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Plenty of Servofish Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Related image    Knaifu Waifu


Gender: I Identify as a knife

Age: I like knives

Favorite Food: Like, I REALLY like knives

Favorite Movie: You should see my knife collection sometime

Favorite book: Don't touch any of my knives though. If you do, I will cut you into a million pieces ❤️

Favorite color: Blood


Bio: Just looking for someone to to cuddle and take hot steamy blood baths with me❣️ 

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Drekar Butcher, 50


i'll 7545d6c8da.png your life with positivity, c28045f447.jpg any trouble that may 98ab4cad67.png you.

Baby don't be so b7abd22902.png give me a chance to give you a aeaeb59b42.png that will 3fffae5ea4.png your life!

I also like to respect others personal space, i don't want to be 1aa992b1f9.png in any way!

I like to pass my days with a 356d402e5e.png of fun and positivity, even the bad days, you know, when you feel like the world is 4db01cfae1.png you.

I'm always looking forward, sometimes i get 2c3704eeaf.png with expectations and 5237f1cdc1.png with good ideas to make things better.

My qualities can 462389a9ed.png others but i'm not perfect, I am brave enough to adimit my flaws and one of them is that i get 3d1a8a0b32.jpg easily, it can't be helped, when i go outside without a scarf don't take too much for me to sneeze here and there.

Anyway that's me! I'm a 0249543759.jpg lover and don't let important things go to the 527abcc7d4.png !

Babe, let me f07c14a84a.jpg your heart ~ ♥

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I am a single mom, taking care of my kids (a lot of them) and saving the universe, but in my spare time, I like listening to music and taking long drives in space. I am fair, beautiful and sweet. Sometimes I can be a bit controlling and might hide the truth from you, but its only for your own good. I am looking for someone with whom I can spend the rest of the eternity.

P.S.: Guy needs to be at least 6 feet tall. Bonus if you are not a crazy space monster.

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User Name: Zanuka_Hunter
Age: 47
Gender: Surely we are beyond such... Binary definitions?

About me:

Well, I had hoped to give you a more grand introduction! But, this will have to do.

I've been looking all over for you! Do you have loyalty issues? Do you wish to become something greater?

Well I can help you! I too, long to be more, to elevate myself and others beyond their limits! 

Let me show you my new venture, I think you'll be a perfect fit!

Soon, you will see like me. You will see the- beauty and perfection!

I admit I've made mistakes, terrible mistakes that have left me crippled with decay. Now I ask you for your... love!

A keen intellect and a love of the sciences are a must!


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Mag Prime



Favorite activity: Be lonely

Favorite color: Any magnet colors

Homeless, Ember took her trashcan.


"I pull people with redirection to me and polarize them and their heart.

I'm more worthy than Ember,  I know it.

I will magnetise my love to you.

I'm not picky, I can't be, I'm Mag.

Every second with you is like 2 000 overshields.

Step into my bubble, and I will prove myself.."

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Eidolon from Cetus


657 years old



Killing tenno

Killing birds

Killing grineer

Disappearing and reappearing on the other side of the planet


Shooting my big gun, smashing the ground with my gun or my foot, or slicing the ground

Becoming an articula for these dirty Tenno 

I love radioactive substances ! They eat away my shields :3


Hey there ! I’m Gertrude :3, I’m a female hydrolyst (yes if you didnt know we do have genders, btw there are more than 2 genders), you’re in luck ! I am one of the few female hydrolysts who isn’t a furry so come make love ❤️ with me and marry me uWu, I’m a weeb sorry 😞 


I don’t like wandering around alone in the plains at night, and I often get jumped by a bunch of thugs in shining armor 😞 but I do like going out of water and the going back into water ! Even if these godamn plants grow on my back, yea I’m sorry I don’t believe in Jesus or god but that’s okay ‘cos I believe in the government !


Anyways hit me up ! U can reach me via text :



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Name: Shadow Stalker

Age: Younger than I look, I swear.

Likes: Killing Tenno.

Dislikes: Being beaten by Tenno.

About me: I have a healthy interest in blades, but who doesn't?  I'm a poetic soul, my extended family is named after my favourite emotions. I am a perfect specimen of physical health, able to defend myself and others from Tenno betrayers. Contrary to popular belief I am not the aggressive type. If I do end up in a fight I end it.

I swear I am younger than my codex entry implies. Really. 


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                      UmbralMystery - 100+?


Dark and Mysterious


Enjoys scavenger hunt on Lau

Favorite activities include Sentient Hunting, Nature walks, and Hiking

Favorite Color: Black

"I have a hard time opening up to others, and have a terrible past. No one can ever truly understand my past, and the things I have done. But, if you give me a chance and let me express my pain and show you my darker side, I feel like we could prosper and grow together"




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Age: 1,156 days


  • Activities: Archery, hiding in plain sight
  • Movies: Brave, The Adventures of Robin Hood and Troy
  • Name: Artemis
  • Quote: "Now you see me, now you don't."

Looking for:

  • Someone to play Hide & Seek with
  • Someone with a pet, preferably a Kavat

If you're looking for me, you'll probably find me in a Grineer ship stealing data.


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Name:                      Clone #665983


Age:                         92 Hours

Occupation:            Kuva Guardian, Flood Specialist


Favorite Things:    My Jester, Clone #854813

                                 My Kesheg

                                 Eating from the Queen's scrap trough

                                 Hardcore Skeg

                                 Staying alive

Hello! I decided it's time for a change. Currently, I'm in a toxic relationship, where I have my life threatened on a regular basis. I don't want to become anyone's 'dumplings'. So, I decided to try Plenty of Servofish. I don't have a great figure, or looks, but I have a BIG heart. I'm loyal, and want to find someone who can love and appreciate me.


Are you that person? ❤️

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Name: Darvo

Age: 27

  About: I’m your friendly neighbourhood dealer dealing in: guns, tools and love.

Tonight all my deals will be yours, but unlike those it will be so long you will grasp for my half price life support in no time.


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