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Plenty of Servofish Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Saryn (Toxic Waifu), 28


The queen of poison. Im also a caring woman, and if you're interested, don't be shy. Hit me up and I might just reply. My hobbies are watching anime and cleaning. I love to cook and read as well.

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Name: Chroma Prime 

Hi there, lonely tenno looking for that special someone. Very adaptable and. Also a great listener, very passionate about my hobbies but I try not to let them interfere with my plans. I enjoy long walks on the beaches of Neptune watching the sunset on Mars and taking pictures of the Eidolon plains on earth and slaying the corpus. Learning to cook though a lot of what I make is either burnt or cold: so just be prepared for that.

Favorite food: Gelato 

Talents: Adapting to damage types and bilingual 

Dislikes: Interception and the infested 


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[browses through 8 pages] Surprised there's no Teshin entries.

MY TIME TO SHINE! For the Conclave!


Edit: Saw Teshin entry above when I refreshed the page. No matter, Teshin needs the support!

Actual edit: Added a bit of extra details.

Edited by Alfa-Six
Extra aesthetic details added. No change to character or text entry!
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Swazdo-lah, friend! They say bad day fishing is better than a good day working, but ending up without a fish in the end is a disappointment. Why won’t I be your catch? I’m looking for someone to share my love to water, should it even be a plumber. I’m also very resourceful – no fish part goes to waste when I open it up. And if it’s not meant to be opened, I make sure that they reach the poor of Cetus. Are you biting yet?

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Image result for cephalon simaris


Name: Cephalon Simaris

Age: [Data Encrypted]

Information Regarding My Lifestyle

Food: As a sentient, artificial, and all knowing mind I require no physical sustenance.

Hobby: Maintaining the weave

Movie: An irrelevant topic. The all mighty Simaris is fully devoted to the Weave.

I require a few conditions in my partner which are listed below

  • They must be devoted to the weave. My mind can generate 1,928,462,906,427 realistic scenarios per second where a misalignment could lower the efficiency of  our relationship
  • They must be a Cephalon. Yet again my sheer computing power has produced 198289567845674835174637429735782961582498069.... results where the possession of a mortal body could keep the relationship from achieving peak efficiency.
  • Their processing power must be almost as good as mine. With time I shall introduce them to the true nature of the Weave and watching them be vaporized by the data stream would be quite the loss after all the time I invested.

In conclusion, the "Lover" I am looking for must possess the above traits. I am currently unaware if such a Cephalon exists other THAN THAT BLITHERING FOOL Ś̖̣̞͉̳̱̤̮u̬͖̼̤̦̦D̵̛̝̬A̶̴̳̝̤̪!̴͍̭̥͔͍̻ͅ  But if one does exist I invite you to join me in a synthesis session and embrace the Weave.





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Name: Zephy

Age: 18

Likes: Flying, Worms, Fishies, Teasing Kavats, snuggles and UwUs

Dislikes: The ground, water, fire, Fortnite, Being called flat-butt

Bio: I like snugs as long as Its in the air and away from those pesky kavat, I especially love hot chocolate and long journeys. Im interested in a serious relationship with someone who can handle an experienced fighter pilot and severe wind UwU, NO KAVATS, Kubrows are fine, so let me know If you are interested in a high flyin bird such as myself ❤ ~

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The Lotus        

Wow! Being a single Space mom is tough. Know up front that nothing comes between my kids and me, period. I may be a bit bossy, but I’m just trying to make the universe a better place. Also, my crazy ex-boyfriend tends to show up uninvited, but don’t be jealous. He may have the chiseled good looks of a Greek god, but he’s kind of a monster sometimes. Full disclosure, I have a lot of stalkers on Twitch and Twitter as well. 

P.S. - This is an old pic. My new haircut is super hot. 


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Here is my submission! Took a little while, but here is for the one and only beloved Teshin! I tried to copy a Tinder layout for it.

***Note: I did make a typo where it should say "...and the redemption I seek..." instead of  "...and redemption I seek...", but by the time I finished the whole shabang, I had just realized it... Also wasn't sure what Teshin's real age is since it was never confirmed (as far as I know), so I went with 300- sounds okay since he's been active since all the space ninja cyborgs went into icy sleep. Thanks to DE for this contest!


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Image result for nekros

Nekros, 29

Hello! I am not really a social guy, my good friend Helen convinced me to make this account. I generally don't socialize very much. I listen to lots of really loud screamo in my room alone. I pretend to be tough but once you get to know me I am really a sweetheart :3. I love long walks at night and eating at local restaurants. If you match with me I hope we can get to know each other better :D.

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