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Plenty of Servofish Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Undying lover



Nekros 110

I have undying love to give, i will soul punch anyone that wants to harm you,

i can be terrifying sometime, but that is just on the outside(real softy inside),

if our love flame gets blown out, i will resurrect it to go on forever,

i will have my 7 shadows of the dead bring you flowers every day of the week,

i will desecrate my love for you to give you more and more,

oh and i love long walks in the plains to see ghouls pop up out of the ground.

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Nova, 28  

I recently graduated from Eidolon University with my degree in Molecular Prime, GO TENACIOUS TERRYS!!! I have a pet Kavat, Harry, he'll do anything For Tuna. My friends say I'm the crazy one, I'm not afraid to Antimatter Drop the party. What most people do not know is my life is pretty Null Star, I'm looking for a great Orokin Derelict partner, so I don't have to Solo Lephantis, if you know what I mean. So, if you're a whole Mesa problems like me, let me create a Worm Hole to your heart.

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Age: Eternally 17

Likes: Music, dancing

Dislikes: Trinity. Please stop stealing my cuteness desu!

Konnichiwa minna-san~ KawaiiIdol48 desu~

My producer-san said that an idol can't be involved in any romance~ But there are so many famous people already in a relationship. Producer-san is so hidoi desu! So, I've decided to create this profile. Totally himitsu! Is there anyone willing to be my #1 fan?

P.S I have an account over on YouFrame. Check out all of my songs and press the like and subscribe button! Arigatou minna-san~

Cuteness is Justice! It's the law!



If anyone is looking for Fazel412, he's probably hiding in a cozy nuclear bunker somewhere.

To DE: Please do not accept this entry into your contest. It may not look like it, but I believe this actually violates your "original work" rule.

The idea behind this was to create someone who has no issues weaponizing cuteness to gain more popularity on the Internet, probably to the point of trying too hard and being annoying.

About 3min after posting this, I received an ingame PM from another player, who correctly identified the reference: Sofia from Grand Chase Mobile Version. This entry is actually too similar to how Sofia acts in that game (down to direct Japanese word mixing), which would likely be considered not original work. Therefore, again, please do not consider this entry into your contest.

If this entry actually does not violate the original work rule, then should this entry win any prizes, I, Fazel412, will refuse to collect it. Sorry.

Edited by Fazel412
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Grineer Butcher, 32

Faction, Grineer

You may think I'm everywhere, but I'll tell you, I'm one in a million. I love long walks by the creek, talking about my cleaver, and wildly attacking tenno. Unlike the other Grineer, I'm looking for something serious, no quick hookups. For a first date, we would travel to Oro, and help Vay Hek. Unlike my passive colleagues, I'm much more aggressive and willing to make the first move.

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MyE NamE E'is Excalibur,

Ei'm normallE not a vEry activE pErson

but E'in sE* lifE Ei'm vEry SkillEd and a lovEing pErson 

Ei'm vEry SkillEd with myE handEs, as Ei'm a swordsmEn.

Ei'm also into BlEind stuff and Ei can showE youE my JavElin

HopE thisE isn'tE wEird but, hEy my scarf is E my TradEmark

~Heartful Excalibur



Full Name: Excalibur Umbra

Age: bEtter not ask for this number 😉

Kids: ....

My nEEd for LovE is CriticalE














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Nezha, 18, Orokin

MR5 looking for the special someone "fluid" or not that shares similar interests. Currently I am a major hula hoop enthusiast. Hula hoops are life. I like them so much I will toss them to other people so they can feel the joy that the hoops can bring. I do not really like long walks on the beach, my feet get too hot and I slip a lot. I draw really big crowds and people cannot wait to hang around me. Will trade pics for pics.

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