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Plenty of Servofish Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Name: Edgar Stalker

Nickname in High School: Big Jonsin

occupation: single, but lethal

Favorite Hobbies: Martial arts, Hunting Tenno, talking about consequences, stalking, cooking

Favorite Food: Tenno

Favorite bands: Moanalytica, Bad Void, Crimson simulacrum, Vor, Radial Jumpers

Favorite movies: Judge Dread, Kubrómon, Consequences II:I know what you did... 

Likes: Dark Corridors, scythes, ASMR

Dislikes: Unpunished consequences, Tenno, The Stocker, navigating on elevated surfaces

Why should you date me: I'm a friends with a talking sword




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Name: Simaris 
Title: Cephalon
Height/Weight: Cephalon 

Likes: Data
Dislikes: Storage Capacity
Fun Fact: Not a Sadist


Hunter... It is not your companionship I require, yet Suda has forced me into compiling this profile.
No, what I require from you is pictures of elbows, ball joints, and kneecaps... The Sanctuary is home to my vast collection and it is in danger of not having enough ..ehm. Data...
Yes, Hunter! I'm here to help you, help me, help the sanctuary, help me get more pictures of Kneecaps, Tenno


Worst Simaris Impression: https://clips.twitch.tv/DifferentHonestWasabiBIRB



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Sebastian, Kubrow (aged 4)

Seeks fellow Kubrow for companionship. 

I’m a fully Orbiter-toilet-trained, rank 30, fun loving pooch, and mostly loyal to my Tenno master - however I’m now looking for a fellow Helminth Howler to share space-life with! So if you fancy joining my squad, then we can chase some Kavats together and see where it leads us. /w me!

Likes: Travelling the system, nitain alerts, and loyalty. 

Dislikes: Genetic degradation, smelly Grineer, and going into Stasis (please don’t leave me!)

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Image result for orokin moon

Orokin Moon


I was gone for so long that I nearly

That I forgot what it was like to be walked on

I would stay with my love in orbit yearly

But then one day my love was just gone

Hidden from sight, I found myself alone

But then I felt you on my surface

I knew you were the one, I could just moan

You were perfect in every case

I tried to lead you to my mystery

but the infernal lotus could not see

she sent the Tenno to preserve history

but I know that our love was meant to be

You came to me for the reservoir

But my love for you is a rising star





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Name: Helminth

Age: Eternal

Nicknames: Helly, Minthie, Vile mass, Thing

Likes: Master, Serving master

Dislikes: Void demon

Looking for: Master

About ourself: We love to serve master and would love to make you our master. We know everything there is to know about life and can make you hard as sword-steel, if you know what we mean😉. Our love is as infectious as our cysts and it only stings when you want it to😜. We would love to germinate for you and maybe even within you if you're into that🤣😩😍.

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Hello everyone, my name is Porky Dog, I was born yesterday and my owner thought it fitting calling me this because he thinks my nose looks kinda piggish. I tried to tell him I'm a mix of giant monstrous bat and a skag but he doesn't get it.

I'm looking for a new owner and partner is crime, someone who won't let me die all the time, tired of being at -95% damage and my current owner is going to abandon me to take one of those twerpy flying machines which have no upkeep costs and are easy to maintain without giving it a second thought.

I'm sweet and loving, I like to read Nietzsche and watch the Wire, I have a sensitive soul behind my killer grimace, pm me inside the game and we can go hunt some eidolons, I like them grilled with raider on the side.


Ps: I like to pork

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Likes: Guiding, Gilding, Working with children

Dislikes: Warframes, Destiny

Life in Cetus can be hard, but living in Unum's shadow does have it's benefits. You heard about the beautiful sunsets of Cetus, why not come and see them for yourself, with me. We can walk the beaches together, or have a picnic in the noon shadow of The Seaside Ruins. The universe does not always have a good ending in mind, but I've seen that with you, it's different. 

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Name: Ordis

Job: Orbiter Cephalon, Tenno Assisstant

Favorite Food: Data

Origin: Orokin

Hello, my name is Ordis and I am a cephalon that serves my operator aboard their orbiter. I like spending time with my operator as I care about them very much and I like to make puns. It should be known that I am damaged cephalon. At times, I may seem~angry~but I do believe that I am a caring cephalon. There was one more thing I wanted to say, but I seemed to have forgotten what it was.

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Nax-Ash Prime


Estaba abatiendo al último pelotón Grinner que aún resistía mi ofensiva de francotirador en Cetus, cuando una lluvia de proyectiles del bombardero de su base me alcanzó de lleno y vi mi vida en peligro, pudiendo haberme desangrado por muy poco, dejándome malherido, pero vivo. 
Eso me hizo reflexionar, necesito conocer el amor antes de que algún día muera o desaparezca.
Yo, te protegeré con mi vida, limpiaré tu nave, tu dojo y daré de comer a tu mascota.

 Admito mi seriedad, pero es que las viejas guerrillas me han hecho fortalecerme, aunque te ofreceré un amor cálido. Piénsalo.


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Posting this makes me nervous.

Took me 3+ hours but it's not bad.

Edit: Editing to say this is my own work (just in case it was needed since I didn’t put a watermark on it).

Word count is 30 something (written words included).


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flight engineer

welcome aboard skoom!Want me to send youto the seventh skies or above?you just have to ask!i'll be getting to you as quick as i farmed the road to your heart!

as a dear plane friend told me once: "HUEHUEHUEHUE"


-kapoera with obex prisma at fuuull speed!,yeah,i love to send everyone out of the map

-sky diving and flying,who don't like to fly above your friends asking for air support and showing a streamer saying "COME ON GUYS,YOU CAN DO IT!"

dream: finding a cute corpus loli to spend days flying together

Teapyitj jeakoty

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Name: Khora

Age: 22

Sex: Female

Sexuality: Bi

About Me: I don`t take no for an answer. I have 2 cats that you will treat with the upmost respect and keep your gnarly kubrows away from them. I like sprinting threw missions and leaving at the first chance i get (Yeah i am one of those people). Don`t Feel offended when i out damage you. Lastly if you don`t like being tied up its already over end of story. ❤️ Cheers ❤️ 92E6ECM.jpg

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