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SOLIAS the Solar frame [Has Art]

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Solias The light frame 


Health 100(130)
Energy 120(250)
Shield 50(120)
Armor 30(35)
Sprint 1.2

Passive: Afterburn - enemies affected by any of her abilities will be inflicted with `Afterburn` marking them. Marked enemies after taking damage from any source will be burned for 0.5/1/2.5% of their max health per second lasting for 3 seconds (Duration can be increased by ability duration mods)

40/35/30 energy
1: Radiation flare
- Shoot out a short duration beam that deals 125/225/342 radiation damage. Enemies who who have been hit with this ability are 20/45/75% more prone to radiation procs. This ability has an infinite range and ability range mods only increase the width of this ability. This applies `Afterburn`.
(goes wherever the reticle is and can be used on bosses)

75/60/50 energy
2: Flash
- All surrounding enemies will be blinded and marked with `Afterburn`.
(Augment:"Solar dome")


(Augment: Solar dome)
60/50/35 energy at initial cast and 5 e/ps
This ability's range is doubled however it no longer blinds enemies. Instead it slows enemies for 20/30/50%  and creates a zone surrounding her which continuosly procs `Afterburn`. 

80/75/65 energy
3: Amplifier lens
- Summon a shield that absorbs all damage infront of you, with each hit it absorbs increases the duration of the shield until it breaks. While the lens are still on it increases the range of her abilities and the range and accuracy of your weapons. However for `Flash` only what direction she's facing its been increased think of a pizza with a slice bigger in length than the others. Can absorbed 800/1500/3200 damage however the base duration is 15 seconds.
(Augment:"Grounded Lens")


(augment:Grounded Lens)
It now becomes a shield you can place down like volt's which also makes the shield accessible to her allies as well increasing their weapon range and accuracy and their ability range. however the shield no longer increases its duration whenever hit.

100 energy +10 energy cost per ally
4:Photon rounds
- buff your current weapon and your ally's weapon making each shot explode dealing 300/600/800 radiation and to targets around you. Allies however only gain 50% of the damage buff but the explosion can stagger enemies. Can apply `Afterburn` to all enemies hit. On non auto weapons or semi auto the buff is increased by 75%.
(Augment:"Photon Canon)


(augment: Photon canon)
This ability is no longer a buff but an exalted canon which can be modded. Think of the Opticor but as an exalted weapon.


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1 hour ago, (PS4)Neo7590 said:

id play this frame how would we farm the parts though considering almost every place now has a frame to farm

You'll have to do a quest first which will drop her blueprint then suddenly shards of her will be seen in void/Earth and Lua missions that you have to find and scan every mode mission will spawn 3 however it will be hidden around the map like hidden cache's once scanned they'll drop her parts however each shard isnt guarenteed to give you the part you want 

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3 hours ago, (PS4)Neo7590 said:

i like it but id say make it male mainly because we have ember who is almost the female version of the frame so 

Then that means im gonna have to make the frame a lot more masculine tho

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Honestly I thought of a solar frame before. 

The second ability should be more like she(or he) can glow extremely bright for a short duration(like 5-10 seconds, 20 maxed by mods) that causes enemies aim to be thrown off. More power strength, the brighter it is thus the more their accuracy is reduced, maxed power strength or close, like 250%, could make them not shoot at all. Hard to pick the right number with all the new power strength buffing mods and abilities. That way it isn’t too similar to Excalibur or Gara’s passive. 

I was also thinking that not just radiation but a little 🔥 damage as well due to the heat. After all the sun is super hot, leading to burns. 

I did picture my version being able to create a glass like shield that increases the heat and radiation damage of laser type bullets or the first ability. Like a solar amplifier. While also blocking the bullets until it breaks or wears off.

With solar energy becoming a big thing these days, I’m also picturing the passive being able to store up solar energy over time, even more in lit areas, that increases teammates energy regeneration when nearby up to maybe 3-5 per second when maxed. But when finally killed, causes a super nova that not only blinds enemies(maybe permanently) but inflicts fire status and radiation damage. Abilities like racial blind and mirage’s forth could possibly further increase it. Allowing more teamwork. 

I’m also picturing a darkness version of the warframe that uses night/shaded areas and shadows as its abilities. Sun and moon basically. Could be a unique way for DE to release 2 warframes at once. 

But that is just my opinion. 

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10 hours ago, weeaboopotato said:

Then that means im gonna have to make the frame a lot more masculine tho

i dont see why not atleast that way we can see what both masculine and feminine can look like right


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