me on trips through the Origin System.


PS: I really don't like the fact that i was replaced for a simple voice recorder! Damm you Ordis!

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Name:  Nyx

Profile:  Some people say I'm manipulative and that I like messing with people's heads, but I think when you've got a frame like mine, people just naturally lose their mind. I've had entire platoons of soldiers fighting over me, but I'm just looking for that one special person to save the solar system with. Strong-willed applicants only please.

Hobbies:  Saving the solar system, finding a good home for rescue Kavats, grinding gear, part-time taxi service.

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Image result for warframe alad v

ALAD V , 36

For the Assassin , see Zanuka Hunter . For a gentle lover , see me ! 

Hello there ! I'm a fun-loving person and a proud owner of a pet of my own creation , Zanuka . I can be nice to anyone . Well , unless you fight for the dogs of course ! Two things that I hate the most : Tenno and Grineer .  If you have the same hatred towards them , we'll get along great . I hunt and captures Tenno for the project I'm working on . If you're interested , notify my Zanuka and he will bring you to me 😉

And now , let me show you the future !


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Inline image

Excalibur Umbra, 32


Weight:240 (solid muscle)

Eye color:Black

Hair:Bald (due to past events)

Favorite color: Green (like my energy)

Bio: I’m a mess after finding out I killed my only son.
Only later to find out from a child like figure I was set up by a man named Ballas. Together we killed him but he was brought back by the child’s foolish mother. He gave us a sword named Paracesis he claims it will kill her. Despite all that don’t let that discourage you or my exposed eye frighten you or stop you from my love.

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Nidus, 30

I am an extremely complicated individual who enjoys slaughtering Grineer, Corpus, and Infested alike. I may be infested but I can still have fun. I enjoy being able to push through the ranks of my enemies as I watch them fall before my infested mutation. My hobbies include killing my enemies, travelling from planet to planet, opening relics, and playing with my Helminth Charger. Not only will you get me but her as well. That’s all I have to say here. :insert Ravenous screech:

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