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Pandora, archwing, experimental/normal mode

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Hello, after being in flying hell for more than an hour, i have a lot to share, first of all, no matter if someone else was in the map playing, i didn't got matched until i asked for help in alliance and my clan.I mainly play on experimental mode of  archwing, wich has the smoothest movements, tho is slower than the normal archwing gameplay, also when you aim in experimental if you move the gunfire goes wherever you move, wich makes sense but i don't think it's intended or practical, now on the normal flying mode, the 3rd ability doesn't really chase enemies, in fact doesn't really work unless you're on melee range facing the enemies, and when you move, your gunfire is facing where you aim but the gun face in the direction you're moving.

Now, Pandora, the courier goes trough asteroids a lot of times, it's movement gets wacky when you're playing on experimental mode, wich is tough because when you move, the gunfire beam doesn't really face where you're aiming but where you're moving, so basically in normal arcwing mode, the animations are off, and the movement is less precise and in experimental the archwing is too slow to chase the courier, and the gunfire is very difficult to direct to your aiming target, so i basically died a bunch of times while only doing a little damage to the courier.
By the way i'm very happy with your game and i take a little of my time to try to help it to improve.

My most sincere thanks for making this gem, Driearms

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