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XB1 and PS4 Server Maintenance (Completed!)

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Happy Friday! 

We will be doing some routine maintenance on our XB1 and PS4 servers next week to keep them in tip top shape! Maintenance will begin on the following dates: 

XB1: Tuesday, February 5th @ 9 AM ET 

PS4: Wednesday, February 6th @ 9 AM ET

The process will be ongoing throughout the day and while there shouldn’t be any service disruptions, Red Text will be there to give you the heads up and the “all clear” during some of the maintenance phases that may cause brief blips. 

Have a great weekend! 

Feb 5th 6:00 PM Update: 

XB1 maintenance is still ongoing! We will be moving a portion of the maintenance to tomorrow morning (Wednesday, Feb 6th). 

PS4 maintenance is still scheduled to being tomorrow @ 9 AM ET. 

Thanks guys! 

Feb 6th 11:00 AM Update: 

Maintenance has completed on XB1! 

PS4 is still ongoing 🙂

Feb 6th 4:00 PM Update: PS4 maintenance is done for today, but we will be resuming tomorrow morning!

Feb 7th 10:00 AM Update: Maintenance has resumed this morning for PS4! We will update you once it has been completed. Thank you!

Feb 7th 5:40 PM Update: Maintenance has completed for PS4! 



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First of all this is à maintenance, not an update so i dont except any fix of any bug. 

2, i dont want To be bad but "to keep in tip top shape" ? Hmmm no. The day that de will be able To 5x3 or 6x3 on console without so long Loading, this day we will be able To talk about serveurs.

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You can watch previous devstreams on warframes channel on twitch. However, Devstream 123 was postponed, possibly due to the excessive cold and bad weather. 

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On 2019-02-01 at 5:19 PM, (PS4)QPGAMERBOII said:

I hope we get tennogen with it.

Almost forgot about that I thought it would come with profit taker

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